15 Photos Ariana Grande Does Not Want You To See

15 Photos Ariana Grande Does Not Want You To See


Ariana Grande, who gave the world “Break Free” and “Love Me Harder” and once came on stage sucking a pacifier and wearing cutesy “Cat” ears, just won Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards. Everyone, except Lindsay Lohan, who said she was wearing too much makeup, loved the grown up bump n’ grind routine she did alongside Nicki Minaj.

The former Nickelodeon teenage star of Sam and Cat and Victorious fame became America’s sweetheart, the very essence of the wholesome little girl next door. Well, maybe. Maybe not. Some say that the public Ariana is a very different creature from the real, private one. There is plenty of talk of diva fits, unreasonable lists of demands and heavy handed staff members. Then there was that picture with (is that?) a s*x toy, not to mention that outrageous video of her… Hang on. We’ll get to that. And what about that Vimeo series with a nasty, self-absorbed singer named Gloriana? And Perez Hilton? He had a lot of dirt to dish. Has Ariana matured as she has aged, or has she remained permanently stuck in the terrible twos? Depends on who you talk to.

Read on and learn about 15 pictures she doesn’t want to world to see and behavior that may shock even her biggest fans.

15. More Demands Than The President?


Most celebrities have “teams” that travel with them that smooth the way. And Ariana Grande has her team. But, reports from that 2014 Australian trip paint a story of Ariana talking down to people, while her team bullied press and photographers alike. And her list of demands? The Australian version of the list, reported by Perez Hilton, is staggering: Don’t ask about relationships/dating/ex-boyfriends. Don’t ask about Mariah Carey (WTF?). Don’t ask about Jennette McCurdy (we get that one). Forget asking about Justin Bieber. Don’t use natural light. Only shoot her from the left. So, like what is there left to talk about, the weather? Okay. All of that sounds a bit much. But what about the New York Daily News story that claimed that Ari demands to be carried like a baby when she is tired. Hey, there are a number of Instagram posts to back that one up. “Long shoot day yesterday, couldn’t walk or keep my eyes open by the time we finished.” And the picture to prove it. It’s tough at the top.

14. The Hacker Convicted And Still She Denies It


Okay. This is confusing. Every time a nude shot of a young woman that sites claim is Ariana Grande hits the Internet, two things happen. Firstly, the Internet breaks down. Secondly, Ariana denies it. She takes to social media and perhaps protests too much?

There were those pictures in the shower and another nude profile shot with a cat in the background, that many said looked suspiciously like Ariana’s cat. Still Ariana protested: Not me. Not my cat. So, why did Fox News run the story of thirty-something computer hacker Ryan Collin, being convicted for hacking into her account and stealing nude pictures? And we quote: “Lancaster, Pa., man was sentenced to 18 months in prison on charges of hacking into celebrity email accounts and obtaining nude photographs of Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Kate Upton and others”. But, are we talking the cat picture, the shower picture, both or neither? And, trust us, there are a lot of them out there. See, confusing.

13. Little Girl Dresses And Rumors Of “Hard Partying”


“Ariana Grande’s Cocaine Use at Party Exposed by Perez Hilton” was the headline that Celebrity Dirty Laundry went with. Seems ever-toxic Hollywood gossip guru Hilton, had taken to Twitter to express his “concern” for Ariana after “somebody” told him she was seen using cocaine at a party. Concern? Who is he kidding? At the time, she was said to be friendlier with Justin Bieber and everybody knows what he gets up to at parties. Some said Ariana claimed Hilton was trying to hurt her because she shot down his ambition to manage her. Doesn’t sound quite right to us, Ariana. Anyway, she got lawyered up and threatened to sue Hilton big time. Only thing is, nothing seemed to have happened after that. No reports of any suit being filed. So, we wonder. We also wonder why a twenty-two year old woman has a little-girl dress and slippers?

12. Gloriana Hits Vimeo


From 2013 through 2014, Sam and Cat aired on Nickelodeon. Sam was played by Jennette McCurdy and our Ariana was Cat Valentine. It was predictable fare, with streetwise Sam saving naive Cat from one scrape after another. But that was then and this is now. McCurdy’s Vimeo video show, What’s Next For Sarah? is about a TV star named Sarah, whose show gets cancelled. Hence the question: “what next?” She’s traumatized because nobody seems to want her around any more. Enter her friend “Gloriana”, complete with pussycat bows in her hair, a self-absorption that would put a beauty queen to shame and an insensitivity that is monumental. Gloriana talks about herself and how well she is doing non-stop, as poor Sarah seems on the verge of crumbling.

