15 Reasons Why Schitt’s Creek Is Actually The Funniest Show On Netflix

If you haven’t tapped into the Schitt’s Creek epidemic on Netflix, what are you waiting for? Look no further for reasons why you need to get into the series. It’s currently in its third season, but fans can catch the first two on Netflix now. The show has a fish out of water feel as it tells the story of a man who owned a chain of successful video rental stores; you can probably see where this is going as you try to remember the last time you saw a Blockbuster or Family Video around your city. Anywho, the family pretty much loses everything, their mansion, their luxury cars, and everything else that made their neighbors want to keep up with the Roses.

The Rose family are completely oblivious to how the rest of the world lives, with the patriarch of the family, John (Eugene Levy), his wife Moira (Catherine O’Hara), and their children, David (Daniel Levy — yes he’s related to Eugene, he’s his real life father — how cool is that?), and Alexis (Annie Murphy). Thankfully, after going broke, they had one thing to their name — the small town of Schitt’s Creek that Johnny purchased as a joke. So they move from their suburban mansion to the quaint town that they love to hate. And while this seems like a pretty simple plot, it’s really the banter between the family and the genius of the actors as they deliver their hilarious characters that make the show one of the best on Netflix. Join us as we take a look at why Schitt’s Creek is the funniest show on Netflix. (One of the best parts of Netflix is that there are no commercials.)

15. The Hilarious One-Liners

There are more than enough one-liners to go around on Netflix’s Schitt’s Creek. While some of them might be NSFW, the ones that are still bring the funny to a whole new level. One of the most memorable lines was in the season opener when the family’s maid answered the door only to find a man in a suit holding up a badge. Her response? It was a one worded classic as she asked, “Immigration?” revealing the fear that all she knew would be taken away from her job and sent back to her native land. While it’s definitely stereotypical considering the maid was Hispanic, the fact that she said it would most likely make anyone laugh. The show definitely pushes the buttons and treads on the line of what’s politically correct and what’s not, but those one-liners are often the best ones. And it only takes a word or two to bring on the laughs.

14. The Casting is Genius

The off-camera chemistry between the stars of the show has to be one for the books because their chemistry on camera is amazing. I don’t think I’m alone when I say I would love to be a fly on the wall during one of their table readings. From the mother and son relationship between Moira and David to the wife and husband relationship between Moira and Johnny, and we can’t forget about David’s hilariously realistic connection with Alexis, it’s safe to say the Rose household is one that is hilarious even when they’re not trying. In one episode from season two, Moira attempted to put on her nurturing hat and pass down a recipe from her mother to David. But things take a turn when David or Moira don’t know what “fold in the cheese” means. Clearly these two didn’t cook a decent meal in their lives as the rich and famous. And it’s fun to see them try to adjust together.

13. The Time They Forgot David’s Birthday

They might be family but clearly they put the fun in dysfunctional. Corny, I know, but it’s true! Remember the episode when the entire family forgot David’s birthday? The fact that they did it isn’t the only thing that made it hilarious. But David’s response to it was one for the books. He went around asking almost anyone he came into contact with if their own family has ever forgotten his birthday. Of course he couldn’t find anyone to relate to him, so he just continues to feel sorry for himself. When he’s asked out on a date (from one guy who bragged about having multiple parties for his birthday), he acts like he would rather pop a pill and cry himself to sleep than celebrate. He then goes on and on about how they don’t have to take him out until they insist, which, knowing David, it’s what he hoped for all along.

12. The Roses Know They’re Bad Parents

Of course they remember Alexis’s first name, but when it came to her middle name, neither Johnny nor Moira could recall what they named her. She needed her full name for a form she was filling out in one episode. Johnny tried to step in and wondered if it was Anna. But it was too late as Alexis pointed out that clearly wasn’t even close. As for Moira, she jumped in with, “Alexis something Rose!” Still, while their parenting skills might be questionable, they are hilarious as they all try to figure out life together. Moira clearly has a long way to go as she told her kids their latest actions were “impulsive, capricious, and melodramatic.” But she sealed the deal when she added, “But it was also wrong.” They’re definitely crazy but we can all relate to the issues the Roses face in parenthood and their lack of skills – and that’s what makes it so hilarious!

