15 People Share The Deal Breakers That Made Them Immediately Lose Their Crushes On Someone


Crushes are—cue “Bohemian Rhapsody” voice—easy come easy go. As easy it is to get enamored with some, the crush can evaporate real quick. In the Reddit thread “What immediately made you lose a crush on someone?” people shared, well, what made them lose their crushes on someone.

Find out just how many of these dealbreakers you’re guilty of!

1. I hope you’re not reading this in front of _cluelessDev_.

Whenever we meet she would be constantly glued to her phone, which is kinda annoying considering she would often take a day or more to reply back to any messages.

So I try to keep my distance, but she would just randomly drop a text just to talk about the drama in her life and just generally complain about anything.

2. Highest_Cactus can’t wait.

Very recently, we made plans and she had to reschedule last minute. Three times. Within a week and a half.

3. Don’t litter in front of littlexclaws.

Threw his trash to the ground instead of waiting to find a trash can.


4. tatateemo is not a fan of when his porn comes to life.

She had sex with my sister.

5. mmhan91has been personally victimized by Regina George.

Found out she’s a drama queen and talks shit about her best friends behind their backs and act like the closest realest friends whenever they hangout together.


6. No denying Cpt_Incorrect made the right call.

She said she didn’t believe in the holocaust.

When I asked her why she didn’t believe it happened she responded with, “someone told me a really good reason once, but I don’t remember.” I am still dumbfounded to this day.

7. frenchbulldog22, is that you?

After several dates, he started to call me the wrong name.

8. Did BickNlinko date a Trump?

She insisted that rich people get to act like shitheads and treat other people like shit because they were rich. She was not a rich girl(she waited tables at the time). I asked her if she ever had rude customers and how that made her feel…she said it didn’t bother her as long as the people belittling her were rich…blew my mind.

9. Oh, no, anya_darling. Call the police.

Me, 18: “Are you sure I’m not too young for you?”

Him, 29: “Don’t worry about that. I’ve dated younger.”

10. r0manholiday is no backup.

When we hooked up and I told him I had no idea he liked me too, and he responded by telling me he thought my friend was a bit too out of his league.


11. lateralmoves made their decision for them.

When they couldn’t “decide” between me and someone else. Duces!

12. mrTALKINGDUCK with the right usage of “f**k.”

She was horrible to the bartender because she felt her drink was a little watered down. After she loudly berated the poor girl, she had the balls to turn to me and whine that the bartender seemed frustrated by her. Fuck that girl (not literally). I bailed after the first drink and left the bartender an apology note and a large tip for the trouble.

13. A gang of kids actually killed his entire family, pegem.

Dude was super mean about kids. He just couldn’t keep in a nasty comment whenever he saw one in public. I’m talking very uncomfortable, sometimes violent comments, then he’d look at me like he was expecting me to laugh at what he’s said.

I think he was just being edgy but it creeped me out. Like I get not liking kids just fine but holy hell, did one kill your father or something?

14. Better off a cat lady, not-a-tapir.

He said he hated cats. Not just disliked them, hated them. He said he sped up when he saw them crossing the road.

15. I_like_tangos also likes showers.

Crush 1: I realized that her voice sounded like my mother’s;

Crush 2: gorgeous, green eyed blonde, but as we went out sometimes, she lied too much and was far from bright;

Crush 3: hid a kid from me;

Crush 4: I found out that she didn’t shower very often. This one is by far the hardest turn-off of all.

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