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Theories about action movies may range from the absurd to the surprisingly viable, but they all share one thing: They’re fun as hell. Believe it or not, there is actually a theory that puts the Die Hard movies in the same universe as the Pixar movies. And that might not even be the craziest one! From James Bond to The Matrix to Schwarzenegger to Jackie Chan, theories abound for virtually every action star, superhero, and franchise.

While the more believable action movie fan theories can be fascinating, the unbelievable ones are generally pretty freaking hilarious. Basically, you can’t go wrong. Here are some of the wildest action movie fan theories on the web.


Sean Connery’s Character In ‘The Rock’ Is An Older James Bond

Photo:  The Rock/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Unfortunately, the Redditor who shared this thought-provoking theory that John Mason (Sean Connery) in The Rock is the former 007 has deleted their account, but it doesn’t make the theory any less intriguing:

“Sean Connery’s character is James Bond. Think about it. He was once an agent of the British government who was discovered on a top secret infiltration mission in America. The British government instantly disavowed him. At one point in the movie, the FBI director says “This man does not exist in America or Great Britain”. Acting under M16 protocol, he gave a fake name upon discovery. I mean, his name in The Rock is John Mason. Sounds pretty generic, doesn’t it? This also ties in with the theory that James Bond is just a title passed from agent to agent.”

‘Predator’ And ‘Terminator’ Share A Universe

Photo: Alien vs. Predator/Capcom

David Israel Nunez Alvear offers a very long explanation linking the Predator and Terminator franchises, but it actually all comes down to one clue in a video game. Schwarzenegger’s character from Predator (Dutch) never shows up again in the films, but he does show up in the game Aliens Vs. Predator, which takes place after the events of Predator, and identifies Dutch as a cyborg, codename CDS-170A3. The theory states that Dutch was used as the template for the first Terminator (model 101) made by Cyberdyne Systems, or CDS for short.

Theron Is The Boy In The Beginning Of ‘300’

Photo: 300/Warner Bros.

Redditor /u/lalallaalal asks an intriguing question: “Why is Theron (Dominic West) such a traitorous douche nozzle?” This is the theory:

“I was thinking about it this morning and I think that Theron is the boy getting beat down by Leonidas (Gerard Butler in the opening sequence.) This would explain why he’s willing to sell his people out to the Persians. He’s always hated the Spartan way of life because of how weak he was as a boy. He sees the Persians as a way to destroy the current way of life and build it in a way he sees fit.”

James Bond Is A Codename

Photo: Skyfall/MGM

There are actually quite a few variations of the theory that James Bond is just a codename, but as this former Redditor points out, that theory died down somewhat when we saw the gravestones of Mr. and Mrs. Bond in Skyfall. However, the theory lives on, and this particular one explains it by guessing 007 is brainwashed:

“The suggestions of this reality are all there, with one standing above all the others: the relationship between Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem’s character), M (Judi Dench), and James Bond. Silva is a former MI6 agent who worked under M, before taking up the occupation of cyber-terrorist. Throughout the film, he repeatedly attempts to bond with 007, including referring to both himself and Bond as rats, held and tortured by M.

“And this next part of my theory is a credit to Bardem’s acting, as it’s something I cannot capture through simple plot synopsis and analysis. There is an element to Bardem’s acting that not only ensnares you, but in which it appears that he has a secret he isn’t sharing. His grin, his eyes, his body language, and the way he lingers on certain words as he speaks.”

Basically, Silva’s behavior is evidence of a formerly brainwashed spy who was driven insane by the manipulation, but has also evolved enough to recognize the tampering with his mind. Some Bonds have memories of their predecessors while others don’t because some are more thoroughly brainwashed than others.

Johnny Utah Of ‘Point Break’ Became John Wick

Photo: John WIck/Summit Entertainment

Redditor /u/itsbt offers a pretty lengthy theory connecting Keanu Reeves’s characters from Point Break and John Wick, suggesting Johnny Utah could no longer be a man of the law after Point Break, so he turned to the criminal underground and became John Wick. Here’s an abbreviated version of the theory:

  • Both characters are highly trained with weapons and have a similar fighting style
  • Both characters drive a classic Mustang (one a ’69, the other a ’70)
  • Both have the same taste in women: “short haired, fair-skinned brunettes”
  • Both John Wick and Point Break are connected to the universe of the video game Payday, so the two movies are connected through the transitive property.

