15 Of The Weirdest Things People Have Caught Strangers Doing


yesiveredditalready — Fuck. Yes, this is the one we’re starting with.

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At a concert, sitting behind an extremely sunburnt man. I watched him peel off a sheet of his burnt skin and then eat it, as if it was a perfectly normal thing to do.


InannasPocket — She’s got a flight to catch.

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Lady in the airport, nicely dressed. She vomited in the middle of a walkway and just … kept right on walking, perfectly composed, hardly even broke her stride. As if throwing up on the floor of a crowded public space was just another task to tick off on her list.


leaveleavesalone — That is when you get off the bus immediately.

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On the bus once, there was this guy who was shouting at his hand for going numb.
He then threatened his hand and told it that if it didn’t wake back up, he would smash a bottle of alcohol and stab it with the broken end.
I hope the hand filed a report against him.


elle5624 — Maybe an ex?

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I was on a first date with this guy and we went for a walk in a park. The path could easily fit three people wide, probably 4. He’s on the outside and I’m in the middle and there’s a lady further ahead, jogging toward us. We start to move over to make sure there’s plenty of room for her to jog by. We start moving over more, because she seems to be heading straight for us.  As she passes, she swings out her elbow and clocks me in the ribs. I turned to look at her, and she’s giving me the dirtiest look. I have no idea who she was and my date had no clue either. I still wonder if he was telling the truth, but he seemed pretty genuinely concerned and bewildered.

Edit: since so many people are asking. This was Canada. We were walking on the right side of the path and moved over to the right side. She was jogging on her right side of the path, and crossed over the “middle” to hit me.
Also, why didn’t I fight her? So there’s the fight, flight, or freeze reactions. I’m a freeze. This day proved it, the two other separate times I’ve been punched in the face by rando’s proves it. Want to randomly hit someone with no consequences? Hit me.


UnnatractiveFireMan — There simply must be a context.

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A guy wearing boxers running behind a car which he was chained to by the neck and the waist, he was being escorted by a couple of other cars while people cheered around him
I’m pretty sure there is a context to this , but I was just passing by the town and no one from there could tell me what the fuck it was all about


RealHausFrau — Well, did you sell her the special car?

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I worked at a radio station & was doing a remote at a car dealership. A woman walked up to us wearing a shirt, an apron type skirt (no back) and men’s boots…and nothing else. She had spray paint all around her mouth and kept asking to buy the ‘special car’. It freaked me out.


tlb198 — Plants on the go.

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I was walking through the town I live in a few years ago, and some guy was walking just ahead of me looking like Hagrid from Harry Potter, in a long brown wool coat and long hair and beard, and he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a plant, with roots and everything, dropping soil everywhere. He looks down, repots the plant in his pocket, and reaches into the other side pocket for his wallet. Since then I’ve been totally in awe of him and I often wonder what he was growing in his coat.


PaulaNancyMillstoneJ — Uh that is not okay.

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I’ve seen a lot of crazy in the ER but one memory takes the cake. A young female came in complaining of a headache so we triaged her to the less serious more “clinic” side of the ER. Now wait times in the ER can be long, especially when you come in with something that’s not really an emergency. Sometimes patients pull the curtains over the glass door of their room for a little more privacy or quiet. I go to enter her room to discharge her and fling back the curtain. There is no reason she should or would be indecent. She never had to even put on a gown. But yet some guy was in there 3 fingers deep in her while she’s sitting up on the counter leaning back wide open. They jump apart and apparently believing he wasn’t really supposed to there, the guy goes “It’s okay I’m just her brother!”


_tanizaki_ — No luggage. Only roombas.

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Someone going through TSA security with two roombas and nothing else. One Roomba per bin of course.


Booster_123 — Yeah, that’ll happen.

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One time I was on my way to a house inspection and witnessed a man laughing and talking to his chained up bicycle getting progressively angrier until he started screaming and fighting with said bicycle. It was my first introduction to weird city people.


WeepingSomnabulist — “Yes hand to butt”

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Middle of the night in a hip city neighborhood, we saw a guy coming down the street with an awkward gait. As he approached we realized he was skipping while spanking himself, yes hand to butt. And thus he went into the darkness.
Maybe a good way to avoid mugging?


11312048  — Maybe someone here can crack the code?

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There is a coffee shop located In the building I work in. When it was time to close (midnight) I was told a guy was sleeping in the coffee shop. I woke him up and told him I was going to lock the doors and he had to leave. He stood up and opened a bottle of water and poured it on his jeans on his calf. I said “what are you doing?” Meaning like hey you’re getting water all over the floor wtf and he just politely said “that’s how they work man” and then left. It still confused the hell out of me.


kelsi16 — Always decline.

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A guy on the subway once took a handful of loose nuts out of his pocket and offered me some…I declined.


JaniePage — Nasty.

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I saw a woman on the train file her nails. In between filing each nail she would lick the file clean.


imallwrite — What is it with people licking shit?

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When I was a kid I saw a guy in church lick the entire cover of his hymn book, bottom to top, in one long stroke. I was maybe 10 and he was easily 40. It still haunts me to this day.

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