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15 Real-Life ‘Silicone’ Dolls

15 Real-Life ‘Silicone’ Dolls

So when is enough really enough?

reallife_silicone_dolls_640_01 reallife_silicone_dolls_640_02 reallife_silicone_dolls_640_03 reallife_silicone_dolls_640_04 reallife_silicone_dolls_640_05 reallife_silicone_dolls_640_06 reallife_silicone_dolls_640_07 reallife_silicone_dolls_640_08 reallife_silicone_dolls_640_09 reallife_silicone_dolls_640_10 reallife_silicone_dolls_640_11 reallife_silicone_dolls_640_12 reallife_silicone_dolls_640_13 reallife_silicone_dolls_640_14 reallife_silicone_dolls_640_15

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the puffy lip thing has really got out of hand,trying to achieve the bee sting look but getting the snake bite look

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