15 People Admit The Nasty And Nauseating Sh*t They Do When No One Else Is Around

15 People Admit The Nasty And Nauseating Sh*t They Do When No One Else Is Around


We all do things in private that some people might find a little odd… to say the least. For example, I’ll admit that I refuse to drop a number 2 without physically punching the shower curtain. Not just looking behind it, punching the thing. It stems from when I was a kid, I won’t get too into it, but fuck, ‘The Ring” was scary shit to a 9-year-old. These are some things that other people do that we might find a little… bizarre.


“Peeling the skin off my lips. It’s really cathartic and gross af. I just like the feeling when it’s a clean rip, doesn’t draw blood. I don’t do it often because I go out in public, but when I do it’s amazing.”



“I pick my nose multiple times a day, and eat what comes out. The bigger, the better. My personal favorites are the long stringy ones that need a bit of a tug to get out, and feel like they are attached to your brain.”



“I pick the skin of my foot and eat it. Ive done it for roughly 14 years now and have probably eaten a whole human worth of the stuff. Only a handful of people know about it and im hoping it stops when my best friend moves in and I’ll be too nervous to do it.”



“Personally I pick my nose in private to get all the jagged little shards of evil out of there. Fuck society, blowing into a tissue wont get everything out.”



“We look at our shit stains after wiping to decide whether we shall continue wiping our butts whilst pooping.”



“Going to sleep in a bed full of dead flaked off skin,little mites and all their poo.”



“Fart. You are smelling air that was inside my asshole only a few moments ago.”



“The amount of times I scratch my balls or ass everyday, immediately continuing whatever I was doing without washing my hands.”



“Milk. How fucked up is milk? Like we have adapted to be able to drink a substance produced by a mother for their young of a different species. I mean imagine if you saw a couple of squirrels milking a badger. That’s what it’s like.”



“Shaking someone’s hand. Think of everything you might have touched or done with your hand recently, and realize that the other person might have done all that and more, then never washed their hand before shaking yours.”



“We take perfectly good, clean water that anyone without access to such would appreciate, and then we shit in it.”


“Sitting in a hot tub. When you get in a hot tub all the dead skin on you sloths off and floats around in the water. Meanwhile the hot water causes your pores to open up thus letting other people dead skin into your pores.”



“Sometimes I slide my finger along my bunghole and have a sniff. I don’t particularly like the scent, it’s just odd. I enjoy odd.”



“Scratch the fuck outta my inner ear with my pinky and then take a big fuckin whiff. God damn.”



“sometimes i neglect showering for a couple days, as well as not wearing deodorant, and i exercise to get nice and sweaty too. the reason? i have a fetish for armpit/body odor, so i literally stench up to get off”



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