15 Most Promiscuous Superheroes In Comics

15 Most Promiscuous Superheroes In Comics

Since their popular inception in the late 1930s and early 1940s, superheroes and villains have been a part of the public consciousness for nearly a century. From flights and tights, to capes and masks, they’ve managed to transition and evolve over the eras, and are currently more mainstream than they ever have been.

Among the many years these characters have been written and interpreted, several of them have become romantically (or just purely sexually) involved with many a partner. Sometimes, these sexual and flirtatious interactions are somewhat unintentional, but enough of them are anything but an accident. Some of the examples on this list are a bit tame in comparison to some others, but all of them have either had many romantic interests, are promiscuous by their very nature, or both.

Dim the lights, light the candles, and clandestinely set your sights on the 15 Most Promiscuous Superheroes In Comics.


While not known for being a notorious flirt, Peter Parker has managed to get involved with a bunch of women throughout his comic career. While Gwen Stacy is famously Parker’s first love, the first woman he actually dated was Betty Brant of the Daily Bugle (which also happened in the short-lived animated show The Spectacular Spider-Man). There’s also Liz Allen, who isn’t known to have dated Parker, but is known to have liked him (and Peter may have also liked her back at some point, and will do so in Spider-Man Homecoming).

After Gwen’s shocking death, Peter was obviously distraught and became much closer with his other female companion, Mary Jane Watson. Their relationship blossoms into a romance, but when Peter proposes to her, MJ declines (though a second attempt eventually works out). In-between all this, Parker also involved himself with one Debra Whitman (an employee at Empire State University) and Felicia Hardy (otherwise known as the Black Cat). Even as recently as a couple of years ago, Peter and Cindy Moon (aka Silk) got involved with each other.


The cousin of Bruce Banner, Jennifer Walters was a shy defense lawyer before an emergency blood transfusion caused her to become She-Hulk. As the green-skinned hero, Jennifer found her ideal self, a woman who was confident, upfront, feisty, and not afraid to fully express herself. As such, Jennifer prefers to stay permanently green (unlike Bruce), and has usually been seen as such throughout her comics career.

In-between, Jennifer has managed to get involved with a surprising amount of people, including her childhood friend Zapper, Richard Rory, Starfox (whom she defended in court and also shows up on this list), Wyatt Wingfoot, Tony Stark (also on this list), Power Man (aka Luke Cage), and John Jameson, the last of whom she was married to. She’s even wanted to get involved with Hercules and Wolverine, though Wolverine wasn’t interested because he claimed she had slept with Juggernaut (in actuality, it was an alternate universe version of Jennifer).


A millionaire playboy in a similar vein to Bruce Wayne (more on him later), Oliver Queen is the head of Queen Industries and is most commonly known to have been shipwrecked on an island for several years. He comes back to his home of Star City (sometimes Seattle) and becomes the Green Arrow, using his hunter and archer skills to take down baddies of all types. Over the years, Ollie has been fleshed out to be a hero of the people, fighting crime and righting wrongs for the working-class, as well as being very environmentally conscious and politically left-leaning.

Though he’s been written as a womanizing playboy, his most popular and well-known relationship has been with Dinah Lance (aka Black Canary), who were infamously not a couple during The New 52 era. Along with Dinha, Oliver has also gotten involved with Joanna Pierce, Moonday Hawke, and most infamously Shado, who is not only an adversary of his, but also a lady who once raped him and mothered his child, Robert Queen.


A flirt of the highest order (though not always a hero in the traditional sense), Selina Kyle is best known as a cat burglar and anti-hero. Often depicted as having been raised an orphan and learning her trade on the mean streets of Gotham, Selina has had multiple run-ins with the one and only Batman, whom has also been her most prominent love interest.

Selina has shown herself to be quite close to other characters (such as Slam Bradley and Eiko Hasigawa, having a baby with the former and sharing a kiss with the latter), as well as using her sexuality to her advantage. But while she can be quite friendly with others, it’s almost always the Batman whom she enjoys playing with the most. While a recent storyline has seen the Caped Crusader propose to her, their relationship has always been portrayed as one between cat and mouse, with Bats going after Selina in some capacity.


First starting his crimefighting life as Batman’s sidekick Robin, Dick Grayson eventually came into his own as the popular and always-involved-in-a-love-triangle Nightwing. Being an adult with his own problems, Dick’s managed to get involved with a steady amount of women, almost never having a mainstay love interest. It could easily be a circumstance of being just so attractive, or perhaps his life as a superhero just results in many a romantic encounter.

