15 Pictures Big Company CEOs Don’t Want You To See

In our capitalist society, most of what we know to be true is a false reality created by corporations that like to feed off of our fears to sell us products. We create beauty standards to trick women into buying weight-loss products and products that make us look different than what we actually do. Sales and deals are used to trick people into buying products in bulk, and sales people all over convince many to buy things they can’t afford or sign up for credit cards they can’t pay off. It’s a disturbing reality that most aren’t intelligent enough to realize is the life they live every day.

We buy fake designer products to convince people that we have money when, in reality, we can barely pay our bills. We create false identities to impress other people who aren’t being real themselves. All of this is cultivated, manipulated, and exploited by big businesses in order to help keep sales pouring in. Most companies use happy music, images, and social media accounts to keep people invested in their products and interested in their brands. In reality, however, most companies have dark realities that they would never want you to know about.

Terrible working conditions, low wages, and false identities plague most of the businesses we know and love. Big company CEOs don’t care about reality if they can create a false image for you to buy into. Through this article, however, we hope to expose a little bit of the truth. Here are 15 pictures big company CEOs don’t want you to see.

15. Breaktime At Pizza Hut

Everyone has had an itch they can’t scratch at one point or another. We’re human; it’s expected. For most of us, however, we wait until we’re in the privacy of our own home to take care of our bodily needs and urges. This Pizza Hut worker clearly has no shame when it comes to taking care of business, however. Knowing that this is the kind of person responsible for making our pizza is terrifying. Some might say that these people don’t deserve $15 an hour, but not all minimum-wage employees are as disgusting as this man. If CEOs of big corporations like Pizza Hut actually cared about their employees and paid them decent wages, maybe they’d have workers more willing to follow basic safety and health procedures, like not scratching your balls while behind the counter.

14. KFC Now Serving Fried Towels

Everyone’s heard the urban legend of finding a fried rat in a KFC fried chicken bucket. In reality, no such thing has ever been found. KFC has been able to keep a good reputation for their food until the photograph above surfaced. It reveals a strange blue object that was deep fried. After the customer complained, it was sent away and tested only for the object to be identified as a dish towel. Imagine biting into a piece of food expecting chicken but getting a towel! It’s a relief it wasn’t a strange animal, but it’s a startling discovery nonetheless. What does it take for an employee to dip a towel in batter, fry it, and serve it? How did nobody notice? Does it speak of the employee or the company’s lack of investment into their workers? What would you do if you bit into a fried towel?

13. Not Even Close To Being A Foot Long

Not only is this an embarrassing picture for the CEOs of Subway, but it’s an embarrassing picture for the employee as well. He’s basically putting his manhood on display and using a big scale to show off his assets. The bread isn’t even baked yet either! This employee clearly didn’t give any care at all when it came to his job, posting the photo on social media! It didn’t take long for him to get fired, but it’s still a terrifying picture nonetheless. Did someone end up eating the bread, or was it just a prank meant to get the employee some attention? If attention was the goal, they certainly got it. Who would want to be the guy known for putting his penis on the Subway bread, however? Subway is not a stranger to controversy; they used a pedophile as their spokesperson for so many years. Knowing stuff like this happens in their stores makes us mark down another place we’ll do our best to stay clear of.

12. Papa John Drunk AF

Papa John’s tries to create an image of that small-town, family-style restaurant. Their slogan is basically saying that they’re better than everyone else. In reality, it appears that Papa John doesn’t really know how exactly to hold his liquor. In the photograph above, you can clearly see their CEO sloppily drunk at a basketball game while posing with some fans. The picture caught the company some heat while many would say that it’s just an example of a businessman trying to take a break and have some fun. It seems a little strange, however, that this man is so wealthy yet has so much difficulty holding his own liquor. There’s no harm in letting loose every once in a while, but for someone who cares so much about his brand, it’s weird to see him in such an embarrassing state. What do you think? Does this picture make you want to eat at Papa John’s any less?

