15 Regrettable Penis Tattoos

Getting a penis tattoo takes a lot confidence and/or stupidity. If you get it somewhere that people can easily see it, understand that you will have to explain yourself more than once. Your future girlfriends, their dad’s, your parents etc. The good news is you’ll be the center of attention. Go ahead and get one.

Penis-Tattoos-4 Penis-Tattoos-5 Penis-Tattoos-6 Penis-Tattoos-7Penis-Tattoos-8  Penis-Tattoos-9 Penis-Tattoos-10 Penis-Tattoos-11 Penis-Tattoos-12 Penis-Tattoos-13 Penis-Tattoos-14  Penis-Tattoos-31 Penis-Tattoos-1 Penis-Tattoos-2Penis-Tattoos-15

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