Of the many women Dick has interacted with (not all consensual, either), the two that stand-out are Barbara Gordon and Princess Koriand’r. Both redheads (pure coincidence, of course), Dick has often been involved with one or the other, which often results in jealousy and general issues among them. This romantic rivalry has reached Betty and Veronica levels in popular culture, with the couples being referred to as DickBabs and DickFire. Folks get a lot of mileage out of the “Nightwing’s name is Dick” joke, it seems.


Speaking of Dick Grayson, Princess Koriand’r (aka Starfire) has been a well-known love interest for him, but he’s only one of the persons Kori has locked lips with over the years. Princess of Tamaran, Kori saw her home planet come under invasion and enslavement, thanks in part to her jealous sister Komand’r, who did not harvest the same solar energy needed to be on the throne. After several years, an event allowed Kori to escape, steal a spaceship, and travel to the nearest inhabitable planet: Earth.

Aside from Robin (as seen in not only the comics but the popular Teen Titans animated series), Kori has been married to General Phy’zzon (whom she loved) and Prince Karras (whom she married for political reasons), both Tamaraneans. She was also seen as being more outwardly sexual in Red Hood and the Outlaws during The New 52, and being romantically involved with both Red Hood (Jason Todd) and Arsenal (Roy Harper). In a slightly less sexual way, Kori can be seen in her solo series Starfire kissing an individual to learn their language, as well as coming off as promiscuous due to her ignorance of Earthly customs.


Not many superheroes can make the claim that they’ve been accused and put on trial for sexual assault, but then not all superheroes are Eros of Titan. A member of the genetically human offshoots, the Eternals, and brother of the one and only Thanos, Eros (or Starfox, as he’s also known) is a well known womanizer and pleasure seeker. One of his special abilities he’s honed over the years allows him to influence those around him by activating the pleasure sensors in one’s brain.

While he’s definitely acted as a traditional superhero (including teaming up with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers), his aforementioned sexual assault case saw She-Hulk defend him, as well as suspect that he had used his powers on her in the past. The court case eventually had Eros decide to stop using his powers of persuasion, opting to have them disabled permanently. It was…for the best.


If there’s ever been a hero who’s in it for fame and glory, it’s none other than the 25th century’s very own Booster Gold. Using Rip Hunter’s time machine and grabbing garb from a superhero museum, Booster traveled to the 20th century, along with his robotic companion Skeets, to become famous through heroism. While he’s eventually found out to be not from this century, he manages to become a legitimate superhero and forge a friendship with his fellow Justice League member, Blue Beetle.

While he’s gotten plenty of character development over the years (and saved the universe a couple times), his love of sponsorship’s and endorsements has always been as present as his love of attention. As it turns out, he’s rarely (if ever) seen to have any kind of a permanent partner, as he’s been seen with various women at different points in time. We can only presume it’s one of the curses (or perks) of being such a popular endorser of Soder Cola.


You know you’ve got a past as quite the ladies man when you need to emphasize to Howard the Duck that you’re currently a one-woman kind of man and are definitely not dating more than one person at a time right now. Johnny Storm has shown himself to be quite the brash young man (especially when contrasted with his sister, Sue), fond of showing off and getting the attention of attractive women. He’s most famous as a founding member of the Fantastic Four, which includes his sister, Reed Richards, and Ben Grimm. He’s also well known for his friendships with fellow heroes such as Spider-Man.

Among the many romantic relationships he’s had (both super and civilian), he’s been involved with Crystal, an Inhuman (who broke up with him due to reasons related to his species), Nova, aka Frankie Raye (who broke up with him to be Galactus’ new herald), Namorita, an Atlantean (who pursued a career in Hollywood), and with a disguised Skrull agent (whom he married, no less).


Unique among heroes, villains, demons, and gods, John Constantine would probably rather not be labeled a hero. One of the few characters in Vertigo and DC Comics to age in real time (he was born in 1953), Constantine is a man of the occult, dabbling and getting involved in supernatural oddities, disasters, and especially deaths. A true British cynic, Constantine is characterized by his trademark blonde hair, trench coat, neck tie, and chain smoking. He’s also openly bisexual and has had many, many partners in his lifetime; though, unfortunately, many have either walked out on him or flat out died (the same goes for his platonic friends, as well). A good friend of Swamp Thing, he works as an occult detective and is known to have saved a life here and there.

Being more on the cult side of popularity, Constantine has appeared in media sparingly and somewhat infamously. A 2005 film starring Keanu Reeves as the titular character got mixed reviews, especially among fans, since its deception of him was almost nothing like his comic counterpart. To date, Matt Ryan has remained the favorite live-action adaption for being, among other things, blonde and British.


