15 People Who Totally Think They Took A Photo With A Celeb

15 People Who Totally Think They Took A Photo With A Celeb

When I was a kid, I got to see my beloved Pittsburgh Penguins play a hockey game. During a break in the action I looked up at the owner’s box, and there was my hero, Penguins legend Mario Lemieux! I told my uncle, he immediately started yelling Mario’s name, and soon our whole section was chanting “MA-RI-OOOOOO!” in unison. It was amazing.

We finally got his attention. He turned to wave to us, and we all realized it wasn’t Mario. Not even close.

So I can understand how some people might mistake a random person for their favorite celebrity. You get a glimpse of what you think is your idol and the rational part of your brain just shuts down. Here are 15 people who thought they met a celebrity, only to wind up sorely disappointed.

1. Not George Clooney

2. Not Macklemore

3. Not Johnny Depp

4. Not Reese Witherspoon

5. Not Chris Pratt

6. Not Bill Murray

7. Not Jake Gyllenhaal (Fake Gyllenhaal?)

8. Not Mike Tyson

9. Not Seth Rogen

10. Not Matthew McConaughey

11. Not Joseph Gordon-Levitt

12. Not Bono

13. Not Ed Sheeran

14. Not Hugh Laurie

15. Not George R. R. Martin




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