15 Perfect Internet Reactions To Disney Buying Fox

15 Perfect Internet Reactions To Disney Buying Fox –


You might have heard by now that Disney is finalizing its purchase of 21st Century Fox — specifically its entertainment rights to franchises like X-Men, Deadpool, Avatar, Alien, Predator and The Simpsons. On a base level it is chilling to see Disney consume yet another mega-property as we inevitably hurtle towards a dystopian future with one mega-corporation controlling a bland monoculture of every property known to man. But also the Avengers get to fight the X-Men now, so the internet has some memes.

1. Many have made the observation that Disney buying up all these entertainment properties is a lot like Thanos collecting Infinity Stones


2. Fans have already started mocking up posters mixing up the Avengers and X-Men universes

via Kevin_from_work

3. As usual, The Simpsons did this first


4. Fox stars like Ryan Reynolds are having some fun with the news


5. It’s really odd to think about a family-friendly company like Disney owning R-rated franchises like Alien


6. I don’t think I can argue with this logic

via katnotcat

7. This is a joke, but now part of me would be disappointed if The Simpsons WEREN’T in Kingdom Hearts



8. Something about Disney sucking up every corporation lends itself really well to supervillain memes

9. Here’s hoping Disney starts up an R-rated Marvel line (Marvel MAX?) for stuff like Deadpool

10. Disney doesn’t quite have the rights to EVERY Marvel character — there are still a few exceptions

11. Simpsons jokes about Disney look a little bit different these days

12. It’s easy to forget just how much Disney bought — for instance, now they own the rights to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

13. I think we should probably start looking at old Simpsons episodes a little more closely

14. The unstoppable mega-corporation reality seems a little more realistic now than when Disney bought Marvel all those years ago

15. As unsettling as this impending entertainment monopoly might be, it’s tough to suppress the excitement for movie possibilities



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