15 Netflix Shows With The Most Eye Candy

Netflix is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to watch your favorite TV shows, and other production companies are starting to get nervous. That’s because for some time now, Netflix has been quietly producing its own shows, and these are proving to be amazing hits. They’re known as Netflix Original series, and many of you are probably addicted to more than a few of them. Shows like Orange Is The New Black, and House Of Cards have captured the attention of the entire world. These shows are not only incredibly well-made, but they are also easy for viewers to binge watch. More than that, they have proven the superiority of a streaming service instead of a normal TV channel. This is the way of the future.

But in many ways, the series that Netflix creates are nothing new. They may be hosted in a new format, but they’re very much the same as many of the other shows we’ve been watching for years. For instance, what’s the most essential thing to any good TV show? If you guessed a good plot, acting, or a decent script, you’d be wrong. That’s right, the most important ingredient for any good show is plenty of attractive women. And Netflix knows this. That’s why some of their best shows are filled with all kinds of amazing eye candy. Watch these 15 Netflix shows if you’re on the lookout for a new show to binge watch that will give you more than just a good story and fun action.

15. Narcos

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Narcos is one of the most beloved Netflix original series, and it is still going strong to this day. The series revolves around the Colombian criminal cartel, specifically the exploits of the real life trafficker Pablo Escobar. All of the crazy antics you might expect from a show of this nature are present, and that’s a big reason why so many people love the show. The action is amazing, and the story focuses in on the life of this incredible character and legendary criminal.

But the show is also full of amazingly attractive actresses. Because the show focuses on criminals, it comes as no surprise that these lowlifes have no shortage of beautiful women hanging around. But the woman that really gets the audience going is called Paulina Gaitan, who plays Tata Escobar. It only takes ten minutes of season two until the audience gets to see her in a steamy scene.

14. Hemlock Grove

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If you’re in the mood for horror (and plenty of hot young women), you might want to try out Hemlock Grove. This is one of Netflix’s most thrilling and interesting horror TV series, and it’s an original production by the streaming giants. The story is pretty straightforward for a horror TV show. There’s a bunch of teenagers in a small town, and things start to go wrong when strange occurrences start happening and people start getting taken out. Teenage girls start losing their lives, and we discover more as the show goes on.

Like any normal horror show or movie, Hemlock Grove is filled with tons of attractive babes. These girls have a tendency to being taken out, or they turn out to be crazy themselves. But that’s just the way horror movies go. One of the hottest actresses in this is Penelope Mitchell, but the show also features tons of guest stars depending on the episode, and these are often very attractive as well.

13. The Ranch

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The Ranch is an interesting show in the same genre as Parks And Recreation or Big Bang Theory. It centers around a dysfunctional family that includes Danny Masterson and Ashton Kutcher, both of whom appeared together on That ’70s Show. But Danny Masterson will not be returning for the third season of the show, which is slated to release in 2018. This is because he was faced with numerous shocking allegations, like so many other people in the entertainment industry these days.

The show features many incredibly hot actresses, mostly blondes. There is very much a country music theme throughout the show, and these blonde bombshells fit in nicely with that. One face you might recognize is Elisha Cuthbert. She appears on the show as a gay woman who is trying to convince her friend to get her pregnant. This actress has been a babe for many years, and she doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

12. House Of Cards

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House Of Cards is one show that has been talked about a lot recently, although perhaps not for the reasons the producers would have wanted. The show dominated the news after allegations were aimed at Kevin Spacey. The show actually just announced that the show would be ending after the season coming out in 2018. Some think that Kevin Spacey’s firing might have had something to do with it. But there’s no denying that the show is full of eye candy. Kate Mara comes to mind immediately.

Describing a steamy scene she did on the show, Mara revealed, “It was hilarious! Beau Willimon [the show runner] called me and asked me to do it. He was like, ‘Just come in for one day and we’ll do this really weird thing, and that’ll be that. I was like, ‘OK, I don’t really know what this is.’ I didn’t read the rest of the episode and I didn’t know what was going on in the episodes before that. I didn’t really want to know because I wanted to enjoy it like everybody else! It was bizarre, it was surreal, which I guess is appropriate for what we were shooting. Kevin and I, we have such a good time together. When we were shooting, it kind of felt like I’d never left. For 24 hours, I was back on the show and it was very funny and surreal.”

