15 People Share The Weirdest Things They’ve Seen In Someone’s Home And We Are Disturbed

“A large, upright stuffed beaver, so he can “pet his beaver” anytime while sitting in the laz-e-boy.” — mary.a.y

“A bathroom full of clown dolls and figurines…” — seegrums

“A fruitcake which was shared from family member to family member over the span of thirty Christmases” — b_e.a.s.y

“At 14 years old, found a cucumber with nails sticking out of it like negans bat, in a drawer, next to my Buddy’s Nan’s bed..” — catchinlooks

“A bunch of pictures of Cher and Nazi daggers on the wall. Also they had a legit cemetery in their back yard.” — fakejoshkrafft

“A frozen owl in my ex mother inlaws freezer. I hear it’s still there and has been for I er 20 years.” — hemphire

“A fn row of airplane seats. Complete w fold out trays and seat belts. We would use them to put our drunk friends it when they were done. We would seat belt them in and keep partying lol” — jespaza

“As a contractor you see many different homes. Usually it is just normal stuff. The one time that always makes me cringe is the single guy that had a room full of dolls. Old creepy dolls in cases, a few barbie dolls, and a few full size doll heads on the coffee table, next to the biggest bottle of lube you have ever seen. Still creeps me out just thinking about it today.” — jmchenry19

“A saved pregnancy test from 5 years prior..” — pawleysgal

“My kids make me keep our Halloween decorations out year round. My 4 year old keeps a creepy hairy crow by her bed.” — unstoppablegrace

“A friend always had this shoe box sitting on their TV. “What’s in that?” I asked. “Nails.” They said. For years I thought it was the kind you hammered. When I was helping them move, I took the box off the TV and opened it to find it full of finger and toe nail clippings.” — kukla_37

“literally a fuckin squirrel nailed to an X like it was about to be flayed by the Ramsay Bolton. It was a girl I was kind of seeing at the time. I went to visit her (lived in different cities) and it was hanging on the wall above her staircase going up to her room.” — not_born_in_august

“A wharthog’s ass mounted to the wall with a pipe coming out the anus where the booze is pumped through.” — dian_fromfire

“An 80 year old man with a flogger on the back of his door next to his bright neon orange wingtip dress shoes.” — marii_manzana


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