Oh yeah, McCurdy has talked about a former BFF who is a leech. No prizes for guessing who Gloriana really is…

11. Big Sean And Her “Billion Dollar… “


Now, the list of Ariana Grande boyfriends is long. Apparently she is a very popular girl with the guys. For a time, she was all loved up with rapper Big Sean. They performed together and did cute posts making fun of the fact he was older than Ariana. Like I had to take away her Barbies… You know the kind of thing. Reportedly, even her mother, Joan Grande, thought the relationship was great. Everything seemed all nice and cozy for Arisean until Sean penned a song called “Stay Down”, that talked about her “billion dollar p***y”. Got it? Well, so did Ariana. Adios Big Sean. On to another Mr. Maybe. And then the next one. And then the next one…

Rule number one: Never date a singer who writes songs. You end up in them one way or another. Remember that Taylor Swift/Kanye West spat?

10. ‘Donutgate’ And A Fall From Grace

In 2015, there was no other celebrity out there with such an unblemished, feel-good vibe as Ariana Grande. And then came “Donutgate”. A video captured Ariana standing at the counter in a donut shop, with her then-boyfriend Ricky Alvarez, at her side. In front of her are trays of donuts. And, while the donut shop employee is otherwise engaged, she licks the donuts on display. No, she doesn’t buy them. She just licks them. Both she and Ricky think the whole thing is just too hilarious. But not for long. When the video went viral, Ariana was slammed, called immature, selfish and uncaring. There was even a police investigation. For what, assault on a donut? It was one of the few times she has owned up and taken responsibility, sort of. Her apology was all about her: How rough it was, how she was in “wisdom tooth” hell, how that wasn’t the real her. Fans turned on her, disappointed at what some said was her spoiled brat behavior. Had it been Miley Cyrus and we would have all not been surprised. But nice little Ariana? Read on.

9. I Hate Americans. I Hate America


Back to that donut shop. Okay, Ariana was already is deep poop for licking those donuts. Then she and the boyfriend put on a major PDA scene. And, to top the day off, Ariana was heard ranting: “I hate Americans. I hate America”.

Now, if the donuts were bad, the America crack was like a bomb exploding in her face. The All-American, goody two shoes, dress-like-a-little-girl Grande hit tabloid hell with those six little words. Fans were up in arms. Journalists pointed out that America and her many American fans had made her rich. And to top it all off, a gig at Obama’s White House was cancelled in the wink of an eye. From darling to devil. Ariana excuses alert: She said she was talking about the fast food industry and the lousy diet of donut chomping, milkshake slurping Americans.

8. Diva Fits All Over The Place


We’ll pass over those rumors of diva behavior on Sam and Cat. And stories of her cold shouldering fans who had won a contest to meet her. In this tale, Gloriana, no, Ariana, was down in Australia in 2014 for a photoshoot. Now, our girl has some pretty inflexible ideas about what a photographer can and can’t do when shooting her.

Australian photographer Chris Pavlich, complained that Grande wanted only to be filmed from her left side (her “good side” she thinks) and refused to be photographed from her right side. When he reportedly took some shots from that angle, she demanded in no uncertain terms that he delete them. Maddeningly, she checked every single frame. And when he said no, she stormed out and cancelled the shoot.

Ariana excuses alert: No, she went on Australian radio to say, how dare the world accuse me, Ariana, of not being nice? She had only left the room to change her top and the photography was the one who legged it. Right. Only thing was during that interview she was channeling Gloriana, not Ariana. Aha!

7. Is That A “Toy” In The Background?


She’s her own worst enemy. What 21-year-old woman dresses like a school girl, pretends to be all sweetness and light and takes a selfie with what appears to be a s*x toy on the floor of her bedroom? Had she grown-up her image faster, a lot of the hassles she had would have never happened. Her image and the realities of her life were clearly at odds. In 2013, Rolling Stone pointed to that “s*x toy” selfie as one of the most memorable of the year for Grande. Of course, the story broke the Internet. And of course, a few days later, after figuring out a cover story, she let the world know it was just a power strip. Oh, that’s a relief! Not exactly…

6. Justin Bieber And A Bit Of Groping


We’re going back to a time when Big Sean and Ariana Grande were an item. And she and Justin Bieber were sometimes friends and sometime not friends. So, when Biebs showed up at an Ariana Grande show and took to the stage, everybody wondered what would happen next. Well, what happened next was embarrassing for Grande and rage-inducing for Big Sean. Bieber was all over her as she tried to sing, groping her, hugging her, nuzzling her neck and shoulder. From Canada, Big Sean hit out with a post he later deleted. Oh, yes, Justin and Ariana were, according to the rapper, just good friends. Some wonder to this day. Are we talking friends with benefits, or not?

