15 Pieces Of Intimacy Advice From Porn Professionals

15 Pieces Of Intimacy Advice From Professionals

When it comes to improving in the bedroom, there is no shortage of different avenues you can explore. Everyone’s preferences are different, but you need to hope that you are with a partner that you can be open with and trust that you can communicate with them without feeling judged.

If you are in a relationship with someone who you feel you can open up to, then you already may have seen some benefits of having open communication with your partner in the bedroom. If you don’t believe it from me, maybe you’ll believe it from some of the most qualified people around: adult film stars! If you are looking for some extra fun tips to help add a spin in the bedroom, there are also some tips in here (some more explicit than others) about different tricks that you can do in the bedroom to help make sure your partner has an unforgettable time.

Remember that any sexual relationship ultimately boils down to the respect that you share with your partner. You owe it to both of yourselves to get to that place. Once you are, then you may be super excited to learn 15 different tips and tricks in the bedroom from some of the best lovers out there. Reader, beware, while the images are safe for work, some of the links may not be!

15. James Deen 



When it comes to male adult stars, James Deen is one of the best ones out there. Entering the industry at the age of 18, he has the experience to know what he is talking about when it comes to getting down and dirty. Deen may have been with hundreds, if not thousands, of women but the general rule of thumb for him is one that everyone can keep in mind:

Every woman likes different things. You don’t have sex to someone. You have sex with that person.”

Part of that is being able to communicate. Deen goes onto add in another interview:

If you’re not willing to communicate with her about sex, then you might as well just mas*******.”

14. Tasha Reign



Tasha Reign has experienced a few different roles in the adult industry, including being a nude model, actress, producer as well as appearing in both Playboy and Penthouse magazine. With all those jobs, Tasha makes sure she still has time to shower and you should too!

“Hygiene is everything, it can literally be a make or break for me, whether it’s a scene or my personal life, especially with a new sex partner. Whether that’s a trim or a shave down town, depending on what and where you want your girl to l*** and s***!”

If you want your lovely lady to explore your body, make sure she doesn’t have to sweep away crumbs to do so.

13. Lisa Ann



Lisa Ann is a former adult film actress, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t remember the tricks from her trade. Ann appeared in 553 films, and directed another 53. On top of that, she was also the actress that played Sarah Palin in six different films. Lisa’s advice is for ladies, who may like a little hair pull, but don’t want to feel like they’re losing their hair:

“If you are gonna pull hair (something most of us love), grab the hair at the nape of the neck, weave your fingers in the hair at the scalp, grab and pull. Don’t grab hair and yank it, that hurts, and not in a good way. Slow down, just slow down, enjoy the moment, find the groove, lots of touching, kissing, grabbing.”

12. Mr. Marcus



Some guys think that during the act of sex, they need to be going non-stop and never taking a moment to catch their breath. Yet, if someone who had appeared in 1,800 films told you to slow down, you may listen. Mr. Marcus states:

Constant intercourse during sex is not necessary, don’t let the situation fool you, pulling it out and str***** yourself while you watch her or while changing positions, can give you the time you need to subside the urge to finish.”

That can lead to a longer session that is more enjoyable for everyone.

11. Bella Knox



Many men out there tend to enjoy receiving oral sex. As a result, it is often a pretty large focal point of a lot of adult content. Belle Knox may have only appeared in 22 films, but I’m sure she still knows what she is talking about. Knox states that the key is:

“Take his **** all the way in your mouth and throat, hold it there for a second, and then swallow.”

Rumor has it you’re probably not going to literally swallow his ***** whole, so it’s probably going to be a win for everyone!

 10. Connor Habib



While Belle Knox may have advice for the women, Connor Habib can lay down some advice for fellow men in terms of how to pleasure their man. Habib is a gay adult film star, and also advises tips on how to give successful oral, but also on doing d*** throat. Connor Habib states:

Learn to master the d*** throat. Pay attention to his response to see what he likes. Don’t just ‘put it in your mouth’ and don’t forget the family jewels.”

I don’t think it would be super sexy to bring a notepad to the bedroom so you may want to just try and remember that.

9. Jenna Jameson



Jenna Jameson is one of the most acclaimed adult films of all time, having won more than 35 different awards and dubbed “The Queen Of P***.” When asked what she likes in the bed, many things can be taken from it to help add things to your own life:

There are so many things. I like when a man isn’t rushed… I love a strong man that can throw me around.”

Always still keeping an environment that makes both partners feel safe. If one of the biggest stars in the entire world is telling you that it’s okay to take your time and not feel so rushed, I assure you, your girlfriend will probably feel the same way. Similarly, if you are in a relationship where you may be physically stronger than your partner, working in some type of submissive or domination element can help add some spice to your bedroom.

