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15 Reasons To Like Christmas And… Boobs

15 Reasons To Like Christmas And… Boobs


We are going to have a very, merry, merry Christmas.

Abigail Ratchford made herself into the hottest Christmas display ever, but there are other gals out there getting themselves into the Christmas spirit. And they are doing that by making sure there boobs get in on the action.

And they are doing that by sporting the hottest ugly sweaters of the holiday season. The sweaters, which are made by Tyler and Sheri Wiseman on their Etsy store named “Your Sassy Grandma,” was actually designed to help women who need to breastfeed. But of course, other gals have taken advantage of them to become the center of attention at their ugly sweater parties. And we don’t have any complaints at all.

Check out some of these sweaters below, and prepare to see a lot of festive boobs.


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