15 People Admit Which Fictional Character Caused Their Sexual Awakening

We all experience our own sexual awakening at some point or another and it can be triggered by literally anything. For these 15 people, it was triggered by a fictional character because why not? Don’t act like you’re above them either. For all we know, a somewhat sexual looking tree may have caused your awakening.

1. hplegend14 — And thus a mermaid fetish was born.

Ariel from the Little Mermaid. The scene where she discovered she had legs was rewinded so many times by ten year old me I’m surprised the VHS didn’t break. God I’m getting old..

2. Jeyban — Jinkies

I remember my first ever experience in being “turned on” was while watching a deleted scene of the Scooby Doo movie, where Velma is wearing a bikini. I just remember thinking, “This makes me feel strange, I wanna watch it again.”

3. PaseoDelaEstrella — Nothing like getting sexually awakened by a mouse.

Gadget from Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers

4. NinjaBullets — Sexy and intimidating.

Chun Li

5. Lazerspewpew — You might also just have a thing for Winona Ryder.

Lydia (Winona Ryder) in Beetlejuice. I still have a thing for goth chicks.

6. WorldsWithin — Bonus points for attaching media to defend your points.

Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire. She’s perfect.

Wow, this blew up harder than Ulysses! Let’s go back and watch that one scene that’s probably the reason so many agree with me.

7. Silver_Age_Collector — Another superpower of hers.

Rogue from X-men the animated series.

8. LittleMrsMolly — Nothin’ wrong with a little Brendan Frasier.

Rick O’Connell in The Mummy

9. kms1989 — What is it about accents?

Robin Hood…from the animated Disney movie. I think it was just the accent.

In that same vein, Westley from the Princess Bride. Cary Elwes, ugh yes please.

10. dancinfool89 — Like father, like son.

When I was 4 and watching Batman Returns repeatedly, I told my Dad that, “Catwoman makes me feel like I have to go pee…”. He paused and said, “me too son.”

11. Cjayin — “I mean, for a fake animated dog child.”

Goofy’s Son’s Girlfriend had it going on.

12. malthak — Many young gamers can relate, I’m sure.

Lara Croft

13. conquer69 — Sometimes dreams are too realistic.

Pink Ranger. I remember a dream where she visited my house and I was too nervous to say hello.


14. boodler88 — Some top notch animation in that movie. Maybe too good.

Dimitri from the animated film Anastasia. Meow.

15. _Mastermind77_ — I’m not familiar, but hey, good on you.

Katara. When she put on the fire nation disguise in ATLA, I became a man


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