15 People Share The Craziest Things They’ve Seen At A Party

We’ve all been to an insane party a time or two in our lives. The best thing that can come of these situations is a great story. The worst thing that can come of them is being the main person in said stories. It’s definitely better  to be an observer when the horribly weird shit goes down. These 15 people were the lucky ones who left with a great but shitty story.


1. I like that they immediately saw a tail butt plug get shoved in an ass and were like ‘Let’s still give this a chance.’

Invited to a party by a Furry. We did know that she was a Furry. We didn’t know that it was a party for Furries. We get there and there’s a guy getting a tail butt plug put in to his ass in the middle of the floor, inches from people who aren’t paying attention to it at all. Those people were playing Magic the Gathering. The people in the back yard were playing with a high power lazer identifying stars. We didn’t stay long.

ihrie82 / Reddit.com

2. I mean most people hate that acoustic guitar guy, but this is a bit extreme.

Shortly after arriving at a party, the “sensitive guy with the acoustic guitar” shows up. 15 minutes later someone took the guitar and smashed him over the head with it, creating a large gash that bled profusely. The attacker then proceeded to run off into the night with the guitar and was never apprehended. It wasn’t a good night for the musician.

mc_squared_03 / Reddit.com

3. You thought your party sucked cuz someone stole your old iPod? This is lvl 100 thievery.

I’ve seen someone uninstall the sink of a bathroom at a house party back in high school. They brought their own tools and took the time doing so.


4. Everyone wants their first time to be memorable, but not THIS memorable.

Guy starts hooking up with a girl. He asks his roommate for condoms. This guy’s about to lose his virginity to this girl. Everyone’s happy for him. He goes into a room and starts going at it. One of his friends busts open the door and asks the girl if she wants a third. First guy’s screaming no. Girl says yes. So this guy’s first time, he’s having to share with another guy. At some point, a third guy enters. The entire party stops and everyone’s just watching these guys rail this girl. Eventually the first guy drops out and just sits down and watches while the other two guys bang the first girl he’s ever had sex with. Felt bad for him.

WasabiAndLime / Reddit.com

5. I’m not even sure how this would be played, but I commend you on your perverted creativity.

You’ve heard of strip poker? We were playing strip Red Rover. We were all in our 30’s. Sent one poor girl to the hospital with a busted knee.

fenterbug / Reddit.com

6. Wow OP delivered.

Saw a guy in a chippendales outfit attempt a backflip into a keg stand. Ended up cracking his back on the side of the keg and getting his thong stuck on the tap. All the ice water then started pouring into his exposed crotch…I still have a video if anyone wants a laugh

Made an Imgur just for you guys

XDarkSoraX / Reddit.com

7. Well this seems questionable.

3 guys tag teaming a 40 year old overweight woman who was married with children. And she was the manager at the local Domino’s.

DJHJR86 / Reddit.com

8. Your deck is now my deck.

Arrived late to a HS party. Walk up the driveway, to a chair being thrown out an upper floor window.

Walk in to a split entry, dudes are upstairs holding potted plants, dropping them onto the heads of anyone going downstairs.

Girl whose parents owned the house is passed out.

I go up, friend hands me a beer. Don’t even get a sip before cops are everywhere.

Ran out back, buddy hid the beer in a pile of firewood.

Walk around front, cop checks me out, but I am sober and had no booze on me. I drove my buddy’s car, we went for pancakes.

After we ate, we went back to get the beer. Someone had taken an axe and cut the deck off of the house.

We found our beer and hauled ass.

Monday morning, there was a huge investigation into who was at the party, trying to figure out who did the damage. 1990 was a simpler time.

AMMJ / Reddit.com

9. Damn not a single Scoob in the bunch.

A friend of mine did a scooby doo themed party where he dm’d people their costumes that they should wear. I got Shaggy. Simple enough, just a green shirt and brown pants. I walk in the door to the party, and am welcomed by the sight of 40 people, all dressed as Shaggy. It was glorious.


Nonstopbaseball826 / Reddit.com

10. Well this sounds positive.

I went with my girlfriend and her friends to what was later revealed to me as a gay frat house. My girlfriend went to the bathroom for a while and a bunch of dudes hit on me. I felt special. Nice guys.

bbddbdb / Reddit.com 

11. That’s a true friend that lets you barf in your face.

I once saw a friend attempt to chug a huge glass of beer and subsequently projectile vomit halfway through it directly into the face of another person. I saw the whole thing in profile view and to this day it is one of the highlights of my life. The vomitee didn’t even get mad. He was so drunk that he thought it was amazing too.

His__Dudeness_ / Reddit.com

12. Goddamn, kids are stupid.

Kids smoking a catnip joint.

The house owner was also selling rolls of toilet paper to the guests if they had to use the bathroom.

Copious-GTea / Reddit.com

13. At least he learned his lesson.

I was sitting on the roof and a guy said he wanted to dive through the window to get back into the house so he would look like james bond… He ran to the window, and dove… Right into a closed window. Cut his arm pretty bad and he just said “oh shit, i thought it was open. I should stop doing cocaine.”

SpectrumOfDeeznuts / Reddit.com

14. Butt chugging is no joke. It’s a way of life.

I thought butt chugging was just a joke from some Frat Bro Movie I’d never seen.

Nope, people do it. Voluntarily. Who aren’t pledges or rookies or in any way being hazed.

AppealToReason16 / Reddit.com

15. It will in fact be added to her tombstone one day.

Probably the girl with the four year old son who still breastfed him. She said she could squirt milk across the room, then proceeded to show us. I will forever know her as “Lactating Tracy”.

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