5. The Accidental Instagram Video


A couple of years ago, Ariana Grande was knocking around with singer/actress pal Elizabeth Gillies and they did a little selfie video. So? Well it was a Grande video, in every sense of the word. They lip locked big time. Then it got posted to Ariana’s Instagram account. No, she didn’t deny it was her (for a change), but she did say (on Twitter, her favorite excuse venue of choice) that she had been messing around with editing the video and posted it accidentally. This came out about the same time as a photoshoot for magazine where Ariana did the unthinkable and writhed around on satin sheets wearing only a lace corset. But the BFF lip lock pales into insignificance alongside the nearly five minute (of course videoed) smooch with Nathan Sykes. You can find it on YouTube.

4. Diva Fits Two, Three, Four And Five And…


The Daily Mail labeled her a “pop tart” and too big for her boots a couple of years back. Why? On a visit to a New York radio station, she stopped outside to sign autographs for eager fans. She was “all smiles until she got into the elevator”, when she reportedly said she wished her fans would “f*cking die”. Then TV presenter Giuliana Rancic weighed in, saying the “Dangerous Woman” singer had elbowed her out of the way at the AMAs. She dissed our little pint-sized pop tart, saying “I just felt like it’s one thing if it’s Mariah” (Carey), and that Gloriana had been way out of line.

It gets worse: A month before, the paper reported she had been a “total nightmare” at a Stand Up to Cancer event in Los Angeles, refusing to have individual pictures taken with fans who had paid $495 to have the snaps taken with their favorite warbler. And then there’s the screaming, yelling fit she pitched after she fell off a stage… We could go on, but you get the idea.

3. A Spot Of Plagiarism


In 2015, Ariana Grande’s song “One Last Time” topped the charts. But wait a minute. Was it really her song? Canadian Alex Greggs, claims she stole, plagiarized, lifted his 2012 Skye Stevens song “Takes All Night”. And in the summer of 2016, he filed a lawsuit. According to, documents filed claimed that the two songs are so similar, that “it is highly likely the works were not created independently of one another”. And Greggs’ song is the one that came first. The suit accuses Grande and her producer David Guetta, of flat out stealing “Takes All Night.” What does Greggs want? That’s easy. Money. Lots and lots of money.


Ariana Grande has “been with”, dated, had relationships with lots and lots of guys. Like put Taylor Swift in the shade kind of numbers. And she also has a tendency to dump boyfriends. We can understand the Big Sean thing. After all, those lyrics are pretty out there. But in the wake of ‘Donutgate’, she dumped her then-boyfriend Ricky Alvarez, saying she needed to clean up her act. WTF? She started the donut licking and she came out with the “hate America” quote. Poor old Ricky was just along for the ride. And she dumped her manager Scooter Braun, as well. And he wasn’t even there. Like it was his fault and not hers. And when she left boyfriend Jai Brooks for The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes, Brooks took to Twitter to let the world know Ariana had cheated on him with Sykes. Well, it was more of a long, extended rant. Now she and Sykes are history and she’s with… somebody else.

1. Oops! She Did It Again


It seems like yesterday, she came on stage with those irritating “Cat” ears, sucking a pacifier. And now, thankfully, we have gone all adult. There are many great AG wardrobe malfunctions. Favorites include a black lace number with a nude cr*otch, the awkward dancing around a stage with a coat half on and half off, the little black and white number that was so short many got to glimpse some bits they weren’t meant to see. But our clear favorite is this cheeky (sorry!) little picture that reveals a very adult black thong and a perky backside. It wasn’t a wardrobe malfunction, but we also enjoyed the video of her falling off a stage. Too bad they didn’t catch the Gloriana rant that followed. See, with our Ariana, some uncharitable sorts say it’s just always somebody else’s fault.


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