15 People Who Claim They Encountered Men In Black


Men in black are men who wear black suits and who claim they are government officials. They come up often in UFO conspiracy theories. UFO witnesses often claim that men in black stalk and threaten them to keep quiet about their UFO encounters. In a lot of cases, men in black seem to know everything about witnesses’ UFO encounters even though witnesses usually have never told anyone of the encounter.

Most of the time men in black are said to wear black suits, dark hats, immaculate white shirts, dark ties and dark shoes. Their faces are described as foreign looking and pale and they usually have no hair, eyebrows or eyelashes. In some bizarre cases, men in black even wear lipstick! Men in black are said to be cold and formal in demeanour and they often behave in a strange manner. For example, their voice usually sounds computerized and their phrases appear learnt-off and unnatural. Witnesses claim that men in black appear out of nowhere and then after an unpleasant interrogation vanish into thin air. Other times men in black don’t even speak to the witness but simply stare at them in a terrifying manner.

Some people claim that men in black are government officials who are tasked with silencing people who have had a UFO encounter so as not to cause panic. Others however claim that men in black are actually aliens themselves.

15. Paul Miller Fired At Humanoids And Was Later Visited By Men In Black

In winter of 1961, Paul Miller and three of his friends were going home after a hunting trip. But the hunting trip was not an ordinary trip – during it Miller and his friends saw a UFO land in a nearby field. At first they all thought it was a plane but then the object suddenly vanished into thin air.

Miller and his friends were just driving off when the UFO reappeared and two strange humanoids came out of it. Miller was terrified and fired at one of them whereas his friends fled.

On their drive home Miller and his friends mysteriously lost three hours and the next day, when Miller went to work at an Air Force office, three men in black approached him. They claimed to be government officials but showed no credentials. The men then said that they hoped Miller was telling the truth about the UFO encounter. But Miller and his friends had told no one about the incident.

14. The UFO Hunter Brenda Butler Was Chased By Mysterious Men In A Jeep

The UFO hunter Brenda Butler goes to Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk every week in an attempt to find evidence of alien visits. Rendlesham Forest is known for supposed UFO landings.

At a UFO conference Butler claimed that men in black have tried to get her and her colleagues to sign a contract that would prevent them from speaking out about their UFO findings. Butler claimed that she was even chased by an army jeep on a country road. Butler and her colleagues have been allegedly receiving calls and have been threatened.

The police came to check Butler’s car numbers and strange people have stood in her drive. In 1984, Butler and her colleague wrote the book Skycrash: A Cosmic Conspiracy in which they claimed that a young man who witnessed a UFO landing in Rendlesham Forest was murdered.

13. Adele Was Visited By A Robotic Man In Black Who Pretended To Be An Insurance Agent

In 1968 a woman who goes by the pseudonym of Adele was sixteen years old. She lived in the seaside town of Scarborough, North Yorkshire. One day she heard a knock on the door and when she answered she saw a strange looking man standing outside.

The man wore a black suit and after staring at Adele for an extremely long time asked her if she had insurance. Adele felt that the man’s voice was computerized. Adele told the man that he should come back when her parents were home but at that exact moment the strange man began to sweat visibly. He asked Adele to see a glass of water and Adele let him inside the house. After she brought him a glass of water he looked at it and then put it aside.

The man then looked at the clock at the mantelpiece and Adele told him that it was her father’s retirement gift. The man then asked “Is it your father’s time? Is it here and now?” and seemed freaked out. He suddenly became stiff and had to use his hands to move one of his legs to leave the house. Before he left, however, he told Adele to “watch the lights”.

12. Herbert Hopkin Was Approached By A Man In Black Who Wore Lipstick

In 1976 Dr. Herbert Hopkins was a consultant on a UFO teleportation case in Maine. One evening when Hopkins was home alone a man who claimed he was vice-president of the New Jersey UFO Research Organisation, rang him and asked if he could come over to discuss the case.

Right after the phone call ended Hopkins went to turn on the porch light so that the visitor could see his house from the parking lot. But to Hopkins’s astonishment, the man was already on his porch steps and there was no car in sight.

The man was wearing a black suit and had no hair, eyebrows or eyelashes. As they were talking, the man brushed his lips with his gloves and Hopkins was shocked to see that the man’s lips were smeared and there were traces of lipstick on his gloves.

