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15 People Who Died In Ways So Ridiculous It’s Almost Funny

15 People Who Died In Ways So Ridiculous It’s Almost Funny

Death is a pretty serious subject… most of the time. It may feel pretty dark to admit it, but sometimes things happen and we end up with deaths that are funny. Call it cruel, call it morbid humor, or just call it macabre, but it’s hard to deny that sometimes people die in ways that are so ironic or absurd, it’s hard not to stifle a chuckle.

To be clear, we’re not suggesting that these deaths are not sad. People are left grieving, a life is cut short, and there is a period of mourning. But if a person does something especially absurd, stupid, or ironic, you’d think we’re allowed a laugh or two, at least when no one’s looking.

Lucky for us, we’re on the Internet, and that means no one can hear us giggle-snorting over some of these stories. So, don’t feel too bad as you read over these deaths that are so ridiculous they’re (almost) funny. We promise, you’re not the only one laughing.


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