15 Of The Worst Work Meltdowns People Have Ever Seen –

Working a 9-5 job you don’t enjoy, every day, for years can weigh on a person mentally. These people had enough and finally snapped, having complete meltdowns that their coworkers surely won’t be forgetting any time soon.


1. Avachiel — “Sir, you’re under arrest for firing this employee.”

New hire in her first week rubs coworkers the wrong way, acting as though she’s the hottest thing to hit our restaurant since food its self.

When told her schedule for the next day, she argued with the manager about her availability. Threats of litigation start coming out of no where.

She approaches two police officers who are trying to enjoy their meal completely in tears, breaking down and begging them to arrest our manager for firing her unjustly. The helped escort her out of the building.

2. w-rx — Worth it in the moment, but probably not worth it the next day.

I work for my local municipality. Coworker was driving one of those sidewalk plows. He was ready to retire any day (65+) and it was garbage day. What a lot of people don’t realize is when you place your bins on the sidewalk that the guy plowing the sidewalk has to stop, get out and move the bins then continue. More often than not you’re doing this for EVERY driveway.

He was ready to retire and was having a bad day. He said fuck it. Drove down the sidewalk and crushed every single blue box that was on the sidewalk. He did one street, drove the machine back to the depot and parked it. Got in his car and drove downtown and quit. Didn’t tell the foreman or any of us, just said fuck it and quit.

I miss him.


3. downvolt — Deep.

writing financial software in the 80s. The systems analyst sitting at her desk near me suddenly burst into tears and wailed “it’s all so pointless – money doesn’t mean anything!”

4. Nathann4288 — Sadly the next day he went extinct.

I worked at Taco Bell while in high school. One of my coworkers was this guy who was really friendly, but also really strange. He was obsessed with being a “straight edge” kid and drew the Xs on his hands, and the whole nine yards. He had a high pitched, but pleasant voice, and spoke in an overly polite manner.

Anyway, he had put in his two weeks and on his last day he was working the front counter register. This lady walks up to order and he just stares at her. After a few seconds she says “Umm… can you take my order?” In his very calm and polite voice he says “Oh, I am sorry ma’am, but I cannot.” There was another awkward pause and she says “Ummm… well why not?” He responds with “….BECAUSE I AM A DINOSAUR!!!”

He immediately started growling and roaring at her, and he walked back and forth behind the counter like a T-Rex. He did this until the GM who was back making food realized what was going on. On her way up to the counter he calmly clocked out and left. The GM had to apologize over and over again to the poor woman trying to order.

That kid was a Taco Bell legend for several years.

Edit: I forgot to add that he was a 6’3″ 250lb…ish burly guy who wore eye liner and had blue hair.


5. Xecron050 — Work fights are insane. More entertaining than UFC.

This happened only a couple of days ago at my work. I didn’t see it but everyone’s been talking about it. Apparently girl A game up behind girl B and slapped her on the hard hat and said “learn how to do your fuckin job”, and girl B just fuckin lost her shit and went full ufc on girl A. Choke hold, face punches, regular choking. Girl A tried defending herself with various building parts as weapons. Both are now fired, but I don’t really blame girl B. Girl A is a fuckin annoying bitch and has been pushing everyone’s nerves since she started, and I wouldn’t want someone like that walking around treating co workers that way. Someone was bound to take her down a peg eventually

6. MicolashCaged — Goddamnit! Our skid of pickled eggs, ruined! All of them!

Working a retail summer job. A forklift driver was moving a skid of pickled eggs that wasn’t wrapped properly. It fell, and a shitton of juice and eggs went everywhere. Manger comes out and does the “takes off hat and throws it on the ground while yelling GAAAWWWWDAAAAMN IT.” After he went full Gunnery Sergeant Hartman on the dudes ass for fucking up. It was enough to make him cry and quit the next day.

edit: Some follow up. Mr. Manager was with HR the next day. Lost his manager position for a few months. When he got his manager position back he was pretty chill from now on. Some of us younger guys don’t like it as much because his outburst were quite funny. (I remember one time I was getting an earful and I could hear some of my friends trying to contain their laughter in the next aisle.) As for the forklift guy, he did come back and is now working mornings instead of evenings.

