15 Of The Best Subtle Ways To F*ck With People

15 Of The Best Subtle Ways To F*ck With People


Pranks are great — I think we can all agree. But sometimes, we don’t have the time or energy to pull off some big elaborate masquerade. Sometimes we only have time to pull off lesser, subtle pranks that are arguably more satisfying. These people, in particular, are pros at pulling off small, weird ways to f*ck with people:

Takeshei — Well, do they hold in their secondary sneezes? Do they abide by the rule?

I tell people “no sneezing” when they sneeze. It confuses the shit outta people who realize I didn’t say “bless you.”

d2enthusiast — The perfect subtle prank.

Had a manager a long time ago who wore a really nice hat outdoor (he was a little old fashioned). My co-workers and I found the exact same hat at the local mall and bought two. One was a 1/4 size larger, the other a 1/4 size smaller. Every now and then when he’d leave the hat in his office, for instance a trip to the restroom, we’d switch hats.
The questioning look on his face every time we switched was priceless. The size difference was just enough to mess with him, without making the hat look weird. I don’t know if he every figured it out, it went on for a year and was still going on the day I left.

DBones90 — This would make me feel horrible, not gonna lie.

Whenever someone comes to shake my hand, I move my hand slightly to the left. All it takes is a little movement and they completely miss my hand.

Dragothor — Gotta up the stakes and start pocketing them into CUSTOMERS pockets.

In my old days as a server I would sneak packs of mustard into coworkers pockets or aprons. I was eventually found out and titled the mustardman.

shaka_sulu — The perfect payback for a job you hated.

All those useless things you sign up for and they need a number but you know telemarketers will call? I use my old work number.

maggieminto — I love picturing a serious gathering around yet another garden gnome.

someone leaves gnomes in my parents garden. we still don’t know who but every time they have a big gathering it happens.

Lolasglasses — Wait, what DO you hablo?

I tell people “No hablo ingles” when they try to stop me on the street and sell me something while speaking Spanish. They get confused for a moment and I slip away.
Edit for context: I’m Latina living in a Dominican neighborhood in NYC where Spanish is the dominant language.

ArrowNG – So THAT’S why your one coworker always locks himself out.

Hit Caps Lock on my coworkers lock screen every time he leaves his desk.

olygote — “Ok fine, I’ll buy yours if you buy mine?”

Whenever telemarketers call me I flip the convo around to the patented line of Tupperware I created (I didn’t) and no matter what they say I steer them back to my Tupperware, They usually hang up on me.

Atear — The perfect way to end every convo.

I’ll usually listen to whatever someone is saying and then reply with, “well you know what they always say.” Then I just stop talking and never acknowledge ever having said that.

wheeldonkey — I already do this accidentally.

Me: “Hi. How are you?”
Them: “I’m well. How are you?”
Me: “I’m doing great. How are you?”
Them: “I’m well…. uh….”
About 50% of the time, I get caught and just look stupid. But the other 60% of the time, I win and they look stupid.

Marawal — “Tim? Now is there double letters in that or no?”

I ask them if there’s double letters or not in some words.

mlpr34clopper — Gotta give this one a try.

take a screenshot of their desktop, get rid of all the icons on their desktop, then make screenshot their wallpaper.

spaghatta111 — This person has subtlely drove multiple people to the brink of insanity.

Where I live, there’s this walking path that’s about 5 miles. It’s alongside a main road. Since I ride my bike a lot, I’ve had a chance to explore, and I discovered that there are plenty of loops and trails within the perimeter of that walking path. But most people in the area just know about the main path, and don’t know about these loops, or how long they are. So they just walk around the circle.
When i’m on my bike, and I see people walking the perimeter, I’ll pass them and then do one of the inner “loops” for 5-10 minutes, then I’ll go back out on the main road. Then I’ll pass the walkers I saw minutes ago. And I’ll do it again, and again.
More than once I’ve heard someone say “how did she get behind us again?” like it’s some glitch in the matrix

Uljira — That’s a good idea, no pun intended.

I say “no pun intended” when there is absolutely no pun whatsoever. Fun to watch people reflect on it for a bit and see if they’ll ask what the pun is or just pretend to get it etc.
I always tell them after a minute that I was just fucking about, don’t like leaving them in the dark.

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