Are These 15 Photos Captured Of Ghostly Figures Real Or Fake?

Few things relating to the supernatural spark debates as pictures of ghosts do. If you have the Internet, at some point, you must’ve come across a photograph someone claims was taken of a real ghost. And while it is hard–perhaps even impossible–to prove that a ghostly figure appearing in a picture is an entity from the great beyond, there are a few pictures scattered around the web that are as tough to prove false as they would be to prove true.

With that line of thought in mind, we can easily separate the two sides of people who argue about these pictures. There are those folks who believe an image is false until it is proven true. And there are those individuals who claim a picture is true until it is proven false. The question we pose to you is we would like to know which side of the spectrum you belong to. Do you believe ghosts can be caught by sudden snapshots of haunted places? Do you think ghosts even exist? Or do you simply believe that these pictures are hoaxes put on the web to scare or give hope to people who should be more focused on the reality in front of them than chasing unproven fantasies?

We are here to put some more fuel into this debate and show some images that could make the eyes of a believer shine or the eyes of a nonbeliever roll. Here’s the background and here are the pictures. What do you think? Are these 15 photos captured of ghostly figures real or fake?

15. Always Check Your Backseat

This is one ghostly image that will change your habits for the rest of your life. That is unless you already have the habit of checking out your backseat before getting into the car. It was only some time after this photo was taken on March 22 of 1959 that the husband of Mrs. Mabel Chinnery would come to realize that he might not have been alone inside their car after a visit to his mother-in-law’s grave at a cemetery in the town of Ipswich in England. It goes without saying that cemeteries are by far the most commonplace for people to claim they have seen ghosts, and images like this are not great at easing the minds of folks who are scared of such things.

To make matters even worse, Mrs. Chinnery claimed that the spot where that haunting is sitting inside the couple’s car is the exact spot where her mother always sat when she went out for drives with the family.

14. Wild West Ghost

In perhaps one of the oddest pictures on this list, Terry Ike Clanton decided to take a photograph of his friend near Boothill Cemetery in Tombstone, Arizona.

The picture might seem older because of the Old West garments the man is wearing and the fact that the photo is black and white, but according to Clanton, they took the picture like that because his friend wanted some old West-looking pictures of himself dressed in the fashion of the 1880’s. Also according to Clanton, there was nobody else in the graveyard at the time, which made for a terrifying surprise when they spotted a person who seems to have no legs coming out of a grave amid the foliage behind Clanton’s friend.

The first doubt that comes to our minds is that this picture has to have been either staged or tampered with. Nevertheless, the gentlemen involved swear that this was not a staged picture. And if they’re telling the truth, we would strongly advise people to steer clear of that cemetery.

13. Children Are Scary

It doesn’t matter if it is in a horror movie or supposedly in the real world. Anything that involves children and the supernatural is terrifying. Any horror film you watch in which there are ghosts of children, or zombie children, or children of the corn, or any kind of children who have the potential of killing you is terrifying. We don’t know why, but somehow, the prospect of something as innocent as a child wanting to kill you is enough to flick a switch in an adult’s brain.

Photographer Tony O’Rahilly likely felt the cold shivers running up his spine when he took a second look at this photograph he snapped of the Wem Town Hall in England as the building burned down in 1995. When he inspected the photo, he saw that a little girl was peeking at him from the burning building. And now we ask you: How can a man sleep after seeing something like that?

12. Railroad Trouble

Railroad crossings by themselves are already scary places. Just think back to the amount of times you have seen in movies or read in books that someone trying to cross a railroad ended up getting hit by a train. Not only movies, but this also has to have happened before in real life, which gives some sort of credibility for when people try to argue that there are ghosts haunting railroad crossings. You know, individuals who lost their lives in freak accidents involving trains. The problem, however, is that there are almost too many urban legends involving railroad crossings, which makes it hard to tell if a ghost like this one could be real or just another clever hoax.

This picture was taken by the daughter of Andy and Debi Chesney, who had taken an interest in the phenom of railroad crossing ghosts. After taking several photos, the woman was surprised to find that in one of them, she caught what seems to be a ghostly silhouette of a lady standing by the side of the railroad crossing.

