15 Real Life “Glitches” People Can’t Explain To This Day

15 Real Life “Glitches” People Can’t Explain To This Day –


We’ve all experienced those strange moments where something totally unexplainable happens to us and and we stand there speechless about what just occured.


So, the question remains: will you take the blue pill or the red pill?

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1. Skling eats the forbidden fruit:

I bit a banana once and the apple biting sound file played instead.

2. Sebasvisu gets a ghost call:

I’ve posted this one before:

This happened about 6 years ago.

Myself and 3 other friends went to a concert at the biggest venue in Mexico City. One of my friends is a woman (this is important for the story). So, the concert ended and we agreed on a meetup point outside the venue so we could pick a cab and leave together.

There were about 100k people there, so we inevitable got separated, so we went to the meetup point. We waited for my friend for about 15 minutes when we started to get worried, so we started calling her phone. However, due to the sheer amount of people present at the venue trying to make phonecalls the lines get congested and the calls won’t go out or they won’t be received, so we started to get really worried.

After another 10 minutes trying to call her, I get a phone call from her. She sounded extremely gloomy and sad. She said “Hey Sebasvisu, I’m alright, I’m already at my place, everything is ok”. I got immediatly freaked out as this was impossible (she lived 2 hours away and not even an hour had gone by). We get super freaked out and try to call her and start flagging some cops down, cause being Mexico City I thought she had been kidnapped.

Then, 30 seconds after the call she comes out of the crowd looking as chilled as she could possibly look. I yell at her, telling her what the hell was wrong with her, etc etc… The thing is she looked so surprised at this. She denies having made any phonecalls (she tried, but couldn’t get a signal). We don’t believe her so we look at her phone and there was no record of the call having been made. After this i take my phone to show her the call and there was no record of the call having being received either.

To this day I have no idea what happened, because the voice on the other end of the phone was hers, and she knew details about me and my name.

EDIT: Many of you are suggesting I was high AF and hallucinated this. None of us took drugs that concert. We only had 1 or 2 overpriced beers.

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3. I_Am_Anjelen enters a parallel universe:

This is a repost – then again, it fits. 🙂

I’m not the kind of person to have a great many friends – but those friends I do keep are sacred to me.

So one evening I was getting out of a Rotterdam subway (blaak) to go to my appartment near there, when I see an old friend, one I haven’t seen in the flesh in a few years heading into the subway. I call out his name, he turns, waves and makes this “Call me” gesture – then the doors close and the subway rides off.

Thirty seconds later, my phone rings. It was my friend, who told me he’d just seen me get in the (normal) train he’d used to get home from the bar – Apparantly, I had grinned, waved, gestured “Call me!”, the door shut and the train drove off.

I lived in Rotterdam. He lived in Enschede. That’s just over 200km apart. (or about 125 miles)

4. meanestflower‘s mom has a few hang-ups:

My mom told me this:

In my parent’s bedroom was this really large master closet. It was technically just one closet, but it had two door going into it. Between the two doors was a high shelf and a hanging rod for clothes. So it functioned like two separate walk-in closets but you could walk from one to the other by ducking under any clothes hung in the middle.

One night she was in her side of the closet and she saw through the gap between the shelf and the clothes rod my dad walk into his side of the closet. She heard the metal coat hangers sliding as he looked for something to wear and saw the clothes in the middle sway as they were brushed from the other side. From her side of the closet she started talking to him about something random.

Then she heard the bathroom door open. She poked her head out of the closet to see my dad clearly just emerging from the shower. Walked to look into his side of the closet and…nothing. And up until the moment she poked her head out to look at the bathroom door, she will swear to you she could still see my dad in that closet.

5. The_Height_of_Folly sees something in the night sky:

My friend and I were once outside when he was changing his girlfriend’s car battery. It was at night and there was a lot of fog out.

Suddenly, there was a flash of white light in his neighborhood for like half a second. It couldn’t have come from a porch light or something. Everything was engulfed by the light. We looked around and didn’t see anything that could’ve caused it. There were no cars, none of his neighbors had turned on any lights, nothing. To this day, we still believe a Terminator was sent back in time to his neighborhood.

6. punkterminator and the reoccuring cat:

When I was about 6 or 7, my cat died. It was the first time I experienced death and it really shook me up. Then, about a month later, I saw my cat walk into my room clear as day. I wasn’t freaked out and I didn’t question it. I reached down to pet him and suddenly he was gone. This happened a few more times until we got two new cats. Each time it happened, the fact he was dead never crossed my mind.

7. delventhalz can see the future:

In high school I did archery, and one day at shooting practice one of the new kids shot a bullseye exactly. Dead center. This isn’t that remarkable. You fire enough arrows, sooner or later one of them will be a bullseye. But everyone was being nice and congratulating him.

Suddenly, a voice in my head, which sounded like me, but didn’t feel like me said “Yeah, but Lin’s about to do the same thing”. And I could see in my mind’s eye, Lin firing an arrow, it flying through the air and hitting a dead center bullseye. Then, maybe three or four seconds later, I watch as Lin fires and arrow and it flies in exactly the trajectory I had seen in my head, and lands with a thwack: bullseye.

