15 Pics Groupies Took After Being Close With Celebrities

It’s quite easy to be jealous of some celebrities. Aside from having tons of cash, expensive cars, and sprawling mansions, most celebrities can indulge in their wildest fantasies. Over the years, there have been countless stories of stars engaging in some pretty crazy acts of debauchery. Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, and Motley Crue are just a few of the rock bands that defined the term “living like a rock star”. Had everyone been carrying smartphones in the 60s, 70s, and 80s there would surely be a lot more shocking and possibly embarrassing photos out there.

These days, celebrities are used to people pulling out their cell phones to take pictures. Countless photos of stars are taken every day and posted to various social media sites. While most of these pictures are relatively innocent and harmless, sometimes people cross a line and post images that would be better off being kept private. It’s one thing to snap a picture of a celebrity as they are walking down the street and post it your Facebook page. It is an entirely different thing to post pictures of intimate moments for everyone in the world to see. There is a time and a place for everything. Here are 15 pics groupies took after sleeping with these celebs.

15. Chris Brown

Chris Brown is a man of many talents. He recorded his first solo album in 2005 and now has eight albums to his credit after releasing his most recent piece of work, Heartbreak on a Full Moon. He has collaborated with other artists, appeared in movies, and on television. He also has the knack for getting himself in trouble. He was involved in a big brawl with Drake in a nightclub, he got into a punch-up over a parking spot, and he was charged with battery in 2013. Who can forget his savage attack on his then-girlfriend Rihanna? Despite his history, he is still popular with the ladies. This picture of a tired out Brown was taken after a roll in the hay with one of his groupies. He looks so peaceful.

14. French Montana

You either love him or you hate him and judging by the attempts on his life, it is abundantly clear that a few people seriously dislike French Montana. He was shot in the head in 2003 as he was leaving his New York recording studio and he and his entourage were shot at in a 2013 drive-by shooting after one of his performances in Philadelphia. This picture shows the 32-year-old rapper not getting shot at. He posed with one of the many smiling groupies that he loves to have around and then posted to social media describing how he would love to line all of them up and, well, you get the picture. His appetite for excessive lovin’ is probably one of the biggest reasons why his marriage didn’t last too long.

13. Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is a Jamaican sprinter that also happens to be the fastest man on Earth. He has won 8 Olympic gold medals including 3 in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Bolt is mainly known for going shorter distances but according to Jady Duarte, Usain did a full marathon when the two got down and dirty in the sprinter’s Athlete’s Village bedroom. The Brazilian beauty took a series of photos like this one that show the couple cozying up to each other. The two met at a nightclub and seem to have hit it off immediately. After smuggling the young lass into his suite, Bolt seductively danced naked in the shower to a Rihanna song. Language wasn’t a barrier as the pair used Google Translate to exchange provocative messages. After the steamy session was over, Bolt gave Jady €100 and called her a cab.

12. Waka Flocka

Some guys just can’t seem to keep it in their pants and should never get married. Rapper Waka Flocka is a prime example. The 31-year-old gained a lot of recognition from his singles “O Let’s Do It”, “Hard in da Paint”, and “No Hands”. He has also made headlines for being shot, drug arrests, and trying to carry a loaded handgun onto an aircraft. He is noted for being quite a lady’s man too. Despite getting married 2014, Waka continued to bed almost any woman that he crossed paths with including this unidentified woman who posted this picture of the two in a hotel room. She doesn’t appear to be all that thrilled but Waka Flocka’s wife was even less thrilled. She finally had enough of his rampant infidelity and split from him in 2016.

11. Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne has been professionally rapping since he was just 9 years old. He released his first solo album when he was 17 and it went platinum. He has now released a dozen albums and has a couple more pending release. Naturally, Lil Wayne has been involved in his share of legal troubles and even did a stretch at Rikers Island. He found the time for a few minutes of erotic pleasure with a groupie named Princess Saralyn. She took this photo and posted it on Twitter after their romp sometime around 2012. She must have really given him a good time because the 34-year-old rapper is zonked right out. This is definitely a better way to spend your time than playing with guns and getting busted with large amounts of narcotics.

10. Swae Lee

Swae Lee and his brother Slim Jxmmi are better known as the rap duo Rae Strummurd. They have released two albums and Swae is about to release his first solo effort. Despite being in the early stages of his career, Swae has been nominated for several awards. He’s also getting a good taste of the rock star lifestyle as shown in this picture that was taken by a Twitter user that posts under the handle Dorothy P. You will likely immediately notice that Dorothy is sporting a couple of shiners. She claimed that she is an avid skateboarder and that she has a nasty fall the previous week that left her with the raccoon eyes. The fame-chasing femme was adamant that she did not receive the makeover from the napping rapper.

9. Justin Bieber

It feels Justin Bieber has been around for decades but the truth is that he is just 23 and, like it or not, he will probably be around for a long time to come. Aside from making music, movies, and touring, Justin has been busy cultivating his bad boy image. He’s been charged with such offenses as reckless driving, egging a neighbor’s house, and DUI. While on tour in Brazil to promote his album Believe, Justin got himself charged with vandalism. That’s not all he was up to in Brazil. It seems that he took a small break from being a moron to engage in a bit of lovin’ with this young Brazilian lady who was happy enough to shoot a morning after video. She proudly smiled for the camera and filmed a shot of Justin as he slept comfortably in his bed.

