15 Scandals That Permanently Damaged Reality TV’s Biggest Stars


If you want the tea on your favorite TV stars gone AWOL, then look no further.

While reality television amplifies the drama of D-list celebrities, you tune into Lifetime as if they expose the lives of princes and presidents. In reality, you just watch the daily mess ordinary people undergo because you relate to them.

Between petty arguments about hearsay or cheating partners, you love the negativity that provides cat-fights, confrontations, and cattiness. You, like every other human being, feel their pain, but you also feel their joy. When you bear witness to a wedding on air or cutesy dates, you reminisce about your own nuptials or get-together.

Even though the stars know nothing about you, you form a bond with them anyway. However, when said bond breaks, so does your heart. Nobody wants to uncover the dirty truth. Maybe your idol on Little Women: LA, for example, showed their true colors. While you thought they seemed kind, compassionate, and polite, they transformed into a drunk, liar, or cheater.

You hurt for them, not to mention yourself. The people on screen make mistakes, though. Relapses, infidelity, and criminal records intervene in their lives similar to yours or your loved ones. However, what happens when the mistakes go past intoxicated brawls or petty theft? What if your role models on screen went down paths much darker that left you dazed and confused?

From incest to murder, the celebrities mentioned in this article ruined their lives and television shows with shocking crimes. Even the exorbitant lawyers and corporations turned their backs, so you know the severity of your favorite stars’ acts is real.

15. A Christian Who Made A Deal With The Devil

To kick-start the list, Josh Duggar, known for his leading role in 19 Kids and Counting, committed heinous crimes.

Before the start of TLC’s top-rated show, he molested several of his own sisters, not to mention his babysitter. Law enforcement did absolutely nothing, and even his victims (aside from the sitter) defended his actions. Instead of his abuse, they cried on camera about the unfairness of their cash cow’s (e.g., their show) cancellation. The poor women needed to cry for their innocence stolen. And fans? They needed to cry for their favorite family’s image now tarnished.

14. Willis Is A Willy

Another gem, The Willis Family, aired on the TLC channel as well.

The program focused on another large brood (12 children instead of 19) who showcased their love of both God and music. The gifted family even competed on the hit show America’s Got Talent. While the children and parents seemed like any other family (apart from their abnormal size), the patriarch Toby Willis lived a life completely void of morality. Reports of rape swirled around the man. An underage girl claimed that he raped her 12 years ago, which led to a definite cancellation of their newly-minted show. Like his avid supporters, his family felt disbelief and despair. Nobody wants their husband or father to be a child rapist, and no child should undergo exploitation. What a shame.

13. Honey, Boo! Boo!

The beloved family of the peachy state of Georgia, soon devolved into a redneck-esque mess.

Mama June, the Mountain Dew mother of Honey Boo Boo (née Alana Thompson), put her children, specifically Thompson, in grave danger. Three years ago, she left her beau for the man responsible for molesting her eldest daughter. Not only did she make the ballsy move of, more than likely, dating her child’s predator, but she took her youngest, Thompson, to meet him! Their popular show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo got cut immediately. While an indignant June denied the monster as her man, TLC flicked her excuses away.

Hint: Never go near your child’s abuser. Never.

12. When A Show Goes Hog-Wild

MTV made bank with the popular program Jersey Shore, so of course, the higher-ups capitalized on the success by creating Buckwild, the Southern version of binge-drinking and casual s*x.

While the risqué house parties, bleach-blonde hair, and crass collegians concocted the perfect cocktail of drama, they never expected devastating disaster. A costar named Shain Gandee, who just turned 21, passed away. He died in a very sad and unexpected way. The autopsy stated carbon monoxide poisoning as the culprit. MTV pulled Buckwild from their network after the unfortunate death. May Gandee and his loved ones find peace.

11. Child Labor At Its Finest

As Barack Obama announced his presidential campaign, the year 2007 brewed change within the U.S. Aside from the historical moment, reality television made history too.

CBS created the reality show titled Kid Nation, where children tried to survive by themselves by working together to build their own village. Adults left them to their own devices, as if the 9-year-old student knew how to construct homes, markets, or even a tent. Of course, it’s not surprising that the show got cancelled. Audiences want to see fake boobs, spray tans, and weave, but helpless children in a desert exploited for commercial profit? Um, no.

10. The Wannabe Kardashians

Say what you want about the Kardashian sisters, but they laid a solid foundation for their brands, even if their brand began on Kim‘s back. However, even their reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, while ridiculous, changed the game for other series like Pretty Wild.

Like the Kardashians, Pretty Wild centered on beautiful, rich women who documented their lives with the help of their matriarchal mother. While they showcased their luxurious lifestyle, criminal activity continued behind the scenes. The protagonist, Alexis Neiers, went to jail for stealing items out of celebrities’ homes. Her involvement in the group Bling Ring even got her what she always wanted—international attention. She made headlines, not to mention the big screen. Peep the film TheBling Ring.

9. Be Aggressive On The Field, Not Off

When you find your soulmate, your world feels complete.