8. Tory Lane



When it comes to adding a different element to the bedroom, some women may start to look at their back door as a potential entry point. Be careful though, because if not done properly it can lead to a great deal of pain that is beneficial for nobody. Tory Lane has been credited in over 300 films, so you better believe she knows what she is talking about when she says:

You’re better off trying it with a little **** and then a big toy. It’s a muscle, you’ve got to work up to it.”

Be patient and everything will come in time!

7. Tori Black



If you are an adult star, it may start to get boring to do it all day, every day. One way to make the job a little more eventful is at the very least to change up some of the positions that you engage in. At home, changing up the positions can help add a fun new element to the bedroom.

Tori Black has appeared in 383 films and advises a similar notion of how she enjoys changing up her position, stating:

My favorite position changes everyday. It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I’m feeling lazy, sometimes I’m feeling romantic, it all depends.”

No matter what your mood is, you can hope that you are with a partner who respects that.

6. Aidra Fox



When it comes to adding a little extra spice in the bedroom, one of the biggest things that people can start to do is talk dirty to their partner. It might feel awkward at first, but if it is something you can do comfortably, it can add a fun element. Similarly, while not for everyone, scratching of your back or biting can be a turn on when done in a safe and healthy environment. Aidra Fox has appeared in Penthouse magazine and reiterates this information, stating:

I love biting. I love really hard biting almost to the point of breaking skin. I love dirty talk.”

Hard to argue with her there!

5. Elaine Raye



It can be really exciting to get back to the bedroom with your partner, especially after a long night out or some time away. That excitement can quickly lead to pain if you do not take the time necessary to make sure you’re both warmed up. Adult film star Elaine Raye continues on with this advice, stating:

“I like to start off gently and then work your way into it. Some people are really not that down to be aggressive and they do it really bad when they try to be aggressive.”

But at least, if you are going slow, it gives both you and your partner time to communicate properly.

4. Nina Hartley


Nina Hartley is not only an incredibly talented adult film star, she’s insightful and has contributed to several different sexual advice columns. Her biggest takeaway is to remember that:

“No one ‘gives’ you an orgasm. The most important skill a woman brings to a sexual encounter is the ability to give herself an orgasm.”

As for the men, she adds:

“The most important skill a man brings to a sexual encounter is the ability to maintain an ere*****, and remain in the pleasure zone for at least twenty minutes.”

If you can work together as a team to maximize that pleasure, that’s wonderful, but Hartley’s advice is to always remember that your pleasure can be in your control.

3. Sasha Grey



Sasha Grey has been the face of different advertising campaigns and has appeared in films, TV shows and a variety of other mediums. When it comes to the area that she knows best it’s the adult film industry, as she appeared in over 300 films. Grey is well aware of the work that goes into a healthy sex life, stating:

“Try harder! Start dressing up for fun, verbalize your desires, and don’t just keep them to yourself. Go shopping for sexy outfits so she can dress up for you. Don’t leave that up to her, or she will feel that she doesn’t excite you anymore. Outside of the bedroom when you two go out, you should both dress up, so when you come home, you’re even more excited to destroy each other.”

It can be easy to start to fall into a routine with your partner, but Grey makes sure that you guys never lose that effort.

2. Seymoure Butts

Via media.tmz and

via media.tmz and

Seymoure Butts is a talented adult film producer, as well as an author of a sex guide for modern men. He even had a show entitled Family Business! When talking about the important qualities to have in the bedroom, he wisely jumped immediately to the importance of communication:

“Being able to communicate what it is that you want out of your sexual relationship is so important, just as being able to be a good listener and create an atmosphere where your partner feels as if they can say anything that they need to say to you. I think it all starts with communication.”

The more you can feel that you can talk to your partner, the more comfortable you will both be about expanding your comfort zones.

1. Ron Jeremy

Via Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


If you saw Ron Jeremy walking down the street, one of the last things you may think is that this guy is one of the biggest adult film stars of all time. Yet, there is no doubt that he is, as he has appeared in an astonishing 2216 films in his career that started in 1979. For all that love making, you may wonder if Ron still has energy at home, but he assures you that his advice is something he uses all the time:

This is for real life and for my movies as well, speak in a breathy tone and do not force the comments. If a woman is making a face that is very forced and obvious, it seems like she it trying too hard. Sometimes a girl might be making an unattractive face and this means she is really getting off! This is a turn on!”

The more you can relax, the more fun you’ll both have!


15 Pieces Of Intimacy Advice From Porn Professionals



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