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15 Photos That Prove The Church Of Satan Is As Creepy As It Sounds

15 Photos That Prove The Church Of Satan Is As Creepy As It Sounds

The Church of Satan is a religious organization that was founded in 1966 by Anton Szandor LaVey, an American author and occultist. He wrote the Satanic Bible with all of the religion’s doctrines, as well as some other books dedicated to Satanism. Many people believe that it is all about worshiping the devil when, in fact, this church doesn’t really believe in the devil. Instead, they use Satan as a model of behavior, an “opposer” to all of the other traditional religions.

However, what they do believe in is magic. Two kinds of magic, to be precise; the greater and the lesser magic. Lesser magic is kind of a psychological manipulation used to bend someone’s will, while the greater magic is basically a ritual practice. LaVey believed that there is magic everywhere around us that is yet to be discovered by science and it involves manipulating the natural forces in order to achieve one’s goal. He performed numerous rituals that have been captured on camera that will definitely give you nightmares. Most of them were performed in his house in San Francisco, also known as “the Black House”. Here are 15 Church of Satan photos that will creep you out!

15. Ongoing Satanic Service

While the Church of Satan has never really been about being evil and committing crimes, there is nothing that a twisted mind cannot twist. There have been cases of murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and other criminals who used satanic rituals for fulfilling their own sick fantasies. One of the most famous cases is the case of Pastor Luis Lamonica that inspired the Season 1 of the popular series True Detective. He confessed to performing satanic rituals in his church that involved child abuse, as well as animal sacrifice. His confession was the beginning of a huge Hosanna Church Scandal involving a vicious cult made of pedophiles. The mastermind behind all of that was Austin Trey Bernard who even used his own 1-year-old daughter for one of his twisted rituals where he killed a cat and spilled the blood all over the baby.

14. Entrance Fee

If you wanted to join the Church of Satan, you needed to pay an entrance fee. However, the fee has changed dramatically over the years. Back in the days when the COS was founded, it would have cost you only 2 dollars to come and listen to Anton LaVey’ speeches about Satanism. But what had started as simple weekly lectures, soon turned out to be a full-time work. Today, the cost of joining the Church of Satan is 100 times over what it was back then. 200 dollars will buy you a membership card if you want it but you don’t exactly need it because the COS accepts people who are just interested and willing to practice the customs. What kinds of perks come with the full membership knows no one besides the members themselves.

13. Mara Salvatrucha Gang (aka MS-13)

Mara Salvatrucha gang, also known as MS-13, is one of the most feared gangs in the world. They have been associated with Satanism forever, mostly because of the Satanic symbols they use, for example, the “devil’s horns”. However, they seem to have taken things one step further and they have been accused of sacrificing young teenage girls in satanic rituals. One of the girls abducted by MS-13 has spoken about her 18-day long captivity. She was beaten, raped, and she witnessed the murder of another girl that had insulted a satanic shrine. According to the police documents, one of the gang members stated that the beast (meaning Satan) isn’t satisfied by material objects anymore and it demands another soul. The scary fact is that there are around 100,000 Mara Salvatrucha gang members all around the globe.

12. Satanic Panic

Satanic Panic is the popular name for a “witch hunt” during the ‘80s and ‘90s. It was basically a widespread fear of the Satanic Ritual Abuse, also known as SRA, where people believed that there is some sort of a satanic underground network controlling society. Numerous conspiracy theories were created, connecting the Church of Satan to the Illuminati and other secret organizations. Crazy reports of physical and sexual assaults were brought up, as well as some stories about abducted children sacrificed at altars or used for prostitution and adult entertainment. The panic spread through the society like wildfire and it affected many people who were, in fact, completely innocent, as well as numerous lawyers, social workers, and other people involved in resolving these cases. Fortunately, it all calmed down by the 2000s.

11. Demonic Imagery

Animal masks have often been used as a part of demonic imagery in satanic rituals. It originated from a ritual called Das Triadema performed by the Illuminati. It was all about assuming the animalistic attributes of increased sensory perception, honesty, and purity. Almost every religion uses symbols during the prayers or rituals to express some basic beliefs and principles. However, in case of the Church of Satan, they look a lot scarier than those used by other religions. Psychologist all over the world have tried to explain why people tend to use such symbols and the simplest explanation was that people aren’t able to fully understand certain phenomena so they need symbolic terms that will represent those concepts. That might be the reason why religions need their own symbolic languages.

10. Sammy Davis Jr.

In this picture, we can see (left to right) Michael Aquino (LaVey’s associate), Sammy Davis Jr, and Anton LaVey. For those who might not know, Samuel George Davis Jr., better known simply as Sammy Davis Jr., was a popular actor, singer, and comedian. He was introduced to the Church of Satan at one of LaVey’s famous parties in the ‘60s. After starring in the sitcom Poor Devil, he was offered an honorary membership to the Church of Satan. He accepted the membership and was given the Sigil of Baphomet medallion at one of his concerts. Later, he was often seen with satanic symbols, such as the medallion, one painted fingernail, “devil horns” salute etc. He was almost named the Leader of the Church, but he decided to return to Judaism instead.

9. Diane LaVey

In this picture, we can see Anton LaVey with his long term girlfriend Diane Hegarty. Although they weren’t legally married, he referred to her as his wife and she became known to the public by the name Diane LaVey. She was a co-founder of the Church of Satan and she helped Anton LaVey publish the Satanic Bible, as well as other satanic books such as The Devil’s Notebook, The Satanic Rituals, and The Satanic Witch. She served as High Priestess of the Church of Satan for about 25 years. She was in a relationship with Anton LaVey from 1960 to 1985 and they had a daughter Zeena together. However, Zeena has ceased all contact with the rest of her family, including her parents and her son Stanton after she left the Church.