True love exists, but men and women seem like they only pair with users, abusers, and tools. Nice guys and gals now seem like diamonds in the rough. Evelyn Lozada, a well-known costar on Basketball Wives, may share the same sentiment. Her loving partner, Chad Johnson, lavished her with expensive gifts, and he even seemed like a caring and sweet husband. His uglier side made a cameo appearance, though. When he physically abused his wife, the reality show he and Lozada almost nabbed had vanished. When he head-butted his wife, VH1 ducked.

8. Flipping The Bird To ‘Flip It Forward’

Opinions are like butt holes; everyone has them.

What if your opinion was a butt hole, though? The twin brothers, Jason and David Benham, worked hard for their house-flipping show Flip It Forward. The siblings’ charm, charisma, and talent took them far. However, their words took them way, way back. Maybe they got stuck in a time warp of the 1950’s? The men made serious comments about abortion, the LGBT community, and Muslims. They spread hate, which repulsed HGTV, not to mention the viewers. Their audience came for their renovations and not for their narrow-minded reservations.

7. The Bad Life

Cee Lo Green, the musician behind the hit single “Forget You,” looked like the happy-go-lucky millionaire loving life. His reality reaches far beyond golden chains, cool shades, and luxury automobiles, though.

In 2014, a woman accused the artist of drugging her drink with ecstasy. She morphed into an incoherent mess, which Green preyed upon. He raped her. Her accusation shocked his family and friends, as well as his fans. They awaited his debut in his own show The Good Life. Even though he and TBS already sealed the deal, the network backtracked. Nobody wants to see another Bill Cosby.

6. Armed & Dangerous

As much as you like La Toya Jackson or Jack Osbourne, do you really want to see them in uniform?

Aired in 2007, the show Armed & Famous followed five celebrities, including the two mentioned above, as they trained in the police academy. The concept seems boring, but knowing American television, each show glitters with appeal. However, Armed& Famous failed to entice any demographic, especially after Erik Estrada‘s crazy meltdown. He took his role way too seriously when he hunted a suspect shooting at the unknown person. He went berserk, and the network bailed.

5. A Murderer, Not A Millionaire

If you want to lose even more faith in humanity, then continue reading!

In another VH1 show, titled Megan Wants a Millionaire, the contestant named Megan, appeared on air to find a suitable mate. She expected rich hot men to apply for the show, yet one man stood out among the rest. Instead of secretly owning a billion-dollar business or sharing seven kids with his ex-wife, the man secretly killed people. Thankfully, he never harmed her or the other contestants. He eventually committed suicide before authorities found him.

He caught the bullet, but at least she dodged it.

4. Jon And Kate Break

Seen as the more worldly version of 19 Kids and CountingJon & Kate Plus 8 aired on TLC in 2007, but eventually came to a close after five years.

People watched the vivacious couple and their gaggle of children because of the fascinating lifestyle of the family-friendly brood. Even though Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin seemed like superheroes, their parenting skills, along with their marriage, went rogue. The nasty split caused major damage within their family unit, and fans felt disgusted with the fights and fury the adults publicly expressed. While TLC wanted to salvage the in-demand show, the network eventually cancelled the toxic affair. Now, fans watch the backup Kate Plus instead.

3. D.A.R.E. To Dropkick

Drug addiction stands as a global epidemic, and even stars like Corey Haim fall victim to the lure of euphoric highs.

He and his best friend, Corey Feldman, signed an A&E contract so their television show, The Two Coreys, aired. Their fun adventures and titillating get-togethers seemed like a perfect recipe for star-studded success. However, Haim’s addiction became too horrible and heinous to control. His outlandish behavior and isolated tendencies flushed ratings down the toilet. The lack of fame and fortune only aided his addiction. He overdosed in early 2010, which crushed Feldman. He lost his partner in crime, a man who mattered more than anything any reality show could provide.

2. Deen Spills The Beans

Even though Paula Deen seems like the exact opposite of Kim Kardashian, the two attract controversy. People see Kardashian as a culture-vulture, and people see Deen as a racist.

When Deen exposed herself by uttering racial epithets, her viewers’ impression of her altered completely. Instead of seeing her as a sweet grandma who baked mouth-watering apple pies, they saw her as a bitter bigot. Her show, Paula’s Home Cooking, tanked, which gave the Food Network another reason to cut her show short. No matter how many times Deen apologized or justified her actions, her fans never viewed her in the same light.

If only her attitude mimicked her treats. Sweet.

1. Robbing The Kardashians

If you know about Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, then you witnessed the utter breakdown of their relationship online. From the abusive tweets to revenge p*rn, Kardashian made sure Chyna felt attacked and cornered.

No wonder their reality show, Rob & Chyna, got cancelled. While the first season painted an obvious picture of their dysfunction, Kardashian’s antics on Instagram and Twitter proved their messy coupling. The E! Network cut ties quicker than Chyna could call her lawyer. While the drama and disaster are necessary for a reality-show ratings bonanza, nobody wants an unstable brat or alleged drug addict side by side. Reality TV’s crazy, but it’s not insane.

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