11. Taco-Licking

The photograph above was another picture that ended up getting an employee fired. He stated that it was a joke and that the shells were to be thrown out anyway as they were stale. It’s still hard to know for sure if this is the truth, however, or really just a cover-up to help him keep his job. Pictures like this are a reminder that anyone can get hired to work these jobs, and most of the time, those hired don’t really care about keeping their jobs anyways. It’s not something they’re passionate about or something they would spend their time doing if they weren’t getting paid. Stuff like this happens behind fast-food counters all the time and will continue to happen as long as the CEOs keep paying their employees minimum wage for bearing with bad working conditions.

10. Scratchy Service At The Bell

This has to be one of the worst “caught in the act” pictures on the list. For the rest of the employees, they were just trying to get some attention on their social media and were mostly goofing off behind closed doors. This guy, however, is an entirely different piece of work. He’s knuckle-deep in his cheeks without even an underwear filter between his dirty nails and dirty bits. It’s one thing to scratch an itch when you need to, but this guy is digging for gold. He’ll need that gold after losing his job for being a disgusting human being. Was it so bad it couldn’t wait until he could make it to the bathroom? What kind of person doesn’t think about scratching his butt in public? Unfortunately, it’s employees like this that make the rest of the hard-working minimum wage workers look bad.

9. Victoria’s Secret Racists

Victoria definitely has a secret: its racist agenda. OK, so that might be a bit dramatic, but it’s the truth for one store’s employees who targeted a young woman simply because she was black. The story goes that one African American woman was caught shoplifting at the store, so the employees asked all of the rest of the black women in the store to leave based only on their skin color! This situation would never happen to a group of white women but was the unfortunate reality for those women shopping at the time. Victoria’s Secret quickly did their best to fire the employee and cover up the whole situation; however, the entire situation is just a reminder that there’s no real way to screen racists! Stuff like this happens all around the country and will probably continue to do so as long as CEOs continue to just fire the employees and cover up the scandal instead of addressing the real problem.

8. Slave Labor At H&M

H&M is a clothing store known for selling trendy items to a younger clientele. Although they have so many inexpensive items, they’re still known for selling things that are on brand and trendy items celebs are sometimes seen wearing. The way they keep their clothes so cheap? Outsourcing to companies that use child labor in order to make textiles. The image above is a horrifying reality for many children in various third-world countries that are forced into working to keep themselves and their families alive. They work long hours in overheated factories to produce clothes for privileged youth to wear. Sometimes, when items aren’t sold, they’re sent back to some of the third world countries and thrown in landfills or donated to those in poverty. H&M isn’t the only company that uses child slave labor either; a quick Google search will give you some insight into some of the worst companies we know as staples.

7. Jimmy Johns Head-Hunting Wildlife

Jimmy Johns is a company that goes hard on the branding and capitalist ideologies that keep them afloat. They preach family values with classic quotes and décor that clutter their walls. One picture that their CEO might not want you to see is of him posing with a rhinoceros he killed himself. Imagine being so rich that the only way you feel any thrill or excitement in your life is to kill innocent animals. African wildlife hunting is a disgusting habit that’s gained popularity among the gross elite. When hunting deer and other common game becomes boring for the extremely privileged, they might turn to using helicopters and expensive guns to kill animals that will serve them no purpose in terms of food or clothing. At least most deer hunters eat their meat, but these guys just do it because they’re awful people.

6. Clorox Insensitive Tweet

Many companies have turned to social media to help keep up their brand and stay connected to youth. In an attempt to stay relevant, however, a lot of companies catch heat for being offensive and insensitive on their social media accounts. One company that was recently under fire after tweeting the tweet above was Clorox. It might not seem so bad at first, but they released the tweet a time right after Apple updated their emojis to include people of color as an option for the various stickers. Some thought Clorox asking about where the bleach was was an attempt to make a comment about white supremacy. They stated it was just an accident committed by someone who wasn’t really thinking things all the way through. Do you think a tweet like this is offensive or is it just a case of people overreacting?

