15 Pranks Gone Wrong That Killed People

Some people believe that pranks, in general, are taking things too far, but that’s usually just because they are on the receiving end of it. There are some jokes or pranks that do take things too far to even be considered funny. Pranks that result in emotional scarring or other feelings of alienation and self-doubt are among these types. Another obvious type of prank that would be too much would be the ones that result in death.

Below are 15 different accounts of pranks that went sour. Some of these stories include pranks that seem too stupid for anyone to commit while others are just unfortunate accidents that were never meant to happen. Regardless of the pranksters’ intentions, all of these awful pranks resulted in the death of at least one individual.

Some of the culprits will now have to live with lengthy prison sentences while others have to deal with the repercussions of killing one of their best friends. Some of these pranksters ended up paying the ultimate price and made a deal that they couldn’t come back from. Whatever you think of these ridiculous pranksters and their stories, please do not try any of the following at home or anywhere else. It could result in injury or even death. On another note, if you are the one getting pranked, don’t be so quick to reach for your gun and draw blood. Just waiting for even a few more seconds could have saved the lives of a few of these people that got themselves killed.

15. Covers A Stop Sign With Saran Wrap, Kills Two Women

Pranks involving saran wrap aren’t uncommon, ever heard of the one where you cover the toilet seat with the stuff? It’s a messy ending. This saran wrap prank, however, ended up killing two elderly women who were just out for a drive. Longtime pranksters, Seth Stonerock and Derek Greenlee constantly had new prank videos uploaded to their Facebook account, so when this video appeared in August of 2011, people didn’t think anything was unusual. The duo had taken the plastic wrap to a four-way stop with stop signs and covered one of the signs up until it was illegible. When the two sisters, Jeanna Shae and Mary Sprangler, didn’t see the stop sign, they continued on down the road and were hit hard by an SUV that had the right of way. Mary died at the scene while Jeanna died later at the hospital. Stonerock ended up serving eight months of his four-year sentence whereas Greenlee’s charges were dismissed after they both admitted that only Stonerock had actually covered the sign.

14. Shooting Friend With An Air Gun, That Was Actually A Rifle

When Nicholas Bell grabbed what he thought was an air rifle and shot his best friend, Jeffrey Carbonneau, in the chest in an attempt to scare him, he didn’t realize that it was an actual rifle. You might be thinking why would someone randomly pick up what even resembles a gun, point it at a friend, and pull the trigger, you’re not alone. Although it seems like a ridiculous notion in the first place, it still happened and, of course, poor Jeffrey died on the spot. After pleading no contest to the charges against him, Bell received one year in prison and seven years deferred. The obvious takeaway from this story is to not handle guns or gun lookalikes frivolously. It’s all fun and games until someone gets shot.

13. Becoming The Dead Decor

Poor Jordan Morlan decided to get another prank in on his little sister while he was hanging up the Halloween decorations outside their home in 2013; little did he know, it would be the last prank he ever pulled. Playing jokes and pulling pranks on his sister was something that he was known for so when the sister ran into the house to tell their mom that Jordan was hanging from a noose in the tree, she didn’t think much of it and she told her daughter that it was just another prank. She did, however, become concerned when her daughter then told her that he was drooling and she rushed out to the tree. She called 911 and tried, unsuccessfully, to get him down out of the tree. He later died from organ failure. After he had put the noose around his neck he became disoriented and then passed out once the noose tightened. What a horrifying Halloween.

12. Impersonating A Legend, And Hit By Scared Driver

Believe it or not, there are people in this world that get a kick out of dressing up as the legendary crypto, Bigfoot. If there weren’t so many people out there trying to scare, confuse, or entertain others, there wouldn’t be so many people out there hunting them down and capturing the great beast on film. When Randy Tenley decided to dress the part back in 2012, he thought that he was just going out to scare those passing by. Unfortunately, he spooked two teen drivers who ended up solving the problem by running the monster over. The two were never charged but Randy succumbed to his injuries and died as a result. What a thing to have written on your epitaph.

