15 People Share The Juicy Drama Going On At Their Job/School Right Now

Even though we know NOTHING about these following people, it is oddly satisfying getting a peek into their hot juicy gossip that is going down AS WE SPEAK. So sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the small, petty grievances that will make you feel like you’re there.


1. IrianJaya — punishment by shunning.

One co-worker had a bunch of cash stolen from her purse. Everyone knows who did it. Not only was she the only one not in attendance at a meeting when the money went missing, but she suddenly started avoiding my co-worker when they had been friends before that. Also, she would have to know exactly where the purse was stored in order to sneak in and back before being noticed.

Now no one in the office is talking to the alleged thief. That’s our version of office justice since management can’t fire her without more proof.


2. ThrowAwayIdiot27 — Jeremy, how could you?

Someone left the freezer door open and thawed out 100 frozen pizzas.

We all know it was you, Jeremy.


3. alcuin89 — knowing their names makes me feel like I’m there.

Over in customer service, Brenda is complaining about being too hot and throws a tantrum every time someone touches the thermostat. Brad on the other hand (because he’s cold and fed up of Brenda’s shit) keeps fucking with her and changing the thermostat.

4. GreasyBud — a new game for the introverts out there.

nothing really, but i try to say as few words as possible every day.

so far my record is 4, hoping for three today.

currently sitting at 1 word, danm receptionist happened to see me coming in, so i had to give her a “morning!”

but im hoping a nice “see ya” at 430 will polish off my new record..

Edit: todays out boys, my boss asked me a question and i had to respond via a whole fucking sentance, word count up to 10. maybe tomorrow.


5. Derpicusss — surprised this kinda thing doesn’t happen more often.

A math cheating ring got busted. They had several group texts set up and one person would get answers from one group and spread it to the others. They’re looking at suspending and failing something like 50 people. In their senior year too.


6. thecountessofdevon — damn this one is truly juicy goss.

A teacher at our school was constantly being reported by her assistant for grossly and absurdly exaggerated offenses, because the assistant doesn’t like the teacher she’s been assigned to this year. The teacher is new to our school. The assistant is related to a high-up administrator, and has already been moved several times. Administration kept writing her up (the teacher), despite her protests that the complaints were absurd, and kept requesting this assistant be switched with another. Teacher finally had enough and quit. Admin spreads around the rumor that the teacher had to leave her job for “mental health reasons”. True story.


7. hmmimthinking — it’s just a matter of time until the dude gets caught, though.

well, I am pretty sure my CEO has been stealing money from our company.

I am a textile designer and we have factories in India and China. No one wants to ship our product because they haven’t been paid, personally I haven’t gotten a raise in 3yrs. All the while the CEO is driving a Bently and just purchased a new $2+million dollar home.

He is constantly getting angry calls from our factories who some he owes Millions of dollars to (7mil to one in particular) and I am pretty sure if he went to China he would be legally detained bc of how much he owes people. A lot of which fly to our office here in the states and wait for him for meetings, and he ducks out the back door like a coward. One day he even drove an old truck to work so no one would know he was here.


8. traumamamba — M. Night Shyamalan just bought the rights to this story.

We thought the coffee pot was dirty. We thought the coffee was bad. We got new creamer and then new sugar.

Hours have been spent trying to figure out what’s wrong with our coffee. It’s the water. The water.


9. LottieB — understandable.

A bloke in my office is going to be on Robot Wars and now I’m trying to be his friend.


10. bosstrasized —  I wish we could find out how this one started.

There are 2 teachers in the office who sit side by side eachother passively fighting over a computer. Its been this way for 6 months now. There are other computers and seats available but neither one will budge.

The way it works is one comes in first, he starts using the computer and when the second one comes in a bit after, he’ll just sit right next to the first dude really close. The convo usually goes something like this:

“Are you done?”

“No not yet…I might be a while”.

“Ah thats cool….I’ve got time”

“Ok cool…”


11. CottonMouthCafe — probably not all that uncommon in that field.

At my graphic design school there are a couple of people who are constantly falsely accusing each other of plagiarism. It has gotten so bad that our professor has had to talk to the whole program about it.


12. ronfromthecia — let the boys have their hair fun.

A person in our student council made a petition to allow boys to have any hairstyle they want. He got like 300 signatures out of a school of 1000 but the Principe voided the petition and forced him to resign from the council.


13. Ganglebot — time to bust out the MILK for this SPICY gossip.

Everyone is pissed at one department, because any request for services results in their request for a 2-3 week strategic direction plan. These should be simple 1-2 hour jobs.

Another department was just caught using an outside vendor to avoid the department in question, and the coldwar just got SPICY!


14. sweetrhymepurereason — this will surely be the incident talked about for years at this workplace.

Cops came in looking for one of our coworkers. Nobody is friends with him so we have no way to know what’s going on. Assumptions are running wild right now.


15. anderc26 — damn, shots fired.

I’m taking a month off before starting a new job. Being home more has opened my eyes to just how frequently our neighbors fight loudly with the windows open. And how bad the woman in the couple is at faking her orgasm.

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