Jason Statham Plays His ‘Transporter’ Character Frank Martin In All His Action Movies

Photo: The Transporter/20th Century Fox

Redditor /u/UltimateRazorsEdge isn’t buying Jason Statham as anyone other than Frank Martin of the Transporter series. He breaks it down:

“-The Transporter 1, 2 and 3 are about Frank Martin directly

The Expendables 1, 2 and 3 feature Martin using the alias of Lee Christmas with the other mercenaries

The Mechanic is another film about a mercenary type character played by Statham that escapes certain death

Homefront is about a former DEA agent with multiple identities and great combat skills that fights off the bad guys and again survives death

Parker is about a thief who, although doesn’t like to kill people, does it fine when needed and also possesses pretty good fighting and weapons skills

Collateral even features a short cameo with Frank Martin handing off a brief case to Tom Cruise’s character

…I think it’s pretty clear that Frank Martin is behind the majority of Statham’s bigger action movies”

‘The Bourne Legacy’ Is Hawkeye’s Origin Story

Photo: Bourne Legacy/Universal Pictures/The Avengers/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Redditor /u/learethak essentially asks the question, “How can Jeremy Renner be in the MCU and a Bourne movie?” The answer, apparently, is that he plays the same character in both:

“How was Hawkeye able keep up with the Avengers and have such proficiency in a variety of weapons. Simple… Hawkeye is an escaped Treadstone agent.

“Treadstone was yet another shadowy government agency with a super soldier program… testing yet another attempt to recreate the Super Soldier Program that produced Captain America. While it was not as successful as the serum used on the Captain, nonetheless Hawkeye/Aaron Cross was improved human with exceptional hand-eye coordination, stamina, cold weather resistance, etc.

“We also know that SHIELD has a history of recruiting people with exceptional talents but dubious pasts and giving them a chance to do “good.” Whom better then a former assassin?

“This also further also helps explain why Natasha was able to break him free from Loki’s grip is he already had experience shaking off programming/mind control from fighting off the Treadstone conditioning years earlier.”

Mad Max Is One Of The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, Specifically Death

Photo: Mad Max: Fury Road/Warner Bros.

Redditor /u/Zephyrbal has an explanation for why Max didn’t seem to age a day over the course of the decades that past between the first Mad Max and Fury Road: He’s a horsemen of the apocalypse. But here’s the kicker – humanity kind of beat him to his job. The theory rests on four pillars (fittingly):

  1. He doesn’t age (as already established)
  2. He is “an agent of change”
  3. “On a chrome horse he rides” – he is naturally adept at operating any kind of vehicle
  4. He is “unreasonably durable”

Zephyrbal concludes:

“Max is a horseman in a now irrelevant apocalypse, though he is certainly not aware of that fact. He is driven to travel endlessly, unconsciously guiding the righteous toward salvation (though of a purely terrestrial kind) and punishing the wicked. He possesses supernatural longevity, likely until his purpose is fulfilled, and he also possesses several other seemingly supernatural traits (such as always being able to find another interceptor), though he seems to be aware of none of them. His true purpose subverted by our own self-destruction, he is doomed to wander.

“To answer the speculation of so many on which Horseman max represents in this theory, I believe Death fits the best. No matter what the scenario the thing that Max brings the most of is Death.”

Harry And Helen From ‘True Lies’ Had A Shotgun Wedding

Photo: True Lies/20th Century Fox

Redditor /u/indyK1ng thinks there’s something fishy about the marriage of Harry (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Helen Tasker (Jamie Lee Curtis) in True Lies. Harry is a spy, which he doesn’t reveal to his wife until he’s given truth serum; he tells her he’s been lying to her for 17 years. The villain, Juno (Tia Carrere) corroborates this, though she pegs Harry’s deceit at 15 years.

indyK1ng believes this discrepancy can be explained by Juno’s knowledge of their marriage, which he presumes is 15 years old. They also have a 14-year-old daughter. Thus, concludes indyK1ng, Helen was most likely pregnant when they got married, given the tight timeline, and further speculates their marriage might not be as happy as it appears, or at least didn’t start that way.


Nyah From ‘Mission Impossible II’ Was Actually Jane Carter From ‘Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ In A Mask

Photo: Mission Impossible II/Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol/Paramount Pictures

Paula Patton plays agent Jane Carter in Ghost Protocol, but Redditor /u/Airkay88 thinks we’ve seen the character before:

“Nyah (Thandie Newton) is the MI2‘s villian’s old girlfriend, and he’s a rogue IMF agent. The theory is Nyah is actually an IMF agent sent to monitor the agent turned villain when he was still active, like the IMF team sent to monitor Ethan back in MI1. Why would IMF risk their mission on a civilian when they have the IMF mask technology.

“And she later re-surfaces in Ghost Protocol, probably asked to be assigned to Ethan to make up for ditching him two movies ago. [Sort] of like Ethan keeping an eye on his ex, she’s sought (sic) of doing the same.”