11. An Atomic Wedgie Gone Wrong

This story seems to start off as some kind of joke but it ends up having a sick ending. After his stepfather was arguing with his mom, Brad Davis stood up and got ready to confront the 58-year-old man. Apparently, he didn’t know how to throw a punch and he grabbed his stepdad’s underwear waistband and pulled up in the ultimate wedgie from hell. Sadly, after his waistband was pulled so high, it got caught around Denver St. Clair’s neck and asphyxiated him. Although Brad tried to claim self-defense due to the prior argument, he received a 30-year sentence for his “prank” gone wrong.

10. Coming Out Of The Closet To Be Killed

When 18-year-old Premila Lal and her younger cousin hid in the closet of their soon-to-be-sold home, they had no idea that the next time they would emerge from the closet, one of them would be killed. The house was supposed to be vacant and since the two that were supposed to be watching the house, family friend, Nerrek Galley, and Premila’s brother had no idea the girls were hiding inside, they thought that there were intruders in the house hiding in the closet. Being a gun nut, Galley equipped both himself and the 15-year-old Lal boy with guns and they began searching the home. When the girls jumped out of the closet, as their prank intended for them to do, Galley thought that Premila was an intruder trying to attack and he opened fire on the girl. She was taken to the hospital but she passed away a few hours later.

9. Creepy Clown Had It Coming

Honestly, this stupid clown had it coming. Not because anyone deserves to die, but for the fact that Igor Chaldov not only dressed up as a scary clown to scare the wit out of people, but he also wielded a knife. To top it all off, he was hiding in the shadows before he would choose his next victim, jump out and scare them. However, Igor didn’t realize that the next time he would jump out to scare someone, he would get a scare of his own. A man that would not be scared so easily went over to the place where Igor was and before the crazy clown could explain anything, the man shot him point blank in the face. Again, we don’t condone killing and no one deserves to die but you also can’t just go running around in a clown suit with a knife trying to scare people. Use common sense.

8. Ding Dong Dead

When Mark Drewes ran around the neighborhood ringing and ditching doorbells, he didn’t think much of it. Why would he? It’s a stupid little prank that has been around forever, everybody does it, right? Well, he picked the wrong doorbell to ring in 2003. When homeowner Jay Levin thought that the 16-year-old was an armed intruder, he grabbed his gun and headed for the door. Mark didn’t have enough time to run for cover before Levin opened fire and killed the young prankster. He was sentenced to 52 weeks in jail along with paying $750,000 in restitution to Mark’s parents. It does leave you to wonder why Levin was so quick to jump to the thought of an armed intruder. The boy rang the doorbell and left. What sort of thief rings the doorbell? It would be pretty bold to ring the bell and run to the back door to get inside while they’re distracted up front, but that’s not what Drewes was trying to do.

7. Shooting A Bulletproof Vest

While under the influence of drugs and alcohol, two best friends, Mark Ramiro and Darnell Mitchell, wanted to see if wearing a bulletproof vest could really save your life. As it turns out, you should never be operating a firearm while under the influence of anything and you shouldn’t be testing things out that involve guns without being a professional first. However, Mitchell donned the vest and Ramiro took the shot, and missed. Instead of hitting the vest as intended, he missed and hit him in a spot that wasn’t protected. Mitchell died as the result of this foolish prank and Ramiro not only has to live with the shame of killing his best friend of 15 years, but he also gets to serve a sentence.

6. When Romeo And Juliet Gets Too Real

After 11-year-old Tysen Benz had read several social media posts that indicated that his 13-year-old girlfriend had committed suicide, he felt a need to have the same fate. The posts, which were just a joke, weren’t exactly a laughing matter when Tysen’s mother found the poor kid hanging from the ceiling of his room. He had thought that the posts were real and he couldn’t deal with the grief. It’s a sad day when someone pretends that they are dead and gone, knowing that no matter what, someone is going to end up hurt. It’s only made worse when someone does indeed die as a result of this awful prank. This stunt turned from a joke into something all too real.

