15 Of The Rudest Celebrities In Hollywood

Bored? 15 Of The Rudest Celebrities In Hollywood

15 Of The Rudest Celebrities In HollywoodA few months ago, a friend of mine ran into Nicolas Cage while he was filming a new movie nearby, and she told me just how nice he was. He signed an autograph for her, talked with her for a few minutes and even had a selfie taken with her. I’ve also read about how Dave Grohl is one of the nicest guys in rock and roll, and how much his fans mean to him. There was one time where he broke his leg in the middle of a show, and he had a cast put on his leg during a performance so as to not to disappoint his fans or interrupt the concert. Even Adam Sandler is so appreciative to those who have bought tickets to his movies, that when he goes out to eat with his friends, he spends so much time signing autographs and taking pictures that he rarely even has time to eat his dinner.

These kinds of celebrities are the ones who haven’t forgotten where they came from or who is paying for their salary, but not all celebrities are that nice. Some of them are (apparently) just downright rude and nasty. Not all of these stories can be proven, and the only way to actually see how mean or rude someone is, is to see for yourself. There are, however, those who have posted on social media, so it is very difficult for them to deny those allegations.

15. Michael Jordan


If you Google the term, “Michael Jordan rude,” you will find multiple reports of the ex-NBA all-star being not-quite-so-nice to his fans and the public. It appears that he can be pretty mean to those who have helped him become the superstar that he is today. The rapper known as Chamillionaire, was a huge fan of Michael’s prior to meeting the basketball player. The rapper was at Michael’s party when he spotted the star taking pictures with other fans. Eventually he saw Michael spending some time with other famous people, and asked for an autograph after spending thousands of dollars on one of Michael Jordan’s jerseys. Not only did he refuse to sign it, but he was extremely rude about it and said: “You know what, I tell you what, you pay $15,000 right now for a jersey from me and I’ll take a picture with you.” From then on, Chamillionaire decided to just wear Adidas sneakers and gave up his Nike brand Jordans.

14. Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray

Several people have had bad experiences while visiting live tapings of the Rachael Ray Show. There are multiple reviews listed on; including a few stating how sweet of a person Rachael is. Then there are the ones recorded stating how miserable of a host she can be, including how she would roll her eyes and be very nasty to those who are assisting her. Other people have stated in their reviews about how “cold” Rachael appears to be when she is not in front of a camera, and that her entire persona is all an “act” when she is on stage.

13. Cameron Diaz


Before reading about anything negative that Cameron Diaz had done, I was really hoping that any allegations would be completely wrong or the witnesses would be mistaken. Cameron is a terrific actress, and I have enjoyed almost every movie I’ve ever seen her in. Unfortunately, many people have reported about how rude Cameron has been to her fans; including not only denying autographs at a movie premier, but had made inappropriate comments to those who had been waiting to meet the actress, as Cameron believed that she would have to sign her autograph for everyone if she did for just one person. Apparently it seemed more like an elementary school premier, not a movie one.

12. Rosie O’Donnell


Most comics are known for their rude behavior, it kind of “goes along with the territory” while performing stand-up. Unfortunately for some, though, those comedians just don’t know where the rudeness should end when it comes to their own lives. Rosie O’Donnell was one of those who seemed like she would be a good person while having her own talk show, but years after that ended, Rosie has not seemed to find a place to fit-in and appears to be very rude to people in her search. A few years ago, Rosie was one of the co-hosts on the talk-show, The View, but according to reports, she was way too mean to complete working on the set for the entire season.

11. Shia LaBeouf


Even though this might not exactly be considered rude, Shia has been known to hang out in an elevator in Europe where college students tend to reside, and has those who enter the lift attend a game that he plays. In this game, one person flashes their private parts, and Shia has to distinguish between the testicle or the penis. It’s quite a strange game, and it doesn’t really make sense, but apparently Shia tends to get a kick out of it, as do other people, as there have been many people who show up to play along with him.

10. Jerry Seinfeld


Even though the show Seinfeld, concluded in 1998, the main character of the show, Jerry Seinfeld, seems to think that everyone should still know who he is. Now that the show is syndicated, a younger audience is starting to notice the cast of the show that was “about nothing” back in the 1990s. Jerry is a comedian, but that doesn’t give him the right to be rude or inconsiderate to others. He believes that the world is becoming too politically correct, and had made a bad joke about how people nowadays spend way too much time on their phones. Even though it may be true, we still don’t want to hear about it coming from someone who says he does not “need to be interviewed by Seth Meyers.”

9. Katie Couric


When you see Katie Couric on television, it is very difficult to even imagine her being anything other than sweet and charming. Apparently many people have on-screen personalities that are entirely different than their real-life personas. Katie allegedly made snide remarks and imitated Meredith Viera after she took over for Katie on Today, back in 2011. Even though Meredith isn’t on the “top of the nice tree,” there really is no reason to act like a schoolgirl when you don’t get your way. It has also been reported in the past that she is extremely rude when interviewing guests, and always seems to ask all the wrong questions.