Everyone is over congratulating Lin now (she was new too), and I’m standing off to the side wondering what the fuck just happened. It happened one more time a month or two later too. I saw something happen in my head exactly as it did a few seconds later. I’ve forgotten the details of the second time though, and it’s never happened since.

8. SoberApok senses an evil presence:

Girlfriend and I were talking on her front lawn. Mid sentence, I felt something…..evil… my left. I stopped talking and turned. She did too.

Saw some sort of shadowy humanoid around 30 feet away. Light was enough that it was obviously not a person.

She asked “Do you see that?” She didn’t know why I stopped talking. I nodded. Without another word we both ran inside.

No idea what it was. I would call it a trick of the light, but it was out of my vision when I originally got that feeling.

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9. stefan1403 is stuck in a loop:

I forgot about this untill I read this post, but it’s something I still don’t understand.

It was summer, and my grandfather, grandmother, mom and I were working in the garden. It’s pretty big and there is a lot of grass to be mowed and stuff like that.

After all the work my mom would always ask me to get some soda, because everyone was thirsty from working. It was in the evening, but still pretty warm.

After everyone had their soda, my mom asked me to put it back in the fridge which was in the “basement” (used as a living area, only a small part is storage). So I go to the basement, and please note: the room with the fridge is like 20 – 30 sec from the exit, and you have to pass two doors with those flappy anti-fly curtains.

I put the soda in the fridge, close the fridge and walk out. Seems normal right?

….. except I had to do this three times.

The soda kept reappearing whenever I put it in the fridge and turned my back on it. Everyone was outside, and there was only one bottle of soda in the room. To this day, I am still confused over what happened. There have probably been more moments like this, but this is the one I remember the most.

Edit: tl;dr: my soda kept reappearing after I kept putting it in the fridge three times.

10. 1000Punches lives two realities:

One morning I woke up, rolled out of bed, brushed, had breakfast as usual, and then went about my day off. I lounged around the house a little bit, played my DS for a bit. Plinked away on my guitar. A lazy morning. Suddenly I’m driving in my car a couple towns over on my way to the B&N. I pulled over and tried to collect my thoughts. I remembered waking up and getting ready, watering plants, cleaning my stuff up in the living room, then hopping in my car. But I also remembered doing all of the stuff from that other version of that morning. So I had two separate days that suddenly merged into one and kept both memories?

11. Dumbkitty2 has a prophecy:

Dreamt I was on a train which crashed. The guy in front of me was decapitated, the train car caught on fire before plunging off a bridge into water. I drown. Woke up in a panic, realized I wasn’t dead and fell back asleep. Had the exact same dream. And again. And again.

Next day, dragging my tired butt into work wondering why my mind decided to play a dream like a bad vcr, I passed the volunteer desk at work with its daily pile of newspapers. The evening before a train had crashed before plunging off a bridge into a river. Later it came out the crash produced some horrific injuries including decapitation.

edit to add: I was a very, very broke young adult and did not own a TV until a few years after this dream.

12. dolphinhunter endures a storm:

A classic summer thunderstorm was fast approaching. It was super windy out but not yet raining. I’ve always been fascinated by weather, so I went outside and sat in a lawn chair. I was sitting in the middle of my yard, a good 10 feet from anything when I was pelted in the face with a crouton. It was gusty, but not at the moment I was struck. I took it inside to show my family and no one cared. I never came up with a reasonable explanation.

13. Clashin_Creepers scores a goal:

As a kid, shot a rubber band off my fingers at a soccer goal. Rubber band, unbroken, was looped around one of the strings of the soccer goal. Absolutely no clue how that happened.

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14. Threeknucklesdeeper gets a second chance:

So a long time ago I was fed up with life and stepped off a curb in front of a dump truck. Turned, looked at the grill of the truck, closed my eyes, opened them to the truck passing me by and me back up on the curb. Still don’t understand it and I don’t know if I want to.

15. FindingAlaska recieves some notes:

Last Wednesday my husband was picking up my car from a service while I was at work. A couple of things needed to be replaced, so I was expecting it to be expensive. When he texted me to say he’d picked up and paid for the car I texted back “How bad’s the damage?” as in, how much did it cost.

A few hours later I needed a notebook. I keep a lot (I’m a writer) and they all sit at the end of my desk, slightly out of reach. I opened the notebook, and on the first page there was a small note that had been pencilled in, then erased, but still visible: “How bad’s the damage” I dropped the notebook straight away, and was totally shaken by it. I hadn’t opened the notebook all day, so I know I hadn’t absent-mindedly scribbled it – especially since it sits out of reach.

I tried hard to put it out of my mind. I knew there had to be some explanation, even if I couldn’t think of

On Friday I hauled out of the office dead on 5; my boss had already left for the day for some appointments, so my co-worker was the last in the office (it’s just the three of us). As soon as I got to the ground floor I remembered we had an interview lined up first thing Monday morning, and my co-worker should put his voice recorder on charge since he’d used it so much the past week. I sent him a quick text, “Charge your recorder!”

When I got in to work this morning, my co-worker was in, and was a little confused: Someone had left a post-it note on his desk. The message had been erased, but was still visible: “Charge your recorder!”



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