5. Don’t Push Your Friends In The Water, Or They’ll Be Swimming With The Fishes

In 2016, a few friends were on a boat on a river cruise in Portugal. Wanting to prank their friend and get him soaking wet, several friends went to push a fellow friend off the side of the boat. When they followed through with the plan, the man, Nishanthan Gnanathas, hit his head on a part of the boat on the way down. After he fell into the water and didn’t come back up, they knew that something was wrong. Unfortunately, the body of their friend never came back up which prompted a coast wide search of the now presumed corpse. His body was found just a few days later, right as authorities were about to give up on the search. Since the incident was deemed an “accident,” the victim’s family decided not to press charges against any of the friends involved.

4. Don’t Ask A Gang Member If They Want To “Dye”

When Ryan Wilson and his friend unknowingly walked up to two members of the Vice Lords gang, they asked them a simple question, one that got Wilson killed. The question was “Are you ready to dye?” after which Wilson would pull out a box of Clairol hair “dye.” The duo had performed this trick to dozens of others in Chicago and they didn’t see the problem in trying to prank the two men. Unfortunately, the two gang members didn’t take to kindly to being asked if they were ready to die and one pulled out a gun and shot Wilson multiple times in the head. When he arrived at the University of Chicago Medical Center, he was pronounced dead. These days you have to be clear with what you are trying to communicate with people. Yes, it was a prank, but you shouldn’t be asking strangers if they are ready to “dye.” It was a fatal error.

3. Netflix And Fire

After his friend fell asleep on him, Eric Morelli decided that it was a good idea to throw a lit sparkler through his friend’s apartment window to wake them up so they could finally watch Netflix and chill. Unfortunately, throwing anything on fire into a home where everyone is sleeping isn’t a good idea and as fate would have it, the friend’s apartment lit up in flames. As a result from the smoke caused by the fire, the friend’s sister, Kristin Milano died from smoke inhalation. Although throwing something on fire into a window seems like an obvious no-no, it’s clear that this is something that needs to be reiterated. Do not throw things lit on fire through any sort of window, ever!!!

2. A Royal Mishap Leads To One Nurse’s Death

When Duchess Kate Middleton was pregnant with her first child, she made regular visits to King Edward VII Hospital to be treated for morning sickness and everyone around the world wanted the inside scoop. What started off as a harmless phone call prank by radio show hosts from Australia ended up costing one nurse her life. When Jacintha Saldanha answered the phone and was told that she was talking to the Queen of England herself, which was really just the radio show hosts, Mel and Mike, she believed the story and patched the call through to the nurse overseeing the Duchess’ care. A few days later, however, the story was viral and Jacintha realized that she had been duped. Horribly embarrassed at the whole ordeal, the nurse took her own life by hanging herself in the nurses’ quarters at the hospital.

1. Wrapped In Saran Wrap And A Crushed Esophagus

Sergei Casper was only 17 years old when his life was cut short by his classmates while his teacher stood by and watched the whole thing. In December of 2014, fellow classmates of Sergei took the boy and wrapped him completely with saran wrap, so tight that he was unable to move. After he was tied tight, they dragged him to the bathroom, dunked him in the toilet and then proceeded to drag him into their classroom. In front of the teacher and the rest of the class, Sergei slipped and hit the teacher’s desk in front of him, crushing his esophagus. As he lay there on the ground his classmates stood around and laughed while his teacher still did nothing. It wasn’t until a while after that the students had realized how serious the situation had become and they then called an ambulance. Poor Sergei died later at the hospital. The students were expelled but that’s about it. Seriously, though? Even the premise of this prank was never a good idea to begin with. Who the f does that to somebody?

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