15 People Share Secrets Their Lovers Are Keeping From Them That They Actually Know

At one point or another, it’s likely you’ll accidentally come across a loved one’s text message notifications, a diary entry left out on the table, or other clues pointing towards a secret.

There’s no real etiquette for accidentally finding out a secret about your lover. Obviously, if they’re being unfaithful or hiding a terrifying identity, it’s fully your business to speak up and get out. But what about all the weird grey area secrets, the ones that aren’t complete deal breakers but make things a bit weird?

Well, a Reddit thread started by the user Riptidecharger addresses this very query, people across the internet shared their lovers secrets, from the most mundane to the most tragic.

Here are 15 secrets people’s lovers already know about.

1. TFW you caught them blowing some hot air.

2. TFW they have an imaginary identity.

3. TFW you know about their secret snack obsession.

4. TFW you caught them being vulnerable.

5. TFW they know your boss a little too well.

6. TFW you respect their secret past life.

7. TFW you figured out their secret recipe.

8. TFW they like Facebook TOO much.

9. TFW they’re not who they say they are.

10. TFW there are secrets in the shadows.

11. TFW you know their soft spot.

12. TFW the secret is messy.

13. TFW they did you dirty, literally.

14. TFW they’re throwing up smoke screens.

15. TFW they’ve built another life.

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