15 People Describe Their Coolest Celebrity Run-In Stories

It’s not every day that you run into a notable celebrity, so when that chance presents itself, it’s usually a very memorable occurance. Sometimes the celebs don’t live up to your expectations, but sometimes those famous bastards somehow exceed them and become an even bigger deal to you. These are some of the more fun run-ins that people experienced:

1. da0ist — Not cool, Morgan.

Morgan Freeman came to my place of work to do research for a film project. I have a picture of us together somewhere. He outed me to my boss when he saw me playing Shadowbane…

2. CliffCutter — Secrets out.

I met Buzz Aldrin once when I was a kid, I asked him if he saw aliens on the moon and he said ‘I sure did’

3. GeekilyMe — Sounds like a fun time.

I have seen Robin Williams do stand up for a private group of less than 50 people, twice. I sat five feet from him and he mingled with the group after. He was great friends with my old boss, like she had dinner with his family type friends. He was so nice and personable with everyone and my employees loved him. This was in 2005 & 2006. I thought it was incredible that he would do this show and meet and greet for a friend, I guess he used it to test out new material. The shows were seriously a couple hours long, just Robin.

4. Idiotsandcheapskate — ‘Sorry, I was too busy being a music superstar’

My friend met David Bowie in the elevator in New York City once. My friend wasn’t a fan and didn’t recognize him, but he seemed familiar somehow, so my friend asked if they met at the dance class he was taking a while back. David Bowie smiled and said “No, I don’t think so”. Only later my friend realized that that’s why this guy was.

5. RraaawrDinosaur — Childhood me would’ve died to see All-That in person.

I met Amanda Bynes, along with other cast members, after a live-action viewing of “All That” in the ’90s. She was relatively new to the show at that time, and the one I really wanted to meet was Lori Beth, but she wasn’t there.

Amanda actually had a conversation with me and complimented my hair, which I got bullied over constantly as a kid (it was super poofy and curly and I didn’t know how to maintain it), and it just rocked my world that this SUPER COOL CELEBRITY thought my hair was pretty. It didn’t stop the bullying, but it did give me a bright little something to hold onto. I’ve always been grateful to her for that. I felt so bad for her when she was going through that mental breakdown thing a few years back. I don’t really follow celebrity news but I hope she’s doing better now.

6. ijables — He is one sizable individual.

John Cena came into my work to buy some gym equipment. The whole time I was just in awe at the size of him. Absolute unit.

7. LoafofDookie — Everyone has nice Paul McCartney stories.

Paul McCartney. I’m a chauffeur driver for a company and he flew in on his private jet. I picked up him, his wife and daughter Stella and drove them to Doris Day’s house to celebrate her 94th birthday. He’s one of the nicest folks I’ve ever driven and even was willing to create conversation with me. When it was all said and done I just kept thinking to myself, “Man, I drove one of the Beatles. Holy shit.” Pretty wild day.

8. BarbieBri — The man truly gets no respect.

Rodney Dangerfield – He was staying in the same hotel as my family, back in the 90s, right after Ladybugs had come out. I saw him in the pool, and asked him for his autograph and started talking to him. My parents said we had to go, and he invited me to stay with him. So I hung out at the pool with him while my parents went back to their hotel room to get ready! To this day, I give my parents shit for allowing Rodney Dangerfiel to babysit me in Las Vegas!

9. PhatChub — I want a Jackie Chan autograph on my Jansport.

Jackie Chan

Around 2008, I was walking through an airport in China with my mom. Suddenly my mom tells me to look to my right, and there he is walking with a couple guys. One of his guys took a picture for me and Jackie and he even signed my backpack (which I still have to this day!). Unfortunately, I was never sent the picture as 8 year old me didn’t think that far ahead. I still remember to this day how kind and sweet he was to me, a young fan, even though he was probably in a rush to get out of there.

10. flockofospreys — Bros before paparazzos.

I had a bro moment with Johnny Depp in an airport.

He was picking someone up from the airport when I noticed him. I looked and him when he noticed me looking at him (he was going to great lengths to hide his identity). I smiled and did the cool guy head nod and he gave me a nod back. I was like 12 at the time so it was really cool to have a celebrity notice me knowing it could have resulted in people swarming him, and his lady friend lol.

11. trythall86 — ‘Any more dumb shit I can make fun of?’

I worked with Fred Armisen on the set of Portlandia for 3rd season. He asked me a bunch of questions about my work cause he was getting ready to mock it on camera. It was an awkward day.

12. SlayJ93 — That beard is just asking to be complimented.

Ozzy Osbourne. He came to my work for a documentary him and his son Jack were filming. They were both really nice and Ozzy even complimented my beard. Proof (I’m the one with the red beard).

13. c0quine — I can’t decide how this makes me feel about Joaquin Phoenix.

I’ve met Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix but I don’t know who’s considered the most famous in this situation.

I met Lady Gaga at a CD signing for her album Born This Way in 2011. She was super nice and friendly.

I met Joaquin a little over a month ago and he was super nice and friendly too. He was a few seats away from me on my flight back to NY. I didn’t bother him, but he was behind me and my sister on the escalator as we were leaving the airport. My sister was kind of an ass and was trying to snapchat herself with him in the background. He caught her and said “C’mon you could have just ask for a picture!” she was super apologetic and mortified. He asked her if she wanted a picture and of course she said yes. And then he turned to me and goes “What about you, do you even give a shit?” (this sounds very condescending but he said this all while smiling in a joking tone) And I said “Yeah I just didn’t want to bother you!” After we got our pictures we said goodbye and thank you (and my sister apologized again), and started moving and then he goes “Well, this is awkward! We said bye but we’re walking in the same direction!”

14. El-Royhab — Uncle Phil is used to Geoffrey handling the stamps.

James Avery. He came into the hotel gift shop I worked at twice. First time he bought a pack of smokes, the second time a stamp. The stamp was self-adhesive, he licked it. I stumbled through explaining that he had to peel off the backing. He peeled it off, then licked it again. Here I am, one foot away from James Avery with a stamp stuck to his tongue. I continued to fumble through explaining that he didn’t need to lick it. He peeled it off his tongue and put it on his envelope. This was back in probably 2002.

15. Heligon22 — Who doesn’t love Dave Bautista?

Me and my dad met Dave Bautista on a flight and talked a little bit to him after. My dad really likes him because my dad is also into mma fighting techniques and such.

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