8. Tommy Lee Jones


Before her death, Joan Rivers was known for being outspoken, and never stopped at a chance to state the truth about anyone; no matter who it was. In 2009, Joan was asked who she thought was the top three “worst celebrities of all time,” and Tommy Lee Jones was number two on her list. She stated that he was a snob because he went to Yale, and thought he acted like he was better than everyone else. She declared that Tommy was “beyond rude.” Now if someone was on Joan’s list of being awful, then you know that they’re not such a great person. By the way, the other two on her list wereRussell Crowe and Jerry Lewis.

7. Mel Gibson


During the late 1980s and 1990s, Mel Gibson was one of the highest-paid, best-looking actors in Hollywood. He seemed to be one of the nicest ones, as well. He was known for his Lethal Weapon movies, and had many other films under his belt as he became more and more famous. It seemed like perhaps Mel had too much money and was becoming too famous, too fast, and the fame appeared to “go to his head,” so-to-speak. It is uncertain whether he felt this way all along and was just more open to being able to say these things in public, or if he just kind of went crazy, but after a while he started spewing out hate speech and rants about movies he was in. It’s hard to tell if he will ever return back to the “normal” Mel that was once well known and loved.

6. Jared Leto


It is very difficult to tell what stories are true when dealing with celebrity encounters of fans or just the general public. There are several videos and clips and even articles stating how nice of a person he could be, but there are also a few videos and articles stating just how rude Jared Leto can be, as well. One particular person mentioned that when interviewing Jared, just the mere mention of the television show that basically started his stardom threw him into a major tantrum. It seems like Jared did not want to be reminded of My So-Called Life that was actually a pretty terrific series until it ended prematurely. People also have said that he was quite rude to fans while touring with his band, 30 Seconds to Mars, and he had also laughed and made fun of Jennifer Lawrence when she fell while receiving an Oscar at the Academy Awards.

5. Ariana Grande


Apparently Ariana Grande is so incredibly rude that there are hundreds of memes created just for the purpose of showing it. It has been rumored that Ariana is extensively “diva-like” and there are many things that can be perceived as rude, even though they are things that only a diva would do. Isn’t that basically the same thing? For instance, she only allows pictures being taken of her “good” side, which happens to be her left side.

According to US Magazine, When Ariana was visiting a donut shop, she had allegedly spit on and licked donuts that were meant for other customers. She also made comments about how much she hated America (while kissing her boyfriend passionately inside the establishment), but later apologized and said that it was “taken out of context.” Just out of curiosity, just exactly how is someone saying they hate their country ever be said in a good way?

4. Rihanna


Quite a few years ago, Rihanna had worn a green catsuit-type outfit with winged arms to the 2010 ECHO awards in Berlin. It was so popular, that a sixteen year-old fan named Alexis Carter wanted to pay homage to Rihanna by creating a similar outfit to wear to her high school prom that happened to have a Hollywood theme. After posting her pictures online, mean people starting bullying her about the suit, including Rihanna, herself!

Rihanna started posting pictures of the beautiful girl next to herself, saying that she was a fake and even going as far as calling her a “prombat.” It was amazing that someone so famous could do something so mean to a teenager, especially when the outfit she was wearing looked exactly the same as Rihanna’s, with the exception of the color.

3. Jay-Z


According to Robert DeNiro, if he calls you, then you absolutely must answer (or at least call him back). During a party at Leonardo DiCaprio‘s house, “Bob” was overheard scolding Jay-Z for not returning his six messages that he left when calling the rapper. It is understandable that some people just don’t like to use the phone, but it’s crazy not to want to return a call from Robert DeNiro.

That in itself may not make Jay-Z a rude person (even though the actor said it does), but perhaps trying to take over someone else’s concert does. When he was performing with Queens of the Stone Age, he apparently made the band get a “pat down” before they even entered the concert. Yes, their own concert.

2. Iggy Azalea


Iggy Azalea is a person who proves that people really need to be careful about what they say when it comes to social media. Sometimes people forget that (unlike Las Vegas) whatever you put on Twitter, stays on Twitter. Forever. Or at least until you delete it, but even then someone can take a screenshot of the harsh Tweet and re-Tweet it, making it stay forever. Iggy has made several Twitter posts that are racist, according to most people. She may not realize how bad they are, but they are very rude and in several of them, she makes stereotypes about all kinds of different people.

1. Kanye West


It is impossible to have a list of rude people without having Kanye included. Anyone who has the nerve to jump on stage to tell Taylor Swift that she doesn’t deserve to win an award that she has worked so hard for deserves to make the top of this list. Even president Obama was overheard calling Kanye a “jackass,” even though we weren’t supposed to hear that.

Kanye almost did the same thing again when Beck won a Grammy against Beyonce, as well, and Kanye jumped up on stage. Beck knew that he was joking, and laughed it off. Is Kim okay with Kanye making such a big deal about Beyonce and her winning awards?





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They probably all do suck. Shia is for sure crazy, but I have never anything about him being rude.

Let’s breed Kanye with Bieber and create a super villain. We can use Affleck’s womb as a surrogate.

GD That is brilliant! Nice one Draculya!

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