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15 Photos Of A-List Celebs During Their Fat Phase

15 Photos Of A-List Celebs During Their Fat Phase

When it comes to weight gain for the world’s favorite celebrities, sometimes the criticism can be seen as overly harsh. Yet, the public has a certain expectation amongst their celebrities since it seems like they have no possible reason to be out of shape. From personal trainers to nutritionists to assistants to help with meal planning, it can be hard for people to comprehend how a celebrity could become overweight. Oftentimes, the opportunities for new roles and endorsement deals depend heavily on their physical appearance so it’s almost in their job description to maintain a certain weight. However, there are still a number of reasons why a celebrity might have a moment or two where they’re not in their peak physical form.

While there are celebrities that are able to inexplicably bounce back after child birth, there are still those that find it difficult to regain their physique after having children. Other celebrities seem to have become compliant after many years of marriage and still others have gained weight due to their increasing age. Whatever the case, there have been a plethora of celebrities that have shocked the public due to their weight gain. Since many people tend to remember their favorite celebrities from a particular movie, TV role or era in their musical careers, it can be difficult to see them when they look so completely different from their former look. Check out our list of the 15 photos of A-list celebrities during their fat phase and see how some of the rich and famous have had weight struggles over the years.

15.  Jessica Simpson

When Jessica Simpson became the world’s favorite reality star during her time on Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, she had already gained a huge fanbase due to her status as a pop star. The fact that the reality series brought furthered attention to her quirky personality only helped to increase her likability with the public. During the height of her fame, she got a role on the big screen in the film adaptation of The Dukes of Hazard in 2005. While preparing for her role, Simpson got into the best shape of her life and made sure her Daisy Duke performance was ultra-memorable. Since many fans remember her from her Daisy Duke days, seeing her in a much larger state was a bit harder to stomach. As a wife and mother, it shouldn’t have drawn so much criticism when she would fluctuate in weight. Yet, photos of her during her infamous “Mom Jeans” performance were difficult for her to overcome.

14. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato first became known to audiences as a Disney star but quickly transitioned to become a celebrated music artist and television personality. When she first started out as a pop star, she had an ultra-trim physique. However, there were a myriad of personal issues going on behind the scenes and she ultimately revealed that she had been struggling with eating disorders and mental health issues since she was 12-years-old. She ultimately received help for her eating disorders, bipolar disorder and her cutting issues. On the road to wellness, she underwent some extreme ups and downs in her weight. At her heaviest, she was extremely criticized for her size but soon she became a champion for women being confident in their own skin. She even posed completely nude and free of any Photoshop for a pictorial spread and many thought of it as an ultra-brave move that proved her beauty at a healthier weight.

13. Kate Winslet

Although Kate Winslet had starred in a number of roles on the big screen and television over the years, it wasn’t until her appearance as Rose DeWitt Bukater in the 1997 film, Titanic, that fans truly became acquainted with her stellar acting skills. However, this was also the time when the biggest criticisms came regarding her weight. Many felt that she was far too large in the film and criticized that she should lose some weight as a Hollywood actress. Winslet ultimately lost a huge amount of weight since her appearance in Titanic and is now thought of as quite thin. She has also since changed her hair color to blonde and is known as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses. By normal standards, her weight during the Titanic years was more than just adequate, especially since she looked stunning during the nude scene where she posed for her portrait.

12.  Britney Spears

When Britney Spears was first introduced as an up-and-coming pop star, she was seen as a fresh-faced beauty that had the world at her feet. As her star began to rise, the public became even more obsessed with her. From her romance with Justin Timberlake to the variety of music videos that showed her as the sexiest pop star in the music industry, Spears had set the bar high in regards to her public persona. Yet, after a series of tabloid-worthy headlines and a meltdown or two, Spears was in desperate need of a comeback moment. In 2007, Spears was invited to perform at the VMAs and the result was far from appealing. She was hugely criticized for her incredible weight gain and the criticism continued after a number of similar photos were revealed, showing a much heavier Spears on stage.

11.  Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is known for being one of the hottest men in Hollywood and has quickly become a heartthrob due to some of his most memorable films. Women all over the world fell in love with his carpenter character from The Notebook and undoubtedly, they all hoped that he would continue looking the same way in regards to his physique. However, Gosling is known for choosing roles that will help him grow as an actor and isn’t always concerned with whether or not it is a big budget Hollywood film. When he was cast in the role of the grieving father in The Lovely Bones, Gosling reportedly felt that the character would have probably gained some weight after dealing with the stress of losing his child. However, once Peter Jackson caught wind of his acting choice, he was quickly removed from the project and replaced with Mark Wahlberg. Gosling has since lost the weight and hopefully learned his lesson.

10.  Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer is an actor that first became known as a Hollywood actor in the 1980s. He was featured in a series of hit films, from Top Gun to Willow. He continued his success as an actor throughout the ‘90s and held onto his physique for quite some time. However, he spent some time out of the limelight after experiencing a slump in his acting career and the paparazzi began releasing some shocking photos of his weight gain. From photos of him on the beach that made him look like a beached whale to red carpet photos that showed off his double chin, it was extremely surprising to see his transformation. After a lot of criticism, Kilmer ultimately lost all the weight but then was criticized again for supposedly losing too much weight. It seems that the public is never fully satisfied when it comes to the look of their favorite celebrities.

9.  Chris Pratt

Although Chris Pratt had been in a number of films and television shows during the early part of his acting career, he was nowhere near the star he is now. He married actress, Anna Faris, in 2009 and for quite some time he was only known as her plus-one on the red carpet. While she was in her heyday as a hot blonde in Hollywood, he was in the background as her overweight husband. However, all that changed once Pratt lost a massive amount of weight and began to transform his look befitting a Hollywood leading man. Nowadays, he is the main breadwinner as a celebrated film star but Faris is still holding her own as an actress since she’s been on the hit sitcom, Mom, since 2013.