11. Sense8

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Sense8 is another Netflix Original series you might want to check out, and this one has some talented people behind it. If you like the Matrix trilogy, chances are you’ll enjoy this one as well. That’s because the Wachowski siblings were behind this one, the same people who made the Matrix movies. The movie is actually quite different than The Matrix, however, so be prepared for something new and interesting.

The show was unfortunately cancelled, but due to demand from fans, there will be a special 2 hour season finale. The show is all about people who suddenly get the power to be linked both mentally and emotionally, called “sensates.” It devolves into a cat and mouse game between the “sensates” and the people who want to harm them or control them. One of the best parts of the show are the many attractive women, although Tuppence Middleton as Riley really stands out.

10. Marco Polo

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Marco Polo is another interesting Netflix Original series, and this one focuses in on the life of the legendary explorer of the same name. When the first season was created, it was the second most expensive show in the world, after Game Of Thrones. And in many ways, these two shows share a lot in common. Historical themes, royal intrigue and plots, and of course, plenty of risqué scenes. And we do mean plenty. There might even be more than Game of Thrones.

The series focuses in on the explorer’s early life, during which he was a guest at the royal court in China. Spending time there introduced him to many things, although perhaps the most interesting features of this new world were its many beautiful women. Marco Polo establishes relationships with princesses and other women in China, and these relationships are explored in full detail. The show is definitely one of Netflix’s shows with the most eye candy.

9. Travelers

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Another very interesting Netflix Original series is Travelers. The show is an amazing time travel show, but it’s not what you might expect. Basically, the future has been turned into an apocalyptic nightmare, and people must be sent back in time to fix things. But only their consciousnesses can be sent back, not their actual bodies. This means that their consciousnesses are sent into the bodies of people who were moments away from passing away. The result is a stunning show that is extremely unique and interesting.

The show is also full of amazingly attractive actresses, such as Alyssa Lynch. She plays one of the main character’s girlfriends, Renee Bellamy. It’s interesting to note how she reacts to this different person taking over he boyfriend’s body, and she is at times confused as to why he doesn’t want to be intimate with her anymore. There’s plenty of other eye candy in this show.

8. Orange Is The New Black

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Perhaps one of the best-known Netflix Original series, Orange Is The New Black continues to be a huge success for the streaming platform. Ever since day one, people have been obsessed with this show, and for good reason. It’s genuinely entertaining, and it appeals to pretty much everyone. Because who hasn’t ever wondered what the inside of a woman’s prison is like, right? The show follows one woman through her prison experience, and it’s entertaining because this woman is so out of place.

With an entire prison full of women, you’re almost guaranteed to get some serious eye candy. Piper, the main character, is very attractive, but she’s hardly the only one. Her girlfriend, Alex, is also attractive, and as the show progresses we get introduced to plenty of other attractive women who are also stuck in prison. It’s a great show because it never makes the female characters look they’re just a pretty face – they’re all strong and trying to get through their prison terms in their own way.

7. Jessica Jones

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Jessica Jones is just one of many Marvel Netflix Original series available to watch right now, but it’s definitely one of the most popular. This follows the superhero with the same name, and she’s quickly becoming one of people’s most loved Marvel heroes. And if superhero shows aren’t your thing, you might want to tune in just for all of the hot action that happens on the show. There are some pretty steamy scenes, not just with the lead actress, but with other female characters on the show as well.

Krysten Ritter, the actress who plays Jessica Jones, admitted: “I don’t like doing [steamy] scenes, but with Jessica, I always felt like the scenes came from such a place of character and strength so it always made sense to me. I never thought of them as being like anything that spectacular. Having everybody’s eyes on you, sometimes, it’s difficult. There are days when that’s like, ‘Aww man, I wish I could just, like, disappear for a day.’”

6. Flaked

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Another great Netflix show is Flaked. This show was made by some of the same people involved with Arrested Development, and it also starts one of the show’s most beloved actors, Will Arnett. This show is about a group of friends who hang around Venice Beach, and honestly, it’s not getting the best of reviews. Will Arnett may have tons of fans around the world, but even that did not save this show from being panned by critics almost universally.

