15 Pictures That Prove There Are Two Types Of Men


Stereotypes! Get ya stereotypes ‘ere!

Oh baby, do I have some stereotypes for YOU. Who said the world can’t be painted in black and white? That’s, like, the one thing humans do best: put people onto teams and then have those teams destroy one another emotionally, physically and spiritually.

This morning, I decided to take part in this timeless tradition of divide and conquer, because I’m feeling particularly warlord-y today. Like, I can’t be happy until blood is shed. Oh, I’m only joking with ya, fellas. Guys are great because despite segregating ourselves into camps, we still have the amazing ability to shake hands and buy a round of beers when all is said and done…except for the Polish. The Polish tend to hold grudges. We’re working on it.

1. “I’m gonna build a super fast car” vs. “I’m gonna build a computer that’s gonna build a real fast car.”

via 9GAG

2. Because this is a PG article, I’m going to let you draw any and all conclusions from this image in your own head.


via FunnyJunk

3. In this case, there are three types of men. The two below, and me: the poor schmuck riding his bike in a rainstorm who’s screwed either way.

via reddit / ax18

4. Give them your jacket once and you’ve set a potentially hazardous precedent.

via reddit / Stau0237

5. If you only knew what lived in the grout of gym showers.

6. Men vs. Gentlemen — There’s a fine, yet obvious line.

via reddit / mfa6321

7. The two types of people outside and inside a Starbucks.

via reddit / Stue3112

8. Likes the environment + Arts degree + $20k debt vs. Likes the environment + Engineering degree + $20k saved

via Teslarati

9. Fat and poor vs. Fat and rich

via reddit / Trees_that_Please

10. Alphas who pee with their pants around their ankles vs. Betas who are made uncomfortable by an alpha’s presence.

via iFunny

11. Undergrad men vs. Post-grad men

via reddit / ThatGuy773

12. Silent vs. Shameless

via Facebook / Men’s Humor

13. Guys who have a luscious mane of hair vs. Guys who wonder why we can land on the moon but not cure baldness.

14. A sad, pathetic, weak man vs. A ruler!

via imgur / steve699

15. Bananas vs. Plantains

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