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15 Real Things That Are Straight Out Of Horror Movies

15 Real Things That Are Straight Out Of Horror Movies


This is a list of scary things that will give you nightmares. Scary things are all around us in our everyday lives. Sure, some of those things are more apparent than others. Some of them we don’t even think about, even though they’re happening at every moment of the day


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Silent Hill was not based on Centralia. At least, the games weren’t. Silent Hill was an abandoned tourist town that was built over native burial grounds and slowly taken over by a crazy-arse cult.
The visual theme of the town is based on the general style of the apartment buildings and streets of the city that the original Team Silent observed when they travelled to the US to join the American Mo-Cap/Voice actors, and many of the specific buildings are based on locations/establishments in old horror/cult movies.
There were no coal fires or raining ash in Silent Hill. It snowed. Harry says as much in the first game.
Christoph Ganz is an idiot who paid no attention to the games when he made the first movie.
The only fire present in the first game was caused by Alessa and it was accidental. She wasn’t the devil. She didn’t start the fire. The cult abused her psychic abilities to attempt to birth their demon-god so they could essentially rule the world.
Alessa wasn’t evil. The boiler fire was the result of stress when the cult attempted to perform a ritual on her and she accidentally blew up the boiler with her telekinesis, and that DID burn down a few houses in the business district. No coal fire.
Burial Grounds = Spiritual Power. Spiritual Power + Alessa + Cult + Demon Rituals = Silent Hill.

Movie Screenwriter Roger Avery based the film’s Silent Hill on the town of Centralia, Pennsylvania, which also has a coal fire that still burns today. While the script was being developed, it was codenamed “Centralia”.
In the trailer, At the :40 mark, you can see her wipe falling ash from her face. At the 1:00 mark they show Sean Bean looking at newspaper stories of the coal fires still burning beneath the town.
The trailer: WATCH IT HERE


The Canadian Government decided to cut the Russian ship loose in international waters while towing her to the Dominican for salvage. The ship had previously broken free in rough seas and after they regained control there were major safety concerns — so they cut her free. A while back (2013 I think) the emergency beacon went off, which would only happen if it was in contact with water. There have been no sightings of her and she is presumed to have sunk.

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