15 Nonsensical Game Mods That Actually Exist

Have you ever beaten your favorite computer game and wished there was more to do? Guess what: there totally is. You just haven’t made it yet. We’re talking about “mods”, modifications made to computer and video games to give them a little extra flair. When most folks mod a game, it’s to add something cool, improve what’s already there, or flex some programming muscles. These folks, on the other hand, modded a game to break your brain. Get ready y’all: these are the most nonsensical game mods ever made.

Mod for Left for Dead 2 that changes all graffiti in the game into random Jaden Smith tweets.

Someone made mod for Wolfenstein 3D that let you pat the dogs until they go to sleep instead having to kill them.

The best dark souls mod

“Get outta my swamp Goku!” When PC gets a hold of Zelda

Grand Theft Pawto

Gotta love the modding community.


When the zombies become something much worse [Left 4 Dead 2]




Grand Theft Auto: Samsung

Perfect disguise

These Minecraft mods get more and more impressive

Im an amateur at modding consoles, but I think this turned out well.

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