But if you’re interested in seeing a show full of eye candy, then this might just be the show for you. Will Arnett’s character is constantly befriending women, and one of the most interesting and attractive female characters on the show is one played by Ruth Kearney, but there’s also plenty of other attractive girls on the show, such as a character played by Lina Esco, and many others. It’s not a good show, but it has a lot of attractive actresses on it.

5. Gypsy

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Naomi Watts stars in this Netflix Original series, and it’s all about a psychologist who gets way too involved with her patient’s personal lives. The show was sadly cancelled after just one season, and you can still find it on Netflix, and it’s actually pretty convenient if you want to watch a show but not get sucked into a show that will take you years to finish. There’ just ten episodes, and the series got mixed reviews – most notably poor ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

Naomi Watts is undeniably hot, but the attention is shared between her and an actress called Sophie Cookson. This actress plays a character who is actually interested in Naomi Watts’ character romantically, which leads to some pretty heated and steamy moments between the two. Watts might be getting older, but she still has a lot of beauty and she’s nicely complimented by the young, attractive Sophie Cookson at her side.

4. Love

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Love is another interesting Netflix Original series that you might want to check out. If you like romantic comedies, you’ll probably enjoy this one, as the show examines what it’s really like to be in a relationship, from both a male and female perspective. Your attention will probably be drawn to the very attractive Gillian Jacobs, who plays Mickey. It’s great seeing her character try to navigate the dating scene.

The creator of the show commented on the realism of the show, saying, “We just try to be as real as we can be. That’s the aesthetic of the show. Every show has to pick their joke pitch and their reality levels. We said, “Let’s see how real this can get.” Then, hopefully life is funny enough that if you just accurately portray it, there’ll be comedy. But it is weird to even put a label on like this because, I guess it’s a comedy, but the truth is we don’t even really write it like a comedy. We try to write it dramatically and then decide what might be funny.”

3. Girlboss

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Girlboss is another interesting Netflix Original series, and this one is actually based on an autobiography called #GIRLBOSS, which was written by Sophia Amoruso. In 2016, she was named one of America’s richest self-made women because of an online business she started, which sold vintage women’s clothing. Her life has been full of ups and downs, most notably her filing for bankruptcy, which took away her considerable fortune to some extent.

The show is a retelling of Amoruso’s story, and it was quite hyped up to begin with. But sadly, this show was cancelled after just one season. Its female-centric storyline might not be for everyone, but the lead actress is actually very attractive. Britt Robertson takes that role, and she does a great job of showing us what happened in this businesswomen’s life, including all the intimate moments…

2. Club Of Crows


Club Of Crows, or Club de Ceurvos, is an interesting Netflix Original series that is actually in the Spanish language. If you’re okay with reading subtitles, or you understand Spanish, then this might just be the show for you. It’s all about a pair of siblings who fight over the ownership of a soccer club. If you’re into sports, you might find the show interesting, but in all honesty, this show appeals to pretty much everyone. It blends elements of drama and comedy together delightfully.

And of course, there’s also a few attractive women in the show. Stephanie Cayo plays the former girlfriend of the owner of the club, and she is simply stunning. But there’s also Mariana Trevino, who plays one of the siblings trying to control the club. If you’re into Latin babes, and you don’t mind hearing some Spanish, then you might love this show.

1. Marseilles


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Marseilles is the first ever French Original Netflix series, and it’s gaining a lot of momentum. In many ways, it’s similar to House Of Cards in that it’s a political drama. The story centers around a former mayor of the French city of Marseilles. All kinds of crazy political intrigue happens, and it’s a very interesting watch if you’re not above reading a few subtitles (there is also an option to watch it dubbed in English). All in all, it’s a solid choice and definitely one of the hidden gems on Netflix.

This show is filled with some smoking hot French babes, and they make up a big part of the show. Stephanie Caillard plays Julia Taro, a stunningly attractive woman in the series. But on top of that, there’s also Geraldine Pailhas, who plays Rachel Taro, and the lovely Nadia Fares, who plays an interesting character by the name of Vanessa D’Abrantes. All in all, it’s a great series with tons of eye candy.

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