Blind attorney by day, protector of Hell’s Kitchen by night, Matt Murdock’s life isn’t a very cheery one. That said, he’s managed to get involved with several women, many of which have met an unfortunate end. Among the ladies in Matt’s past (including Heather Glenn, Becky Blake, Glorinna O’Breen, and Maya Lopez, and more recently, Kirsten McDuffie), there are a few notable ones who’ve made quite the impact throughout the series.

For starters, there’s Karen Page, whose life of a series of tragedies (villain father, mental breakdowns, heroin addict, being cheated on) ultimately ended with her dying at the hands of Bullseye to save Matt. Then there’s Elektra Natchios, who met Matt in college; everything was fine until her father died, which resulted in her leaving and becoming an assassin for the Hand. Their relationship then became one similar to that of Batman and Catwoman’s. Even though this Elektra was a very different person than the woman he’d first fallen for, Matt had no problems getting romantic with her. Sadly, she too died by Bullseye’s hand, but she would later be resurrected (again and again).


Maybe it has something to do with being an arrogant, billionaire, playboy genius, but Tony Stark’s list of romantic encounters is a long one, to say the least. It may have much to do with the fact that he’s also Iron Man, travels the globe, and interacts with many people for superheroing and business reasons alike.

While Pepper Pots has been seen as a main love interest (at least in the Marvel Cinematic Universe), Tony is known to have involved himself with the likes of Natasha Romanova (Black Widow), Janet Van Dyne (The Wasp), and Whitney Frost (aka Madame Masque). Some of his relationships were also affected by business interests, such as his first love as a teenager, Meredith McCall, who was the daughter of a business rival, which led to them becoming separated. There’s also Rumiko Fujikawa, who dated Tony to defy her father, whose business had merged with Stark’s. They don’t call him a playboy for nothing.


Speaking of billionaire playboys in comics, no one’s as popular, brooding, and well-known as the one and only Bruce Wayne. There isn’t a comic era or media adaption that hasn’t had him hooking up with someone, whether as Batman, Bruce, or both. There’s the popular aforementioned pairing of him and Selina Kyle, his dangerous pairing with Talia Al Ghul (which has resulted in at least one child), as well as the often well-liked but not often seen flirtation he’s shared with Princess Diana (aka Wonder Woman).

But it doesn’t stop there: Bruce has gotten involved with several reporters as well, from the more recent Charlotte Rivers, to the classic Vicki Vale, to even Lois Lane (which became a plot point in several episodes of Superman: The Animated Series). His romantic interests have also extended to fellow supers like the aforementioned Diana and the magical Zatanna, as well as the villainous Natalia Knight (aka Nocturna). If he’s not perched up on a gargoyle watching over Gotham, it’s a safe bet that you’ll find the Dark Knight rolling around on a rooftop with his latest special someone.


For a guy with heavily disfigured skin, Wade Wilson sure does get around. Probably due to him being so loony, as well as his self-aware nature of being a comic book character, Wade has involved himself with many a partner, as well as flirt with many a teammate. It’s even been noted by co-creator Fabien Nicieza that Wade has no sexual orientation, since it fluctuates so frequently.

Among the various folk that Wade has engaged himself with, there’s Vanessa Carlyle (aka Copycat), whom he had a strong relationship with but eventually put a stop to it when he learned he had cancer. Of course, Wade got a lot better, but their relationship never returned to what it once was, especially later on when Copycat became an enemy. One of his more interesting love interests is Death herself, who would see Wade during his days of becoming Weapon X. They were torturous days, but seeing Death in his near-death experiences got him through them.

These days, he’s locking lips with Rogue of X-Men fame, which is…interesting.


One of the most famous comic book characters out there, Logan (born James Howlett) has lived for well over a century. Most seen living the life of a loner, he’s managed to rack up a hefty list of past relationships that don’t always end well.

As seen on the popular animated show of the 1990s and popular film series of the 2000s, Logan meets Jean Grey when he comes to Xavier’s school. He falls crazy in love with her, but she remains the ultimate tease, never wanting to disrupt her relationship with one Scott Summers (aka Cyclopes). There’s also Mariko Yashida, whom he met while in Japan and nearly married until her unfortunate death, a storyline from the popular Claremont and Miller Wolverine series that was also featured in the 2013 film The Wolverine.

But it doesn’t stop there, for Logan has managed to also get involved with the likes of Mystique, Storm, Silver Fox, Domino, and even Elektra over the course of Marvel Comics’ continuity. A lot of superheroes have snagged their fair share of lovers, but few have found themselves in relationships with as many household names as the Wolverine.


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