11. When Moira Taps Into Her Inner Beyonce

Okay well, maybe not Beyonce. But Moira definitely tries to upstage the other women as they prepared for “Grad Night.” It’s not surprising, since the former soap star is used to being the center of attention. Her admirers are now the Jazzagals (the local singing group) instead of her friends wearing name brand shoes and bags. In the episode that aired in season three, she insists on being the lead vocalist, despite the other ladies’ hesitation. Of course there was a hiccup in her plan when another leading lady decides to stop the presses, but Moira is not one to be messed with, and the Jazzagals aren’t the only ones who learned that in the hit television series. Moira clearly inserted herself into the group as soon as she found out that Jocelyn was in Jazzagals. But can you blame her? Maybe this is one of the first times she’s felt like she belonged. Either way, it was funny to watch.

10. David’s Antics

The show would not be what it was if not for David and his hilarious yet effortless antics and funny phrases. From the time he said he was very in touch with Mother Nature because he says he goes to Coachella annually, to the episode when he insisted he could not accept a check while he puts it in his pocket, David’s character is probably one of the most liked genius idiots on the series, and possibly on television period. Apparently someone liked what David had to offer as they approached him about being a life coach. Being the genius that he is, he rightfully turned it down before he said, “The idea of me life coaching another human being should scare you… a lot.” And it does. But to be completely honest, that’s what we love about David. He says the things we wouldn’t dare let leave our minds. But when he says it, it’s funny and not crazy.

9. Moira Is #BFFGoals

Moira has more than a few unforgettable moments too. One of the most remembered is when she and the family first arrived to Schitt’s Creek. She drank a glass of wine and complained about how terrible it was before she asked her husband Johnny to give her more. In another instance, when asked what her favorite season was, she said, “Awards.” Um, we definitely agree with that one! But no matter what time of year she really does like best, she has an outfit that makes her look flawless all year long (and we can’t forget about her endless supply of wigs). Of course she wouldn’t be the Moira we all know and love if she didn’t get a little inappropriate at times. We are just waiting for her to scream out “David!” like actress Catherine O’Hara screamed “Kevin!” in the Home Alone movies, then our dream Moira will be complete. Until then, we’re loving the one we have so far.

8. David Is Scarred For Life

Just like any child, grown or not, would be, David was horrified when he saw his parents, Moira and Johnny, having…let’s just call it an intimate moment. But it was probably one of the most hilarious moments ever on the show. And it’s hard to compete with all of the other funny moments. This is definitely a notable one. He was trying to storm out after he got into a screaming match with Alexis, and instead, he was the one who ended up yelling after he walked in on his parents doing it. Johnny instantly goes into recovery mode and tries to remind his children that him and Moira are humans with needs too. But Moira refuses to buckle down to her own son and told him, “Shame on you!” for making her feel embarrassed. It’s like she was definitely ashamed on herself and tried to turn it around on David. Hilarity ensued as David and Alexis continued to yell in disgust. That’s why we love this show.

7. Who Doesn’t Try To Write Everything Off On Their Taxes?

David tried his absolute best to cope with the family’s new lifestyle in this riches to rags series, but even he had a relapse when he tried to go on a shopping spree. He was pretty open about it which is why his father, Johnny, had plenty of time to step in and try to stop David from going overboard. We all know they can’t really afford it. But it’s fun to see David try to get all the latest digs and high-end skincare that he was used to having, probably even before it was released, knowing how exclusive the Rose family is (or, was). This time around is different but he reassures Johnny that all the expenses are for his new job, and he’ll just “write it off” on his taxes. When asked what a “write off” is, David said it’s the government reimbursing you. Oh, David, if only it were that easy. Of course he uses other excuses like trying things out for the store to see if they will work. Hmm… maybe not.

