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15 Photos Taken On Google Earth That We Can’t Unsee

15 Photos Taken On Google Earth That We Can’t Unsee

Google Earth is one of the most popular products the company has ever produced. It seamlessly weaves multiple photographs to create a “zoomed-in” appearance from outer space all the way to the street. Satellites and aircraft are responsible for the higher altitude pictures. But it is a rather large fleet of “Street View” cars that Google sends all over the world to catch detailed and specific pictures that tend to see some rather interesting and very candid shots. Those photographs may be stuck on Google Earth for quite some time and the best part is that they are most often up for the world to see without a person even knowing!

Some photographs feature extreme embarrassment, while others show a certain amount of planning ahead for the Google Earth photo itself. Since the episode of The Big Bang Theory where Howard and Bernadette got married, captured from space by Google Earth, there has been some fascination with the photographs that Google puts online. Amazingly though, whenever you go digging around, it’s pretty wild what you can find in terms of Google Earth images. So here you have it… 15 photos that you’ll never be able to unsee located on Google Earth! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

15. When You’ve Gotta Go, You’ve Gotta Go

Via: 502StreetScene

There is not a whole lot that really needs to be said about this picture, except to wonder if this guy couldn’t wait to find himself a more discrete location to relieve his bladder. It was either he couldn’t hold it, or he has strong feelings of anger about the speed limit! This winner is not only wandering around the place without a shirt on, but he has just a touch of “plumber butt” showing with a little booty cleavage evident. Sadly, this guy more than likely has no idea that anyone looking around on Google Earth at that particular location, will be getting quite a lot more than they wanted. He may be of the belief that no one was around to see this fine moment. Don’t worry bud… no one has ever heard of that “Google Earth” thing anyway.

14. Halloween or The Purge?

Via: DailyDot

So if you plugged in “Nacozari De Garcia, Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico” for a period of time, it seems that this picture would appear. It isn’t clear if this is some kind of roadblock costume contest at Halloween or if these folks didn’t get the memo that the “Annual Purge” was canceled this year. Sadly, we have some creepy looking costumes that seem to be trying to merely cover their faces. While we can make light of this to a certain extent, it is also very possible that they are engaging in some type of illegal activity. They were proud to show off however for the Google Street View car that happened to pass by at just the right time. I wonder what that red car was thinking as they drove by this group.

13. These Are Not The Droids You’re Looking For

Via: Hackread

So you are downtown, walking down the street having a conversation, then you turn a corner and see three people that look something like C3PO from Star Wars coming at you. This is indeed a story that both of these people will get to proudly tell for the rest of their lives and the people searching on Google Earth happened to get to see it right before they realized what they were seeing! These folks are likely some type of street performers or performance artists of some sort headed to a gig, but what a wonderful time for the Google Street View car to capture the magic! You never know what you will get to see in the big city…including (but not limited to) shiny, life size droid-like people.

12. More Highway Costumes

Via: Guff

What is the deal with the highway costume party concept? This one is yet another Google Earth snap shot from outside the United States where a random individual feels the need to hide his face with a creepy Halloween-ish mask. Perhaps even more strange is that this guy is just hanging out in the middle of the road! It reminds me of the thriller The Purge, which is enough to have me sleeping with one eye open. Keep in mind with this photo that there does not seem to be any other cars on the road and this guy is just hanging out with nothing better to do. If he is hitchhiking, then I would suggest changing his tactic and losing the mask because it is sending the wrong vibe!

11. Clearly Not Enough To Do!

Via: Hackread

Animal rights groups likely had a field day with this one…and rightly so! There are laws in place in many countries to protect against forcing animals to fight one another for sport. But this practice is not illegal everywhere. It is definitely something you can’t just “unsee” once you have seen something like rooster fighting. In this photo, it seems about as normal as an afternoon game of frisbee. This photo was on Google Earth representing a particular street level view, just going to show you that Google reflects regular life at any given moment. Sadly, that reflection does not always show the best of humanity. That “report a problem” link probably came in handy big time when this got uploaded! Google surely doesn’t keep images like this on the street level view for long.

10. Injured Cow

Via: Hackread

The shocking images are not all fun and games. Clearly the “once you see it, you can’t unsee it” applies to humorous, shocking and sad equally. Take this picture for instance. Sadly, this photograph shows a very hurt and pitiful looking cow moving out of the road. Images like this are both tragic and very sad. No one with half a heart wants to see an animal suffer and photos like this captured by the Google Street View cars are extremely unfortunate. I would like to believe that this poor animal was quickly put out of his misery in a swift and humane manner. I think we would all like to believe that. Indeed though, the fact that this image was caught and used by the folks at Google Earth is a real shocker. It could not possibly have lasted long before getting replaced.

9. Did I Miss The Flash Mob Memo?

Via: Hackread

This is either a picture of a pigeon lovers club or some kind of odd flash mob that no one told me about. The truth is that this is a group of bloggers in Japan that figured out where the Google Street View camera would be and when. They decided to take a little field trip and have some fun with the fine folks at Google Earth. Clearly these masks are creepy as can be and make us all wonder about their motives. Is it more “Purge-like” oddities or is it just good old fashioned fun and games? The prank made some waves online and has been covered by multiple countries and in multiple formats. Not bad for a goofy little notion someone had one day. But who just comes out and says “hey…let’s all wear pigeon masks!”