8.  Patricia Arquette

Patricia Arquette is an actress that first got her start on the big screen in the late 1980s. She is a highly respected actress that has been in a number of memorable films and even won an Academy Award for her role as Olivia Evans in the 2014 film, Boyhood. Yet, she’s known best by many of her fans because of her various roles on television. Whether it was her role on Medium or through her brief time on Boardwalk Empire, fans all have their favorite roles for Arquette over the years. However, fans also know that Arquette tends to go up and down in weight. There were years where people hailed her amazing physique and others where she went through some major weight loss but it seems like her overweight phase have been more prolonged and frequent in recent years.

7.  Kelly Clarkson

When Kelly Clarkson was first introduced to the world, she was just another young hopeful trying to use American Idol as a platform to getting into the music industry. After winning Season 1, Clarkson went on to be a huge star and had memorable hits like, “Since U Been Gone” and “Because of You.” However, Clarkson didn’t stay in the exact same physique throughout her career. Instead, she seemed to steadily climb in weight and often lashed out at the media for having to constantly defend her weight. Clarkson ultimately married the stepson of Reba McEntire, Brandon Blackstock, and the couple have two children together. Clarkson famously gained a huge amount of weight during her pregnancies and she doesn’t seem to be like all the other celebrities concerned with losing all of their baby weight right away after giving birth. There’s no telling if Clarkson will ever be able to get back into her American Idol shape but her talent is still undeniable.

6.  Christina Aguilera

When Christina Aguilera was first introduced as a pop star, she was a young girl with a beautiful physique. From her beach choreography for “Genie In A Bottle” to her scantily-clad ensemble in “Dirrty,” Aguilera used to be known for having a slim and trim figure. However, she has undergone some drastic ups and downs in her weight over the years with much of her fat phase being chronicled on The Voice. The criticism over her weight gain became so harsh that even her fellow cast member, Adam Levine, came to her side while promoting the series. In a number of interviews, Levine made comments about how people need to just leave Aguilera alone about her weight gain. While some of the comments were definitely overly negative, it was pretty shocking to see how much she had changed over the years. Nowadays, she’s much slimmer but she still isn’t back into her “Dirrty” shape.

5.  Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling is a hugely talented writer, director and actress that is best known for her series, The Mindy Project, and through her work on the hit NBC series, The Office. In her younger years, Kaling was actually quite trim but she began to steadily gain weight over the years and during her heaviest moments, Kaling seemed to embrace her new size. While other actresses try hard to get back their previous body, Kaling has given interviews where she’s become very proud of her new shape and even stated, “I don’t want to be skinny.” At the 2016 Costume Designers Guild Awards, Kaling’s arms were gigantic compared to her hourglass figure. Yet, prior to her appearance she had posted a photo of the full Spanx ensemble she was wearing beneath her gown. She was heralded for her “courage” to show all that goes into getting a woman of a particular size ready for a red carpet event.

4.  Jason Segel

While the world constantly hears about the pressure on female starlets to maintain a certain weight and look, it’s actually something that is prevalent in male celebrities as well. This was never more clear than in the case of Jason Segel. During the early part of his acting career, Segel was thought of as a comedic actor that would usually be thrown into a supporting role rather than as the leading man. When he was up for the role of Tom Solomon in the film, The Five-Year Engagement, Segel was told he must lose some weight in order to play opposite the beautiful and talented actress, Emily Blunt. Segel wound up losing the weight and putting his fat phase behind him. This turned out to be a great choice since it later helped him to land other leading man roles on the big screen, including the role on Sex Tape where he acted alongside Cameron Diaz.

3.  Nicole Richie

When Nicole Richie was first introduced to Hollywood’s society, she was known only as the daughter of Lionel Richie and the BFF of Paris Hilton. She started to gain a name for herself as a television personality on the reality series, The Simple Life, which led to furthered opportunities. She was asked to walk the runway at a number of fashion shows and slowly transitioned into a style icon. During her earlier years, she was known for her outlandish ensembles and her plump weight. Richie later lost a huge amount of weight and then she became criticized for being too thin. There should be a happy medium in there somewhere but it doesn’t seem like she’s found it yet. However, it might be the fact that she was so harshly criticized for being overweight that has caused her to try and stay on the thinner side for her regular weight.

2.  Kelly Osbourne

When Kelly Osbourne was first featured on the reality series, The Osbournes, she was seen simply as the overweight daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. She had an over-the-top style that was a mix between Goth chick and sidewalk hooker. During that phase in her life, no one really thought of her as a hot celebrity kid and it wasn’t until long after the reality series concluded that she began to come into her own. After losing a huge amount of weight and changing her style, Kelly became famous for her sense of fashion. She has been on a variety of different fashion series, including Project Runway: Junior, Project Catwalk and Fashion Police. She has lost all of her baby fat, which has truly transformed her facial features. While she’ll probably always have the signature cheeks of her father, she now has a stellar physique that really helps to show off her quirky and sexy side.

1.  Mariah Carey

While there are some music artists that solely rely on their physical appeal to remain current, there are others that have such stellar vocal abilities that they will always be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Mariah Carey is a singer that has been heavily criticized for her weight gain since her start in the music industry, especially since she used to be one of the sexiest performers on stage and in music videos. From her “Honey” video to the various ensembles worn on stage, there was a time when Mariah Carey was thought of as quite trim. However, the years have not been kind to Carey and she never did bounce back fully after the birth of her twins. Instead, she has had a rocky road of weight gain and loss over the years. While she’s finally starting to get back into shape, she probably won’t ever be as thin as she once was during the Music Box album era.


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