11. Haunted Church

Churches are a place for praying and in some way trying to reach out to an entity that lives in the great beyond. It wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to guess that churches could be places to which ghosts are drawn. In many churches, people are taken in to receive their last rites and for family members and friends to say their final goodbyes.

In this 1982 photograph by Chris Brackley, a ghost didn’t seem to have quite understood what a final goodbye meant and hung around the church for a while longer. This was taken inside St. Botolph’s Church in London. When he took the picture, Chris did not realize or even sense the figure that his lenses caught lurking on the loft of the second floor. To make the story even scarier, it seems someone who worked at a restoration in the church’s crypt contacted Chris and told him that in the crypt, there was a woman who looked like the figure in his photo.

10. Credibility

What would give a spiritualist more credibility than a ghost appearing next to him in a picture taken during a spiritualist convention? This happened to Robert A. Ferguson during a 1968 Spiritualist convention in Los Angeles. Ferguson was up at the podium speaking to the audience when something strange transpired.

During Ferguson’s speech, somebody snapped this picture of the speaker and later discovered something that, to someone attending that convention, would be a fascinating appearance next to the speaker. After the photo was developed and the non-corporeal figure next to Ferguson was revealed, the picture was taken to the man himself, who identified the ghostly figure as being his brother, Walter.

Walter Ferguson was a World War II combatant who died during the war in 1944. And despite claims that the picture was a hoax or trickery, the fact that it was a Polaroid makes it hard to prove that this was not Walter Ferguson listening to his brother’s speech.

9. Haunted Pizza Place

If you found out that your local pizza joint was haunted, would that make you order more pizza from there or less?

The customers of Godfather’s Pizza in Ogden, Utah had to make such a decision when some weird stuff happened at the pizza place between 1999 and 2000. According to the investigation conducted by Utah Paranormal Exploration and Research, the owner of the pizza place reported that there had been supernatural activity at the site for 18 years before the investigation began.

It was more than once that people in the restaurant reported doors swinging and banging. Some customers and staff even claimed that they saw fully formed ghosts that disappeared as they walked through walls. At some point, someone saw when “an entire box worth of 3-foot replacement fluorescent light bulbs levitated, then hurtled through the air and smashed on the floor.” And the weirdest of it all, the investigators said that faces and hand prints appeared inside the pans where cookies had just been baked.

8. When You’d Rather Take The Elevator

England seems like a good spot to be if you’re a ghost. At least if we consider the amount of paranormal pictures that have been taken there in proportion to the size of Britain. This one particular picture was taken by retired Canadian reverend, Ralph Hardy. Hardy and his wife were visiting the Maritime Museum in Greenwich when he took a picture of the beautiful Tulip staircase in the Queen’s House section of the museum. Hardy picked his spot and snapped the photograph.

Since this happened back in 1966, a time before smartphones and selfies, it was only after they developed the film that Hardy spotted a strange figure in his photograph. The figure that seems to be a man holding on to the railing of the staircase has yet to be explained by specialists, who can neither confirm it was a ghost nor deny that assumption. According to the museum’s website, Hardy’s photograph was not the only odd thing that happened in the museum, as a few employees had also encountered a strange figure in 2002.

7. Baby Ghost

If there is one good advice we would give our dear readers after writing this list, it’s that you should refrain from taking pictures of graves. This might be all superstition, but how would you feel if something similar to what happened to Mrs. Andrews happened to you?

This Australian woman from Queensland was visiting her daughter’s grave back in the mid to late 1940’s. After paying her respects to her deceased daughter, who unfortunately passed away a year before the photograph was taken, Mrs. Andrews snapped a picture of her daughter’s grave. When the photo was developed, she had to face an astounding appearance. Apparently sitting on top of her daughter Joyce’s grave, was a little child who is creepily staring at the camera. And if this has not sent enough shivers up your spine, an investigator looking into the picture later visited the cemetery and found the graves of two infant girls near Joyce’s grave.

6. The Pink Lady Of Greencastle

Guy Winters was someone with a knack for the supernatural. This is a guy who supposedly spent several trips going around Indiana investigating haunted houses and cemeteries where ghosts had appeared, as well as all other kinds of supernatural activity. And, as it is with many things, if you look hard enough, you might eventually find what you are looking for. Guy Winters found what he was looking for when he investigated the O’Hare Mansion in Greencastle, Indiana.