8. Dangerous Neighborhood?

Via: Collegefession

So in whatever city this photo was taken, apparently South Oakley Avenue isn’t exactly the safest looking place. I’m guessing that this guy is the chair of the welcoming committee for the neighborhood. All joking aside however, photographs like this are sad and very upsetting to see. This guy is pointing a gun at a kid, the reason for which we can only guess. Sadly, it is broad daylight and there is no trying to hide anything. There isn’t any telling what kind of neighborhood this is, but it is clearly very dangerous. The kid in the picture is looking back with a “what did I do” look on his face. Regardless, staying away from South Oakley Avenue in this city might be a smart move. Even little kids are getting guns pointed at them!

7. Coincidence…or Nah?

Via: CougarBoard

One of the most interesting parts of the aerial photographs seen on Google Earth is the way buildings look as if they are children’s building blocks. When you look at this arrangement of buildings however, one can’t help but be both shocked and puzzled at the same time. From ground level, there is likely anything odd or noticeable about the buildings. They give the appearance of a multi-building campus with something of a courtyard in the middle. But from above, it would seem that this is a sort of Nazi tribute! It isn’t clear exactly what the motives of the architect were when designing the building, but I’m sure a lot of people have had some questions for him since this little afterthought was discovered. “Heil” have a lot of explaining to do!

6. Drumming-up Business?

Via: Hackread

This young woman is standing on the side of what appears to be a pretty remote highway. To be clear, there is no proof whatsoever that she is or is not a prostitute, but the fact that the Street View car happened to drive by catching this moment had to have been at least a little funny. She is likely thinking that this picture won’t look too great if all is normal and she’s just waiting on a ride. Of course, if this is a young woman participating in the “oldest occupation,” then she could have picked a better time and location! Let’s take it back to reality for a moment and establish that this is most likely completely innocent and just what the camera happened to catch, but it certainly does make you laugh and wonder at first glance!

5. Smile, You’re On Candid Camera!

Via: Mashable

This picture clearly speaks for itself and no, it isn’t just a fun advertisement for BMW. These two are in quite a compromising position…or are they? Truth be told, this looks pretty posed and pretty harmless to me, but anyone searching for this particular spot on the road got more than they bargained for when they got down to the street level view. One of the best parts is the wave to the Google camera. They must have seen the car coming and decided to have some fun with the fine people at Google Earth. The spot where they are pulled over appears pretty out of the way and somewhat remote, so the chances that a lot of people are searching for these coordinates is pretty low, but hey…here we are talking about it, aren’t we?

4. That’s Not Nice!

Via: Hackread

So the Google Street View car comes driving down the street that you happen to be traveling. You can either keep walking and act naturally, give a wave or make some kind of silly face or you can decide to give it the finger and show some level of hostility. Well, the latter was what this fine gentleman decided to do and we are all so very impressed…not! While I always appreciate someone that I don’t even know giving me the finger for no reason whatsoever, I’m also trying to figure out what this guy in the back is doing? Is this some sort of interpretive dance, a yoga position or a gang sign? Either way, it all looks ridiculous and the world should judge them harshly for it. Carry on!

3. Red Body of Water?

Via: Pinterest

This is a wild one for sure! Way back in 2010, this particular body of water appeared on Google Earth and stunned a whole lot of folks looking at aerial photographs of the region. Located outside of Baghdad in Iraq, this is a strange and very bizarre body of water that is definitely anything but fake! Most speculate that the cause of the red color is from pollution, but it is pretty clear that water is not supposed to be this color! Even the Red Sea, aptly named for its reddish hue isn’t anywhere near as red as this small lake. It is also not due to dumping dead bodies, if that is what you were thinking! If you plan on taking a trip to Baghdad, I’d check to see where the source of the water is located.

2. We Do Advertising Right!

Via: Business Insider

Who among us hasn’t wished for the opportunity to be able to see the KFC logo from space? Located in Rachel, Nevada was a gigantic KFC logo with Colonel Sanders’ smiling face front and center. In fact, 65,000 one foot colored tiles have gone into making this monumental production. Rachel, Nevada is located in the Mojave Desert and this logo, which was produced in 2006 and lasted until 2007, made a pretty big stir. But Rachel, Nevada is no stranger to strange things. The area is known for Area 51 more than anything and brings a fair amount of visitors to the area for the alien connection more than anything else. While the smiling Colonel is no longer visible on Google Earth, for a while, it was some of the best advertising and product placement you could get.

1. Who Are The People in Your Neighborhood?

Via: Hackread

“Nothing to see here folks…just walking down the street with my favorite blow-up doll”, said this guy! So where do I start? This could have been planned out for the Google Street View camera, but it kind of looks to be impromptu. This guy is just taking a stroll down a somewhat busy street for all to see. There is some poor lady walking several feet behind him probably wondering what on earth to do and then there is also someone right in front of him. I’d give anything to see the look on their faces as he passes by them. Notice the link next to the Google copyright that says “Report a Problem.” How many times do you think that link got clicked on this particular address search?!



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