8. Joel Embiid

This 7-foot tall rising basketball star just finished his first season as a pro with the Philadelphia 76ers. His rookie season was shortened due to a torn meniscus but he should be ready to go for the 2017-18 NBA season. This photo was taken by Olivia Pierson and posted to her Instagram account on Valentine’s Day along with a sweet message to Joel for all of her followers to see. It seems that Joel was less than appreciative of the gesture. He re-posted the picture to his Snapchat page and wrote “#FakeNews” over the photo. This prompted Olivia to remove the picture from her Instagram page but not before she received a lot of unpleasant messages. It is pretty clear that the 250-pound center did not want to be another one of the notorious groupie’s “victims”. Too late!!

7. Odell Beckham Jr.

For those unfamiliar with Odell Beckham Jr., he is a star wide receiver that plays for the NFL’s New York Giants. In 2016, he reeled in his 200th career reception and gained his 4,000th receiving yard making him the fastest player in NFL history to reach both plateaus. His celebrity status makes him the perfect target for groupies and it appears that a girl with the Twitter name Svetlana enjoyed a bit of full contact with the All-Pro wideout. She posted this picture along with a tweet that said she just woke in Odell Beckham’s house and that she smelled like spray tan. She also added a couple other barely decipherable posts in which she indicated that she didn’t really know who Odell was. That’s OK. Odell probably had no clue who Svetlana was after he woke up from his slumber.

6. Ezekiel Elliot

Ezekiel Elliot is one of the reasons that fans of the Dallas Cowboys are a lot happier these days. The running back just enjoyed a very successful rookie season in which he broke the Cowboys’ rookie record for rushing touchdowns. He finished the regular season with 1,631 rushing yards and 15 touchdowns. Elliot is pictured here after apparently scoring an off-field touchdown with an unidentified Instagram model. While Ezekiel’s girlfriend, Tiffany Thompson didn’t go too bananas at the time over the picture, she did eventually try to get even when she later accused him of domestic abuse. However, prosecutors did not pursue the charges after a series of text messages were discovered in which Thompson had asked friends to lie to police. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

5. James Harden

James Harden is a star shooting guard for the NBA’s Houston Rockets. He is a 5-time All-Star and 2-time Olympic gold medalist. He recently broke the bank when he signed the most lucrative contract in NBA history. It is for a whopping $228 million over four years. In June of 2015, right after his Rockets were bounced from the playoffs by the Golden State Warriors, Harden was pictured fast asleep beside this woman, Farrah Flossit, who took a picture of the two and promptly posted it to Instagram. The picture stirred up a bit of controversy. Not because of the nature of the snapshot but because plenty of people accused Farrah of photoshopping herself into James’ bed to get a bit of publicity. There were quite a few less-than-pleasant comments posted on her Instagram page.

4. Julian Edelman

Julian Edelman has had a very good career as a wide receiver for the NFL’s New England Patriots. He has made some big plays but none were as big as his spectacular catch in Super Bowl LI. The reception was a pivotal moment in New England’s epic come from behind victory over the Atlanta Falcons. A photo of the catch also made the cover of Sports Illustrated. It was a pretty memorable moment for both football fans and Edelman. Another memorable moment for Edelman occurred shortly after he and the Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX in 2015. A woman by the name of Sabrina Dudish posted a picture of her and Edelman in bed and commented that they had just done the deed. The young attention seeker was vilified by Patriots fans and she was even banned from Boston night clubs.

3. Meek Mill

It’s almost certain that a groupie that goes by the name Alexus didn’t intend for her text messages and pictures to ignite such a vicious backlash but they did. Rapper Meek Mill has been trying to keep a relatively low profile since being arrested several times for parole violations. His efforts have fallen short as he was arrested earlier in 2017 for assaulting two people at a St. Louis airport. At least he was staying out of trouble when he hooked up with the attention-starved Alexus a few years ago. The two allegedly bumped uglies and Mill fell sasleep. The groupie then decided to take a picture of Mill as he slept and then sent them out in a text message to a friend. Judging by the text conversation that followed, the friend was pretty upset and the photo ended up on Instagram.

2. Davido

Davido recently signed on with RCA Records and is expected to release his newest album in the near future. He must have had a pretty busy day when this photo was taken by an unidentified groupie who appears to be cuddling up to the 24-year-old singer-songwriter. She posted the picture to her social media page and it made the rounds. The funny thing is that Davido claimed that he had no idea who the girl was and that she must have slipped into his apartment and snapped the photo as he slept. He speculated that his door was unlocked. The story might be true as he said that the woman called his “people” to apologize. This type of thing is unlikely to reoccur after Davido moved into a big new house that has very tight security.

1. Jaromir Jagr

Jaromir Jagr is the Methuselah of professional hockey. At the age of 45, Jagr still has the heart, desire, and ability to keep playing although he is currently looking for a team to take him after the Florida Panthers decided not to renew his contract. Jagr is just the third NHLer to record 750 goals and he ranks 2nd overall in career points. This photo shows that he knows how to score off the ice as well. This snapshot was taken by an 18-year-old woman by the name of Catherine after an amorous tryst. Somebody found the picture on social media and threatened to publicize the photo unless the mulleted one paid $2,000. The extortion plot was an epic fail as Jagr decided that he didn’t care if the photo was circulated.

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