5. Whole Foods’ Not-So-Picture-Perfect Image

Whole Foods likes to give the image of fresh, natural, and organic products. They’re a utopia where anyone can go and feel safe about the products being purchased and eaten. The dark reality behind such a beautifully stocked shelf, however, is that the majority of the vegetables being grown are simply thrown away. They care more about appearances than they do actually having quality products. If a fruit or vegetable has a bruise on it, the farmers are instructed to leave it behind to rot in the field. Instead of selling bruised products that are fine if you just cut the blemish off, they’d rather just throw the entire thing away. Everyone knows that a bruised apple or banana is still perfectly fine, but Whole Foods thinks otherwise. This causes an intense amount of waste of time, money, and food. While people are starving to death around the world, Whole Foods is literally throwing food away. Although we don’t have a picture for you to see, the image behind this photograph is something they certainly don’t want you to see.

4. Unforgettable Airlines Scandal

One of the biggest stories of the year so far has to be the scandal United Airlines faced after a video surfaced of an innocent man being dragged off of one of their planes. The man in the stills taken from the video is a doctor who was only trying to get home. He was kicked off of the flight because of an overbooking policy that is common to the airline. They sell tickets to more people than they have seats for on the plane in order to assure that they make as much money as possible. What ends up happening is that someone might end up not being able to ride the plane, the bumped-off passenger sometimes being offered money for the bad experience. This man refused to not make his flight and ended up being forcibly removed by security guards who removed him in an extremely violent manner. Eventually, United Airlines and the doctor reached a settlement, and the man will get a hefty payout; however, we won’t soon be forgetting this video United Airlines would love to be bleached from your memory.

3. Dirty Golden Corral Kitchen

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, you know how crazy busy the kitchen can get sometimes. However, this kitchen pictured above taken in a Golden Corral is an entirely new level of disturbing. The picture shows overflowing dishes and garbage that’s very close to where all of the food is made. No one goes to a cheap buffet expecting fine dining, but knowing this is what’s behind closed doors is pretty alarming. Not only does it show how little the employees care about sanitary policies, but it also shows how greedy the owners are that they would allow their establishment to be so understaffed that it overflows with dishes like in the restaurant above! The few employees who are trying to keep up with the busy pace of the restaurant are also probably paid minimum wage and are expected to work the duties of two people.

2. Shoes On Burger King’s Lettuce

Lettuce tell you all about the photograph above taken inside a Burger King restaurant. Puns aside, the photograph above is one that we could have gone without seeing, as it’s a pretty disturbing look inside one fast food chain. The man who decided it would be funny to stand on top of these lettuce containers has since been terminated; however, we won’t soon be able to wipe this image away from our minds. Who knows how often this actually happens inside of restaurants and how little is done about it. With Burger King being one of the biggest chains in the country, there’s a good chance that shenanigans like this happen all the time. When you have entry-level employees who are paid very little, it’s not surprising that they would be careless on the job.

1. More Child Slave Labor At Nestle Farms

Unfortunately, there’s yet another child-labor photograph on the list. You might have found peace knowing that you don’t shop at H&M, so you’re not part of the problem pictured in the last child-labor photo. However, you likely use Nestle products. The image above is of yet another child forced into slave labor on a cocoa bean farm owned by Nestle. Nestle is known for their candy, but they also own many other companies. If you go to your fridge or pantry right now, there’s a good chance you’ll find some Nestle products. It’s a terrifying reality of the world we live in to see a kid who should be playing instead working on a farm. If we had fair wages for the employees of Nestle, however, they’d probably charge over $10 for what’s currently a $1 candy bar. If only the CEOs weren’t greedy, conditions might be better for the people who are actually working at their jobs.


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