The 15 Most Overrated Places To Do The Deed

The 15 Most Overrated Places To Do The Deed

We all know how exciting it is to be spontaneous when you are doing the deed. It doesn’t matter where you are, just tear off your clothes and get down to it! I mean who needs to be doing the deed stuck in your bed in your own house! That is so boring. Right!

Well the reality of it is a little bit different. While in your mind, and in your fantasy, you might be doing the deed all over town and having a blast, the reality of it is most places that you wind up doing it, are not nearly as fun as they sound.  Some are awkward, some are painful, some you spend the whole time worrying that you are going to get caught, and others are just plain creepy.

Don’t get me wrong, doing the deed is almost always fun, but that isn’t what this list is about. Fun is one thing, but doing the deed in the below places is almost never as fun as you think it will be. Let’s face facts: as much as most of the places you fantasize about sound fun, the reality is once you tried some of these places you and your girl will run, not walk back to the safety of your bedroom. Because sometimes fantasy is not nearly as hot as it is cracked up to be. Trust me on that one.

Here are The 15 Most Overrated Places to do the Deed.

15. In The Bathtub


Wow, the bathtub. So romantic right? The two of you in there together, looking at each other, touching, the romance is off the charts. Well until you actually try and do the deed. Way too small, dangerously slippery, and wet. The bathtub is so overrated.

14. The Beach


Okay, I can already hear you out there. The beach? That is the perfect place to do the deed! Outside, beautiful, romantic. Well, all this is true, but you also have to add in sand in weird places, and the odd chance that right in the middle of it, some kid or a dog will come running up to you. And the chance of arrest? Not as hot as it sounds. The beach is a good place, don’t get me wrong, but is it overrated? For sure.

13. In Your Childhood Room


This might sound like a good idea at first. Why not? Back at the old house, in the room where you grew up, no one to stop you. What is hotter than that? Well, all sorts of things really. Being an adult and doing the deed in your childhood room in your parents’ house? So not hot on so many levels.

12. At Work


This is a tough one, because truth be told, it is pretty hot to do the deed at work. But the risk factor is what makes it overrated. You could be fired of course, but even worse things could blow up with the person you did it with, making you wish you were fired. All in all? Huge mistake, which makes it overrated.

11. At A Party


A party! What better place to do the deed! Right? Well no, wrong. Because even though you are having fun, and it’s crowded and you both have a little buzz on, what happens after you sneak off and do the deed? Well, right. You have to go back to the party. If you have never done this it gives the word awkward a whole new meaning.

10. In Front Of A Mirror


No, no, no and no. What might seem hot at first, often changes into an awkward nightmare. Of course this all depends on your comfort level with your doing the deed partner, but sometimes the sexy vision in your mind? Well it isn’t quite so sexy when you see how it really looks. Objects may be closer than they appear.

9. In The Hot Tub


We already did the bathtub being overrated, and the hot tub isn’t much different. Sure you have more room than in the bathtub, but it is still slippery and there is a very good chance that at some point either you or your partner is going to have their head underwater. Thinking you are going to drown? Not a big turn on. The whole doing the deed in a hot tub thing is often talked about, but when it comes right down to it? Overrated.

8. On A Boat


While on the one hand the romance might sweep you away on a boat, it is best to just wait until you get back to land. Waves, uncomfortable and cramped surfaces, oh and the chance that you fall off into the ocean, all make the whole doing the deed on a boat thing sound hotter than it actually is.

7. In A Pool


I am sure by this point you are starting to see a pattern. Anything that involves being in water is thought of as being really hot, while in reality it is totally overrated. It is slippery, and your head is going underwater. The pool is no different. Like everything else on this list, it is way hotter than it sounds.

6. In A Tent


Ah, camping. How romantic. Well, no, it really isn’t. You are going to be doing the deed with someone who probably hasn’t showered in a while, or maybe even brushed her teeth. You will be doing this on the hard ground, with maybe some twigs or rocks sticking up into you. It will be pitch black, and that sound you hear outside? Probably bears. Way overrated.

5. On A Counter


Well as far as hotness goes. Sure why not? You are in the moment, doing the deed wherever you are. As far as overrated? For sure. It is possible you are the exact right height for each other, and for the counter, and if so, this might not go so badly. If not though, you guys are both trying too hard. Find a bed, a couch, even a chair. Because this isn’t working.

4. On The Floor


Like many other things on this list, the floor is more than fine if it is all about showing yourself and your partner just how into it you are. But when it comes to comfort and pleasure? So overrated. Good bye passion, hello rug burns. The couch is right over there…use it for crying out loud.

3. The Outdoors


While you may think this sounds like a great idea, and at times it can be, for the most part doing the deed outside anywhere is pretty overrated. First of all one word: cops. Nothing turns passion into a bad time quicker than a cop rolling up on you while you are doing the deed. Cities and suburbs are rife with danger of being seen, and while danger can be hot, it only is if you aren’t caught. If you are doing it away from everyone out in nature, well fine. But don’t complain about ants, leaves, being cold, random joggers, and so on.

2. The Shower


Okay, is taking a shower with someone hot? Yes, it totally is. Is it even hot to touch each other and lather each other up? Yeah, it is for sure. What about doing the deed in the shower? Yeah you went too far. Uncomfortable, slippery, hard to do for a long time. You went from fun to doing something way overrated.

1. In A Car


Okay we have made it to number one. If you have any experience at all, you knew this one was coming. The most overrated place to do the deed is in a car. As much as it is talked about as being exciting, the reality of it is you pretty much have to be a contortionist to even feel good for a little while. Not to mention the dreaded cops rolling up on you while you are half clothed. There you have it, the 15 most overrated places to do the deed. What are you waiting for? Get back in your bed.


The 15 Most Overrated Places To Do The Deed

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