7. Deathisrebirth — This one I understand.

Fellow pool guy threw a table into the pool we were cleaning. Apperantly he got a text from his cousin that he was “borrowing” his N64.

Edit: I had to pull the table out of the pool

8. torku — Doing the Scooby-Doo voice? The fuck?

This guy in a restaurant kitchen got in a fist fight with a younger guy, punched him in the face, backed up, started shaking his face and doing the Scooby-Doo voice. He was nuts. I broke it up and took the other guy out of the kitchen to separate them and came back ten minutes later and the crazy guy had perfectly cleaned his area – like freaking spotless – and clocked out early and never returned. Never seen or heard from him. Never picked up his last paycheck. Weirdest shit I’ve ever seen.

9. murrieta123 — Sounds like something out of a movie. A weird, sad movie.

9th grade, my english teacher had a breakdown in front of the class. kept silent but started crying whilst writing on the overhead projector her complaints about the disrespectful kids in her class.

10. SpammityCalamity — A real-life Whiplash.

My orchestra conductor threw a metal hole puncher at the cello section after the basses kept on fucking around during a rehearsal for an international competition.

Apparently chalk trays make great launching pads.

Picture of said projectile:

11. melesana — Just another day for ole Shithands McGee.

My boss was pretty tightly wrapped. One day I came into the restroom and there she was in a stall smearing her poop on the floor (I recognized her rings) and muttering. When she was finished, she cleaned up the worst of it off the floor, somehow got dressed with her icky hands, got washed, and went back to work.

12. kaennar1 — Getting angry at electronics will never NOT be funny.

When I was an intern we had a high priority project come through that my mentor was working on. Really fast turn around with many late nights, shitty coffee, and good beer. Anyway it was towards the end of the project and I was finishing bring up on the board at my bench when I heard him muttering quietly to himself. I looked up to see if he needed me and watched him absolutely POUND a computer monitor with his fist then grab it, smash it down on the floor before stomping on it screaming “Theres no god damn DRC error you fucking slut!”

He calmed down after a bit, got a beer then requested a new monitor. Thats when I learned that no matter. How mad you are screaming at Altium will not make your sleep deprivation better.

13. darklight33 — Oh shit.

I had a coworker freak out on a customer at Wal-Mart. I used to be a cashier, and people used to tend to treat us like shit. Anyway, the lady got pissy because she couldn’t price match some doritos because it was the wrong size or something. Anyway it escalates, we cant find the csm and a few minutes later they are screaming at each other. The cashier’s parting words were “I ain’t fucking price matching your doritos! You don’t even need those doritos, with your fat ass!”

Needless to say, that was her last day.

14. hairyholepatrol — “like he just busted a huge nut”

Guy who’s hard of hearing had to BLAST the radio. Another guy gets sick of complaining to a dickless manager who does nothing. So he silently rips it off the cubicle and smashes it on the floor. Which is not carpet. And. Hard. Really really fucking hard. Like the damn thing killed his grandmother. With a look of silent but unfathomable rage on his face like Hugh Jackman coming out of the water or whatever in that wolverine origin movie.

It explodes. All the guts -capacitors, coils, resistors, transistors, circuit board etc etc go flying. And then as people are gasping and screaming he just sighs, satisfied like he’s just busted a huge nut and leaves.

I pretended to be horrified but I was so happy inside.

15. ooo-ooo-oooyea — Truly the way we all wish to go out.

We had this girl at work, and she liked to wear pants that showed a significant portion of her ass. Like if her ass crack was the Gulf Coast of the USA with Key West being her asshole we were probably at Tallahassee.
Someone complained to her manager. He didn’t believe us so we had him sit in a meeting behind her and was completely horrified. So he had a conversation with her about proper work place clothing. Well she never got the message, and she got a phone call from HR giving a formal warning. She flips out, storms into a meeting, calls her boss a fucking pervert, then proceeds to yell “If YOU WANT TO SEE MY ASS THEN SEE THIS” and moons the room, and storms off in a blaze of glory!

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