15 Nobodies Who Somehow Became Famous For Nothing

15 Nobodies Who Somehow Became Famous For Nothing


The title of celebrity used to be one that exclusively belonged to people who were actors or musicians and worked their way up the fame ladder. Lately, the title has been used in a rather offensive way, the title of celebrity has been dished out to whoever can garner enough attention online or by appearing on a reality TV show. Being a “celebrity” is no longer something that requires talent, knowledge, and hard work. It’s no longer something that seems unattainable, and there is almost no real value in the title any longer. Thankfully, there are still people with the celebrity title that deserve it but unfortunately, for the people on this list, it’s not them. Being a celebrity is something that takes dedication to keep up with and many of the people on this list may have the dedication but lack the talent. Okay, so by now you are probably thinking, who are we to say who deserves the title of celebrity or not? We are fans of real celebs just like you and we are sick of seeing reality TV stars and social media “tastemakers” acting like they deserve to be treated like the Jennifer Aniston’s and Beyonce’s of the world. Even though many of these people have managed to worm their way into the lives of real celebrities doesn’t mean that they automatically become someone that has earned the admiration and respect that real celebs have earned. The only problem is that they don’t know that. There could be so many more people on this list but we will keep it light, here are just a few people who don’t deserve celebrity status.


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Let’s face it, Ashlee Simpson hasn’t ever truly been a celebrity but her real downfall came when she was caught lip syncing on Saturday Night Live. No one can live something like that down. Life ultimately blew up in her face after that, in addition to the bad excuse for her misfortune, she followed it up with an album that barely charted. Her only claim to fame now is that she is Diana Ross’ daughter-in-law (she married Evan Ross in 2014). Besides that, she hasn’t really done anything to keep up her one-time status of fame yet, she is at red carpet events and she’s verified on social media. She didn’t keep up whatever status she had in the past so we kind of feel like she should just bow out gracefully.



Dane Cook should have never had a celebrity status, to begin with. He wasn’t THAT funny, at best he shouldn’t even have been able to leave comedy clubs. He would never be able to stand up against the likes of Greg Giraldo, Chris Rock, or even Adam Sandler. Cook hasn’t really done anything to call attention to himself recently besides a few snaps of him on the beach with his much younger girlfriend and a dad bod. He was most recently in the media because news broke that his half-brother and sister-in-law stole a lot of money from him. Besides that, when you Google him, nothing new comes up except for a Wikipedia page and a comedy compilation.


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Tomi Lahren is an offensive chick. She has said some ignorant things that have offended many people. She calls herself a journalist and that’s great for her, but she seems to fancy herself a celebrity because she is on Fox & Friends as a correspondent. It doesn’t help that media companies like TMZ will do interviews with her if they catch her at LAX because it’s only boosting her ego. To make matters worse, we truly believe her offensive behavior is all an act, seeing as she has been spotted hanging out with the same group of people that she loves to bash on TV. She isn’t the first (or the last) person to base her fame off of an act, but it doesn’t mean that she should be treated like a celebrity. We can think of million different journalists who we would rather call celebrity.


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Gone are the days when Playboy bunnies reached celebrity status. It used to be classy to be in Playboy magazine but by the time Kendra Wilkinson and her Girls Next Doorcastmates came around, the magazine had a bit of a sleazy reputation. The reality show that followed the girls around lasted a good number of seasons but when it was done, that should have been the end of it. Unfortunately, Wilkinson got her own reality show called Kendra On Top, where she exploited her relationship with her husband and her crazy marriage. One would bow out gracefully after this, but she just keeps trying to crawl back to the top by appearing on other reality TV shows and constantly talk about her husband cheating on her. No one wants to hear about it anymore.


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We admit that at one-time, Soulja Boy had a song that was a hit but, what happened? “Crank That” was such a hit that it even had its own dance move. The next time we saw Soulja boy, he was on the VH1 reality show, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, being a complete jerk to his then-girlfriend, Nia Riley. He is trying to keep his status alive on social media, but the truth is, no one cares. He had his time to shine and instead of focusing on making great music, he decided to buy a bunch of useless stuff and show it off on Instagram. We certainly don’t consider him a celebrity and every time he is mentioned he is usually associated with that video of when he went “back to the hood” and got jumped.


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Tara Reid is the princess of Sharknado. At one point, she was a young woman on the rise after starring in films like American Pie and The Big Lebowski but her fame plummeted rapidly afterward. It could have been personal demons, or it could have been poor film choices regardless, she should not be considered a celebrity. Reid has actually been given a few chances to re-invent herself through hosting gigs and low-budget films, but she screwed those up as well. We can officially no longer call her a celebrity, famous, or anything like that. At most, she is someone we used to know. The only time we hear anything about Reid is when she is promoting a new Sharknado film and even then, she can’t manage to reel herself in, hence her 2017 interview with Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg’s Sirius XM show. She showed out for sure.


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Kendall Jenner is a bit different than anyone on this list because she actually has a career and she is constantly in the media promoting that career. The reason why we hesitate to call her a celebrity is for two reasons; she is still technically a reality TV star and her career as a model was not well-deserved. Like many children of famous people, she didn’t have to work too hard to achieve something like becoming a Victoria Secret model or posing for top fashion houses. So, really does she deserve the title of model, let alone celebrity? Probably not. There is no denying that she is considered a top model and a sought-after celebrity but she didn’t have to go through half of what her peers had to go through.