The man told Hopkins to erase the tapes of the hypnotic sessions from the case. The man then said goodbye and disappeared. Hopkins later found out that New Jersey UFO Organization does not exist.

11. Albert Bender Was Going To Tell The World The Secret Behind UFOs But Was Silenced

The International Flying Saucer Bureau was an amateur organization whose director was Albert Bender. Bender once claimed that he knew the secret behind UFOs and was about to publish his findings in his journal called Space Review.

However, Bender wanted to get the opinion of one of his colleagues before publishing his findings, so Bender mailed the piece to him. Three days later, men in black visited him.

That day Bender was feeling ill for no reason and was lying down on his bed. That’s when he noticed three men in his room. They were all dressed in black and did not speak. They did however stare at him intently and Bender felt as if they were trying to communicate with him telepathically. One of the men was even holding Bender’s report.

The men demanded that Bender shut down his organization, stop publishing his journal and never tell anyone what he discovered. Bender was so terrified that he agreed to do all that.

10. Jim Templeton Accidentally Took A Photo With An Extraterrestrial In It And Was Visited By Men In Black

You’ve probably seen the famous photograph of Solway Firth Spaceman, also known as Solway Spaceman or Cumberland Spaceman. The picture was taken in 1964 by Jim Templeton near Burgh by Sands.

A figure that appears to be wearing a space suit appears in the photograph and Templeton claims that there was no one there at the time when the picture was taken. Templeton took the photo to his local police station where it was examined. The police came to the conclusion that there was nothing extraordinary in the photograph, so Templeton then took the photo to his local newspaper.

After the photograph was published Templeton was supposedly visited by two men who said they worked for the government and who were apparently only identified by a number. Templeton took the two men to the place where the photo was taken. However, when Templeton told the men that he did not see the figure at the time he was taking the photograph, the men suddenly got very angry and drove away, leaving Templeton to walk back home alone.

9. Dan Aykroyd Was Preparing A Show About UFOs When They Appeared

In 2002, the Canadian-American actor and businessman Dan Aykroyd was in New York city preparing a show that was to appear on the SciFi channel on UFOs and paranormal sightings.

At some point Aykroyd stepped outside for a minute to have a phone conversation with Britney Spears. Suddenly, as he was speaking to her he noticed a black sedan with men in black sitting inside it. One man in black was standing outside the car staring intently at Aykroyd. Another man in black supposedly gave Aykroyd a mean glance from the back seat of the sedan.

Slightly perturbed, Aykroyd looked away for a moment and when he looked back the sedan was gone. The car didn’t go past Aykroyd and did not make a U-turn, it simply vanished into thin air. Later that day Aykroyd was informed that the show on UFOs was cancelled.

8. Harold Dahl Saw Six UFOs And Was Later Visited By Men In Black

In 1947, the harbor patrolman Harold Dahl was out on a boat when he noticed six “donut shaped” objects in the sky. One of these strange objects suddenly dropped some type of “white metal” onto Dahl’s boat.

The “white metal” was actually slag that came from a local smelter. It hit another person and broke their arm. A dog was also hit by it and died instantly.

Dahl claimed that he was later visited by men in black who made him swear that he won’t tell anyone about the incident. Of course, Dahl told the world his story and it became known as the Maury Island Incident. However, later Dahl withdrew his claims saying that it was a hoax. But was it really, or was Dahl just silenced by men in black?

7. A Mysterious Entity That Turns Out To Be A Man In Black Contacts Larry Telepathically

A man named Larry claimed that one night he was falling asleep when he was contacted telepathically by a mysterious entity that claimed it was not from Earth. The entity gave no reason for contacting Larry.

Larry, a skeptical man, asked the entity to provide proof of its existence beyond sending telepathic thoughts. The presence said he’d show up during daytime when Larry was going to be with his best friend.

The next day Larry met his friend at a park when suddenly a black van pulled up and two men dressed in black got out. Two other men also got out of the van but there was something inhuman about them. The men sat at a picnic table near Larry and his friend, stared at them for a while and then got back into the van. They did not contact Larry ever again.

6. Frederick Holiday Saw A Man In Black Beside The Loch Ness Lake

Frederick Holiday was a man interested in cryptozoology. Holiday spent years looking for evidence that would prove that the Loch Ness monster exists. One day, Holiday was walking on a hill near the lake when he spotted a man dressed in a black suit.