Along with his good friend, Terry, Guy went about finding the alleged ghost of the O’Hare Mansion. The two of them went to the mansion to investigate and in one night, experienced so much paranormal activity that they ran away from the house. After analyzing the footage and pictures they got from that night, Guy and Terry found out they had caught what seemed like a ghost in a picture. And after they had experts analyze the photograph, what was already a scary photo became a much more terrifying one.

5. The White Lady

There is an old legend in Britain that pertains to an entity known as The White Lady. It is believed that when people are in need of healing, a woman’s ghost referred to as The White Lady appears and aids that person. And despite what skeptics think might be the case in this picture, Diane Berthelot of Norfork, England believed that when she was sitting on a bench at the Worsted Church back in 1975, the strange entity that appeared in the picture her husband took while she was praying was The White Lady.

Diane had no idea about the legend until she and her husband took this picture to the church’s reverend after neither of them recognized the figure sitting behind Diane. Once the reverend told them the tale of the healing ghost, Diane remembered that she was ill when the photograph was taken. She even said that looking at the picture sent a calming sensation through her body for quite some time.

4. The Newby Church Ghost

A dark figure staring directly at someone who is taking a picture is exactly what most skeptics would promptly claim characterizes a staged picture; perhaps even a clever way of creating a double exposure event to make a figure seem like a ghost in a picture. And yet, despite what seems like a slam dunk for a skeptic, this picture taken in 1963 by Reverend K. F. Lord at North Yorkshire’s Newby Church in England has been studied by several experts. None of whom could confirm that the strange figure in the photograph resulted from a double exposure, and therefore could not say for sure that this wasn’t a ghost.

According to the Lord, there was nobody near him when he took that picture of his church’s altar. And it seems like it would be bad propaganda for a church to have a picture of something that seems shrouded in darkness rather than light being linked to the institution.

3. The Shining

Have you ever read The Shining? You know, that terrifying novel that solidified Stephen King as one of the greatest horror writers in history. Perhaps you have seen the movie, which might not have been as scary as the book, but still portrayed a good deal of how horrifying that story of addiction and lunacy was.

If your answer was yes to either of those, the odds are high that people have either read some of Stephen King’s books or watched a few of the adaptations of his stories. And while most of the adaptations were not as great as the novels, the people whose only experience with King’s stories come from the movies should also feel very curious about how the king of horror comes up with the stories he puts on paper.

Look no further because this is the Stanley Hotel, which supposedly inspired King to write The Shining. And looking at this photo taken by a few guests of the hotel, you might wonder if some force from the other side like this possible ghost could have influenced King.

2. The Brown Lady

The photo of The Brown Lady might just be the most famous and notorious photographic image of a ghost ever to be documented. It was in September of 1936 when Captain Provand and Indre Shira were assigned to take photographs of a place called the Raynham Hall in Norfork, England. The assignment was issued by Country Life magazine, and the two photographers went to the home and did the job they were expected to do. The one unexpected incident of that job, however, was only discovered when the film was developed. Some may say it was nothing but a problem with the camera or the film, but one photo of a staircase in Raynham Hall seems to show the silhouette of a woman.

According to the legend, the spirit pictured in this ghastly photo is the ghost of Dorothy Townshend, the wife of Charles Townshend, the second Viscount of Raynham. According to British legal records, Dorothy died in 1726.

1. The WWI Ghost

Most of the ghost sightings around the world are concentrated in places where there has been some kind of carnage; either a murder or a tragedy, something that would tie the spirits of those who passed away to a place and keep them from going to the great beyond, or wherever you believe we go after we die. It follows that war zones would be the most common places for restless spirits to gather. The amount of death that occurred during a war could very well be enough to tie down spirits to a location if we are to believe that is what spirits do.

This photo taken in 1919 is an enigma to this day. The reason behind that is that the man you see lurking behind one of the soldiers of Sir Victor Goddard’s World War I squadron is a man by the name of Freddie Jackson. According to the legend, Mr. Jackson was killed in an accident days before this picture was taken.



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