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Logan Paul has officially become one of the most-hated people currently. If that name doesn’t sound familiar to some of you, don’t worry because he isn’t a celebrity anyway. Paul is a YouTuber who has well over a million views but recently, he has seen a downgrade in his status. He taped himself looking at a body of a person who had taken their own life in a forest in China. He was doing whatever he could for the views, but it backfired on him. People have recently said that he is yet to learn anything from his past indiscretions. In fact, he is so hated that even his brother who is trying to forge his own way in the entertainment industry has also received backlash. It’s safe to say that YouTubers and Vine stars are just as bad as reality TV stars.



One thing that we can say in Danielle Bregoli’s defense is that it is rare to reach celebrity status based on behavior from a psychology talk show. We still wouldn’t call her a celebrity or even give her the luxury of thinking that she is anybody but a spoiled teenager. Bregoli has been in the media a lot recently because the world seems to be obsessed with her and because she claims to have so much stuff coming up— an album, let’s rephrase that, a rap album, a reality TV show, and a few public appearances here and there. We must ask though, appearances for what? What would be her talent and what would her reality TV show be about? None of this makes sense. She is probably the most useless person on this list, it’s not as if she has done something significant to garner a little bit of fame. She just has a bad attitude.


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Cortney Stodden was literally a child bride. She married her husband, the actor, Doug Hutchinson, when she was 16 and he was 50-something, in other words— way too old. The world quickly became fascinated with the fact that her parents signed off on papers that allowed her to marry a man that was probably older than her own father. This led to offers rolling in for reality TV shows that were primarily focused on their marriage. They are now divorced, and she is out and about in Hollywood trying to pursue a career. However, she thinks that she is pretty famous already. She talks about her image a lot, has social media for the main purpose of updating her fans, and even did a show titled CELEBS Go Dating.



The entire Duggar clan has become celebrities because of how many of them there are. However, that “celebrity” status was challenged when news came out that their creepy, older brother had touched a number of his younger sisters while they slept. Besides that unfortunate incident, the family has managed to offend many people with their views on relationships and religion. They come off as severely judgemental almost all the time. So why should we care about them? If you answered we shouldn’t, you’re right yet, they still have a reality show, where at least one sibling every few months gets married and just starts popping out babies. TLC is really shoving this family down our throats, but they have a history of turning regular people into celebrities only to have it backfire in their face… does anyone remember The Willis’?


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June “Mama June” Shannon is a hot mess, there is no denying it. At first, her claim to fame was via her sassy daughter, Alanna Shannon, or better known as Honey Boo Boo. June spent her time on the pageant circuit with her daughter cleaning up everywhere they went. That parlayed into their own reality show, which came to a screeching halt when it came out that she was dating a known child abuser. She seemed to recover from that scandal and managed to get a show about her losing weight and trying her own hand at pageants (umm, okay). Does she really deserve the title of celebrity? Does she even deserve the title of reality TV star? We say no on both parts because she hasn’t really done anything that needs to be acknowledged by any number of people.


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Farrah Abraham is probably one of the worst people to come out of the reality TV world. She truly believes that she is someone to be respected and someone who has a high status in society. Let’s be honest, she is famous because she got pregnant at 16 and MTV decided to exploit her some more by following her around and watching her be a mother. Then she became more well-known when she made an adult film and lied, saying that her adult film star boyfriend at the time was taping her without her knowledge. She seems to be treating people like garbage since becoming more popular, but this has led to her being fired from Teen Mom. She should focus on being a good mom to her daughter and not being on TV yelling at producers, her mom, her dad, her boyfriend and strangers on the street.


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Amber Rose is a likable person but, come on, she isn’t a celebrity. She’s only in the public eye because she was a club dancer that Kanye West decided to date for a while and she has a body that is sought-after for now. She further elevated her status by having a baby with Wiz Khalifa and talking about the fact that dancers are people too (like we didn’t know that already). Now, she has become a well-known person because she is constantly on social media and people are obsessed with the fact that she can rock a bald head and still look gorgeous. So, what else? She shouldn’t be considered a celebrity or even famous but unfortunately, in the world we live in, she is.


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Last but not least is Blac Chyna, Amber Rose’s best friend, a fellow club dancer, music video girl, and baby mama. Chyna has managed to do exactly what Amber Rose has done— date rappers and have babies by them. She has a child with Tyga and even managed to trick Rob Kardashian into having a baby with her. She hasn’t really done anything else to be famous and well-known. At least Amber is trying to parlay her fame into something positive with her social activism. Chyna just keeps dating rappers in hopes that she will never have to work again. She hasn’t done anything positive with her little bit of fame and something tells us that she has no plans for it. The most she has done thus far is hawking waist trainers on social media and appearing in a few music videos.


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Jack Duggar did more than just touch his sisters while they slept. He did things to them while they were awake and aware of what happened. The parents didn’t separate them after hearing of the incident, rather they allowed him to keep living in the same house and sent him for “religious mentoring” rather than counselling. The whole media situation was littered with sympathy for Jack on behalf of the family, and he is now the father of like 5 kids or something. That family is fucked up.

Nice addition to an already fucked up story Demstar. You should write up the whole thing up and submit it to the site. We would definitely put it up.

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