There was nothing extraordinary about the man, except for the fact that he seemed to be staring directly at Holiday. Immediately, Holiday felt increasingly uneasy but before he could do anything he heard a strange noise. After the strange noise ceased the man in the black suit was gone.

A year later, Holiday was back beside the lake still collecting evidence when he had a heart attack. As he was carried to the ambulance he passed the exact spot where the mysterious man had stood a year ago.

5. Men In Black Caught On Hotel Security Footage

Probably the most recent encounter with men in black is the encounter involving a man named Shane Sovar. In 2008, the hotel manager Sovar and the hotel’s security guard saw a large UFO outside the hotel in Niagara Falls. They reported the sighting and the Aerial Phenomenon Investigations Team were called in for investigations.

However, the hotel was visited by men in black. The hotel staff members were terrified of the mysterious men who were looking for Sovar and the security guard. According to the staff, the men wore black suits and hats and had no eyebrows or eyelashes. Their faces were said to be identical.

Sovar and the security guard were not at the hotel at that moment and the men left. But the hotel security cameras allegedly caught the men in black on tape.

4. The UFO Researcher Jack Robinson Had A Man In Black Stalk His Apartment

In 1968, a UFO researcher from New Jersey, Jack Robinson, reported that there was a strange man who constantly stood across the street from his apartment building. Robinson’s wife also saw the mysterious man and backed up Robinson’s claims.

The man wore a black suit and a hat and constantly stared at their apartment. The couple also said that their apartment seemed to have been searched.

The couple put up with the man for three days but then their friend, Timothy Green Beckley, decided to see the man in black up close and took a picture of him. The photograph is believed by many to be evidence that men in black do indeed exist.

3. William Shearer Was Harassed By Men In Black After He Witnessed UFOs

In 1997, a man named William Shearer encountered a UFO in Essex, England. Four days after the incident strange men knocked on Shearer’s doors. The men wore dark grey suits and long coats. One of the men stood beside an imposing looking car, as if standing guard and the other stood at Shearer’s door.

According to Shearer, the man standing at the door spoke in a strange, almost automated way and insisted that Shearer let him inside the house. However, Shearer refused and the man said that they would come back later.

A month later, two men in black appeared outside Shearer’s work. One of them was the man who stood beside the car last time. The two men told Shearer they wanted to discuss Shearer’s UFO experience. Shearer demanded to see the men’s IDs but they refused and kept asking questions. Shearer refused to let the men into his place of work and they eventually disappeared.

2. Peter Rojcewicz Was Approached By A Man In Black Who Said UFOs Are The Most Important Fact Of The Century

Peter Rojcewicz, a professor of humanities and folklore at New York’s Julliard School, claims he was approached by men in black. Or rather, he was approached by one man in black.

Rojcewicz was supposedly reading in the University of Pennsylvania library when a man sat down beside him and started talking about flying saucers. Rojcewicz claims that the man was pale and gaunt and that he wore a black suit.

When asked about flying saucers Rojcewisz told the man in black that he was not interested in UFOs. The man in black got quite agitated and said that “flying saucers are the most important fact of the century”. The man in black then left just as suddenly as he appeared, but first he told Rojcewicz to “go well on your purpose”. Rojcewicz eventually gave a lecture on this strange encounter.

1. Robert Richardson Collided With A UFO And Was Later Threatened By Men In Black

In 1967, Robert Richardson contacted the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) and told them that he had collided with a UFO. Richardson said that he was driving at night and was just coming around a bend when he noticed a strange object in front of him. He was unable to stop in time and collided with the object. But immediately after the collision, the object disappeared.

Police visited the scene of collision and only found Richardson’s skid marks. However, when Richardson returned to the scene on his own he also found a lump of metal which possible belonged to the UFO.

Three days later after the strange collision, Richardson was visited by three men in black who were rather rude and threatening. A week later, Richardson was visited by two different men. They wore black suits and one of them had a strange accent. The men tried to persuade Richardson that he had not collided with anything and then asked for the lump of metal. Richardson told them that the piece of metal had gone in for analysis.

The men in black then said “If you want your wife to stay as pretty as she is, then you’d better get the metal back.” The curious thing is that only Richardson, his wife and two workers at APRO knew about the metal’s existence.

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