8. Celebrities Loved Anton LaVey

Since the moment Church of Satan was created in 1966 up until today, numerous celebrities have been confirmed to be COS members. In this picture, we can see Jayne Mansfield, a famous Hollywood sex icon, taking a part in one of Anton LaVey’s rituals. She was also named “High Priestess of San Francisco” in the ‘60s and it is suspected she was involved in a romantic relationship with LaVey.

Another celebrity who was a well-known Satanist was Sammy Davis Jr. He proudly wore satanic symbols and he attended LaVey’s shows regularly. The author and underground filmmaker Kenneth Anger was also a COS member with many other members living at his house. He was the godfather to LaVey’s daughter as well. Balls Mahoney, Extreme Championship Wrestler, stated several times that he was a member of the Church of Satan and so did Marylin Manson who was actually ordained a COS priest.

7. Sigil Of Baphomet

In this picture, we can see Anton LaVey standing in front of his fireplace altar in his Black House in San Francisco. The interesting thing about this picture is the Sigil of Baphomet that we can see drawn on the wall above the altar, as well as on the medallion hanging around LaVey’s neck. The symbol was designed by LaVey himself and it soon became one of the most famous satanic symbols around the world. It first appeared in LaVey’s Satanic Bible. The pentagram is turned upside down with the two points at the upper side symbolizing the horns of the Goat of Mendes, used as the symbol of “the hidden one” – Egyptian Neter Amon. The two circles around the goat’s head symbolize the serpent biting its own tail, with the word “Leviathan” written between them in Hebrew.

6. Jayne Mansfield In A Ritual

Jayne Mansfield’s involvement in the Church of Satan was a very hot and popular topic back in the days. This Hollywood bombshell was one of the earliest Playboy Playmates, as well as a successful actor, singer, and entertainer. However, the most publicized event of her life was the moment when she became a high priestess of the Church of Satan in 1966. She went to visit San Francisco Film Festival and, while there, she paid a visit to the Church of Satan where she met Anton LaVey who ordained her a high priestess. Many different speculations were started by this event but it remains a mystery whether Jayne Mansfield was indeed a practicing Satanist. Anton LaVey’s daughter Carla confirmed in 1992 that Mansfield was romantically involved with Anton and that she really was a member of the Church of Satan.

5. The True Meaning Of Satanic Symbols

Many satanic symbols have been considered scary for no real reason. The true meaning behind them is usually not as dark as it seems. For example, the darkness itself actually represents the “yin” part in the “yang”. One cannot exist without the other. There is no light without the darkness and no darkness without the light. The second often used satanic symbol is the inverted cross. While many people assume it has something to do with opposing Christianity, it is actually an ancient symbol, much older than the Christianity and it represents the alignment of the chakras.

The most sacred symbol in Satanism is the Serpent. It symbolizes the kundalini – a form of primal energy at the base of the spine. It should rise like a serpent all the way up to the top of your spine, resulting in expanded consciousness.

4. The Goat Of Mendes

The Goat of Mendes, also known as Baphomet or the “black goat”, often used as a part of satanic symbolism, is actually a part of the ancient Egyptian mythology. The legend says that Ptah, the Egyptian god of magic, knowledge, and wisdom took the form of a goat and there have been numerous goat pictures found in Egypt.

In the early Babylonian times, it represented the god Ea, the giver of knowledge to humanity who took the form of a goat whenever he decided to visit the Earth. When we look at the word “Baphomet”, we can see that it is a combination of two Greek words: “baphe” and “metis” which means “the absorption of knowledge”. No matter what culture or religion, the Goat of Mendes has always been associated with the spreading of the knowledge and that is the reason why it became one of the symbols of the COS.

3. The Devil’s Music

Metal music has been considered satanic since the moment the first metal song was released. People around the world believe that it is actually the devil’s music made with the sole purpose to worship Satan and to spread the satanic symbolism. There is a couple of reasons why people feel that way and why metal musicians have often been considered in touch with the COS. First of all, just look at them. Some of them don’t look like humans at all with the heavy black and gray makeup covering their faces completely. If you listen to the lyrics, they also might seem a bit satanic since they’re mostly about death, anarchism, negative emotions, connection with supernatural beings etc. And as far as the music goes, well, let’s just say it’s not particularly melodic.

2. Roman Polanski’s Connection To Satanic Rituals

The Church of Satan was a great inspiration to many filmmakers around the globe as it was both incredibly interesting, as well as mysteriously scary. Roman Polanski is one of the directors famous for using the elements of satanic rituals in his movies, the best-known one being Rosemary’s Baby (1968). In 1999 he did it again, although with a completely different approach, and he made the movie The Ninth Gate. But his connection to the Church of Satan doesn’t really stop there. It was his pregnant wife, Sharon Tate who was brutally murdered by the “Manson family” that was connected to the COS in more than one way. Susan Atkins, one of Tate’s killers, was a COS member and one of the regular guests at Anton LaVey’s wild parties.

1. Movies Inspired By The COS

One of the main reasons why Satanism is considered evil and dangerous is the way it has been described by different media. Thanks to some articles and popular movies, people really have a twisted image about the COS members. There have been some rumors that Anton LaVey portrayed the Devil in the Rosemary’s Baby, but, in fact, he wasn’t involved with the film at all. On the contrary, he didn’t like the movie one bit because it wasn’t in accordance with the true satanic beliefs. Other books and movies that really helped Satanic Panic to spread were Children of the CornThe House of the Devil, The Touch of Satan, Starry Eyes, Baskin, The Craft etc. Unfortunately, two things have happened thanks to this kind of content; some criminals started to justify their crimes by saying to themselves they’re doing it in the name of Satan, while the other people out there got really scared about the whole COS idea.


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