6. Moira Takes On The Town Council

Moira’s battle with the Jazzagals isn’t her only battle that makes Schitt’s Creek one of the funniest shows on Netflix. Moira refuses to stay in Schitt’s Creek in the state that it’s in; she knows their living arrangements aren’t changing anytime soon so she tries to change them herself by going to the town council, of course. She comes for the city as well as the trash that’s thrown around in the street and a mattress on the side of the road. She recalls the 25 people they once had on their staff in their wealthier days and reminded Johnny what the infamous Goldie Hawn told them at a special gala: “You are the life you accept for yourself.” It’s safe to say she refused to accept it, and she literally said that. Moira’s battle with the town council didn’t go as well as she had hoped. But the fact she went as far as saying something makes her the Moira we love.

5. Alexis And Ted’s Almost Wedding

Of course it didn’t take long for Alexis to find love in Schitt’s Creek. After all, she’s Alexis, and we quickly find out that she’s one of those girls who cannot exist unless she’s in a serious relationship, and after losing everything, her heir boyfriend forgets all about her. But she might have gone too far when her awkward local boyfriend, veterinarian Ted, pops the question, and she says yes before she can even realize what she’s agreed to. In one episode, Alexis had to deal with the fallout of her decision and while it was super awkward, it was also of course hilarious to see. To make matters worse, Ted wants to leave the area, and Alexis has to pretend that she’s scared. It’s clear she sees that as a possible way out of ending their now shocking engagement. She also uses the current state of David’s MIA status as a reason to be fearful to move forward too. Ted is so blindsided that he almost believes her.

4. A Hilarious Anniversary

Living in a town like Schitt’s Creek might stop the Rose clan from doing lots of things they love but it certainly didn’t stop the parental unit from celebrating their wedding anniversary together. Of course they would’ve loved to be wined and dined, but that just wasn’t an option for them that year. Still, Moira made it clear that’s what she expected from her husband. Johnny does just that and throws Moira a surprise dinner along with their new frenemies Roland and Jocelyn. They use it as the perfect opportunity to welcome her to the town council. But when they get a very surprising arrival from their past life as a rich family, things certainly go left. Moira tries her best to keep her composure but it’s only a matter of time before that’s blown to pieces. Still, her inability to do so is just one of the many things that makes the show a hilarious one on Netflix.

3. Does Moira Really Love Her Kids?

We can see from the family dynamics that Moira and Johnny are not necessarily the greatest parents in the world, even though they might be the most fun. Fans might remember the time we learned about a hilarious moment the family experienced together. Moira tried to hint that she was a good mom when she told her kids, “I would never just abandon you in a motel in the middle of nowhere.” David being David failed to let her think she would be winning the mom of the year award anytime soon. He asked, “Didn’t you once take the wrong baby home from preschool?” to which Moira responded, “Alexis looked Chinese as an infant…How many times must I defend myself?” This topic has clearly been spoken about on multiple occasions among the Rose family. But Moira probably makes all moms feel better about their motherhood skills.

2. Have You Ever Heard Of Pansexual

David’s struggle with his sexuality is made light of as he flirts with guys one minute and hooks up with Stevie (the female desk clerk at the motel, and his only friend) the next. But his family accepts him for whatever and whoever he is, and he even uses a lesser-known term to describe it: pansexual. It’s described as one who is “not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.” Johnny once told David, “I just want you to know that I endorse all your sexual encounters.” David still has a tough problem defining this for himself and in one conversation with Stevie attempts to use wine to make sense of it all. He said: “Um, I do drink red wine. But I also drink white wine. And I’ve been known to sample the occasional rose. And a couple summers back I tried a merlot that used to be a chardonnay, which got a bit complicated.” What a witty, unique way to describe your sexual orientation, especially one that’s so underrepresented on TV!

1. The Ad Libs Make The Show

So it’s no secret that the show is amazingly scripted, but actors Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara revealed that most of the funny parts are on the fly. “The show is really scripted. Almost 95%,” Levy said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “There are times in a scene where we’re feeling on top of it and we might kind of just improvise a moment. And a lot of those times, I’d say most of them, we actually use what we improvised.” O’Hara confirmed the statement and said, “Sometimes on the set you’re just inspired because you didn’t know that person was going to do that that way.” Well we’re certainly glad they have the freedom to do that, because we love the spontaneous moments of the show, even if we don’t know what’s on the script and what’s not. After all, it’s what makes the show one of the best shows on Netflix!

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