Kurt Mayron From ‘Daddy’s Home 2’ Is Martin Riggs From ‘Lethal Weapon’

Photo: Lethal Weapon/Warner Bros./Daddy’s Home 2/Paramount

Mel Gibson plays Martin Riggs in the Lethal Weapon franchise, but he also plays Kurt Mayron (father of Mark Wahlberg’s character) in Daddy’s Home 2. Redditor /u/Therealethandunne believes there’s a connection:

“Riggs’s wife is dead in the events of the first film. Kurt’s son Dusty never talks about his mother, nor does she ever appear. Another time, Don Whitaker tells Kurt he should look into joining an improv club. Kurt then states, “I’d rather look into a loaded gun.” Martin almost attempts suicide and looks into his loaded gun. But why the name change? Martin doesn’t want to live in his shadow of the past when he killed people so he changed his name to forget about the past. This whole theory can be held together by the fact that each character is portrayed by Mel Gibson.”

Lee And Carter Both Die At The End Of ‘Rush Hour 3’

Photo: Rush Hour 3/New Line Cinema

Redditor/u/TheTrueRory’s theory that Lee (Jackie Chan) and Carter (Chris Tucker) die at the end of Rush Hour 3 is heartbreaking, but you must hear this Redditor out:

“Near the end of Rush Hour 3, Lee and Carter are parachuting from the Eiffel Tower using the French flag while Triads are shooting at them… When they land, the treasured girl is being held captive. It is at this point that the French taxi driver kills the bad guy, Lee and Carter get to punch out the head Parisian police inspector, and they dance off into the sunset.

“This wraps up far too nicely. Won`t the taxi driver go to jail for murder? Won’t Lee and Carter go to jail for assaulting a police officer? There is no music playing; how are they dancing the same dance to the exact song playing over?

“I believe they died in the landing. Half way down their parachute is torn in half by machine gun fire. There is no way they could have survived the rest of the fall.”

The President Staged The Hijacking In ‘Air Force One’

Photo: Air Force One/Columbia Pictures

The visionary Redditor /u/aerostotle has a pretty fascinating theory about Air Force One, namely that President James Marshall (Harrison Ford) staged the hijacking for political gain. The (long) theory is broken down into seven points, abbreviated here:

  1. Both the president’s National Security Advisor and Chief of Staff died early in the movie, and they both had disagreed with him on his “no negotiating with terrorists” policy. This is not an accident.
  2. Marshall actually did negotiate in the end, but the government covered that up.
  3. Marshall’s heroics all but guarantee him a victory in the next election.
  4. The power hungry Secretary of Defense reacted poorly to the situation, allowing Marshall to fire him, eliminating a potential political threat.
  5. Marshall didn’t like the Air Force One staff because his pilot laughed at his desire to go to Barbados and a flight attendant prematurely told him a football score, so he didn’t mind endangering them.
  6. Gibbs (Xander Berkeley) proves his lack of character when he turns on Marshall in the end, but it was this weakness of character that convinced Marshall to include Gibbs in the scheme from the beginning, which he did.
  7. The terrorists were Russian because Marshall spoke Russian, which allowed him to communicate with them without others understanding.

Dom From ‘The Fast And The Furious’ Franchise Is A Terminator

Photo: Fast Five/Universal Pictures/Amazon

Redditor /u/Jimandthem thinks highly of Dom Toeretto (Vin Diesel) of the Fast and Furious franchise. Very highly. Based on the fact that Universal tried to get the rights to Terminator back in the day, this Redditor believes Toretto is one of the cybernetic organisms from the future. He points to five pieces of evidence:

  1. Dom apparently has super strength, evidenced by him holding up an engine block in Fast and Furious with one hand.
  2. He doesn’t feel pain, which is made clear by his lack of reaction when he gets hit by a crowbar in that same movie.
  3. His fighting style is reminiscent of the Terminator’s.
  4. His plans never take into account his bodily safety; refer to #2 for an explanation of that.
  5. He seems un-killable, surviving a terrible bus crash and a car roll into a burning plane in Fast Five, as well as a cliff dive into a helicopter in Furious 7to name a few examples.

Die Hard’ And Pixar Movies Exist In The Same Universe

Photo: Toy Story/Pixar/Die Hard/20th Century Fox

The “Pixar Theory” (that all Pixar movies exist in the same universe) has essentially been confirmed to be true by Disney, so Max Knoblauch’s notion that all the Pixar movies also share a universe with Die Hard at least starts from a somewhat sound base. Then it gets a little less reasonable. Here’s the breakdown:

  • John McClane references pizza in the first Die Hard movie, a supposed allusion to the Pizza Planet truck first shown in Toy Story, which subsequently showed up in all other Pixar movies. (Also, the Pizza Planet truck could be in any traffic sequence in the Die Hard franchise, just obscured by other vehicles on the road.)
  • Toy Story 3 features a train with a number 95 on it, the same year (1995) that the third Die Hard movie was released which also had a train sequence.
  • Up and A Good Day to Die Hard have similar plots if you explain them very superficially.
  • The ubiquitous chase scenes throughout the Die Hard franchise explain the future world of Cars, because cars.



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