15 Scary Things People Saw On The Deep Web

It’s been said that the average person with the average browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.) is only able to reach about 15% of what the Internet has to offer. The rest of the percentage is known as the deep web. And to be fair, it’s not all scary stuff. A proper definition for the deep web is ‘information from databases that are not publicly indexable’, meaning that they cannot be found by typical search engines. But there is shady activity happening there too and that’s where the scary reputation comes in.

The deep web is notorious for being the “Disneyland of the dark world” as it has everything that a person could possibly want or need but would have a hard to impossible time getting in the “real world” or through the “real web.” From falsified passports and fake IDs to illegal Bitcoin activity and the quick and easy sale of guns to hackers and hit men for hire and much, much more —  the deep web is open and ready to serve one’s darkest desire. If this (quite reasonably) causes you concern, you don’t have to worry. You can’t just stumble upon the deep web. It takes some work and know-how to get there. And the people who operate the deep web don’t want you there if you don’t want to be there or do not have business with the internet’s underbelly to begin with.

If you’ve always been curious about the deep web, TOR and the mysterious .onion but don’t want to take a chance on researching it for yourself, you can keep your browser history clean because we’ve done the work for you. We have searched far and wide and hand-picked the most spine-chilling deep web user stories and here they are; fifteen scary times that people regretted browsing the deep web.

15. A Site For Summoning Demons, New And Old

There is one site in particular that people who have visited the deep web have talked about, though there might be others like it, and it allows for anyone who reaches the site to receive information about how to summon demons to earth. Information on resurrecting and calling upon old demons from the past as well as new ones to haunt and torment our mortal world is available on this site which is said to have been around for some time. It has been called one of the “creepiest and scariest” sites on the deep web. You can imagine that people who have visited the deep web had an idea of what they were in for… so to call this site “creepy and scary” says a lot.

14. User Finds Photos Of Hitmen’s Victims

Being able to hire hit men on the deep web almost seems like an urban myth. It’s an example that many people first think of when they hear the words “deep web” but it sounds almost too outrageous. The thought that someone can pay online to have a professional killer take someone’s life almost as easily as they would order a book on Amazon? Too crazy! But one deep web user reported that he was skeptical too until he began looking around on the deep web and with his own eyes, witnessed the photographic evidence posted by hit men. He said that as soon as he saw the photos of the deceased, he understood that it was all too real. The word is the prices are supposed to be outrageous but then again what would you expect for ordering a human life wiped off of the earth by a discreet hit man?

13. One Visitor Came Across “Tips On How To Cook A Woman”

Cannibalism is not a topic that is shy on the deep web. Sites that provide tips and general information on how to cook a human body and prepare it for consumption are not at all uncommon. One visitor to the “hidden net” described a site that gave a detailed account on “how to cook a woman” almost like a recipe for a home-cooked meal. If that isn’t disturbing enough (and yes, it is!) one deep web visitor has reported that he has seen forums in which people were requesting the service of a cannibal. Yep, asking to be eaten. They try to arrange meeting up for such an event and one message looked something like this,“I need someone to eat my fresh meat. I am juicy and tender.” That is some serious self-advertising… and seriously scary.

12. People Came Across Sites Detailing Procedures And Results Of Human Experiments

Deep web users have reported sites that describe the testing procedures and results of experiments done to human subjects… unwilling human subjects, we are assuming as the tests are something nightmares are made of. From injecting bleach into the bodies of pregnant women, water restriction and starvation, sterilization, radiation exposure and a multitude of other tests such as infectious disease contamination and drug trial testing, this site shows scary human testing for just about anything one can think of. Basically, similar testing that is conducted on animals every day on a human scale. Pretty horrific, right? From what the users have said, this is not the doctor from The Human Centipede in full experiment mode. The site or sites appear to be run by very professional and proficient individuals who are knowledgeable and straight to the point about the operation which somehow makes the matter all the more terrifying.

11. Man Accidentally Clicks On Link That Reveals Asian Man With Bloodied Chin

One user said that he was browsing around on the deep web for this third time when he found one man’s home page with a link on a sidebar that read, “For journalist and people new to the deep web.” Instinctively, he clicked on the link thinking that it would have useful tips or helpful information for newcomers to the deep web but what began to slowly load (due to his slow connection) was a photo of an old Asian man with a bloodied chin. As soon as he saw that, he quickly closed the tab before the full image could successfully load. A part of him will probably always wonder what the rest of the image looked like but he is thankful he didn’t see the rest and glad that his slow connection saved the day in this case.

10. Red Room Live Stream

“Red Rooms” are used to described live streams that are usually filled with torture, available on the deep web for those looking for such a thing. There are a multitude of stories on the corners of the Internet where various deep web users and newbies have come across a live stream of someone being tortured, hearing their screams of agony come through their computer speakers in real time. In one case, a man who visited the deep web said that he found a live stream where a girl in a chat window asked the deep web users how she should torture herself. She took requests for beating herself, even eye gouging until she eventually committed suicide on the live stream. And this is not an isolated incident according to the stories out there. If you happen to find yourself on the deep web and think you might want to enjoy a peaceful sleep ever again, avoid the Red Rooms if you come across them.

9. There’s A Creepy Photo Tour Through A Mental Asylum

Another unique feature that the deep web boasts is a point and click story through a mental asylum. It’s something that you surely can not find anywhere on the “regular web” – it’s a deep web special.

“I never made it past the first chapter,” said one deep web visitor who gave the story their best shot at it. In fact, this mental asylum story which shows detailed graphics has become somewhat infamous in the underbelly of the web. It’s said to be filled with terrifying images and statements that will make you want to crawl into the fetal position. If you ever happen to find yourself there – if this post hasn’t scared you off of the idea of browsing the deep web, that is – and you come across the mental asylum story tour, maybe you can find out for yourself if it is worth the hype. As for us, we’re more than happy to take others’ words for it.

8. “Pink Meth” Allowed Exes To Get Revenge On Girls

Long before the site ‘isanyoneup’ and its former owner, the infamously hated man by ex-girlfriends everywhere, Hunter Moore, there was Pink Meth on the deep web. Pink Meth allowed users to seek revenge on their exes by posting private nude shots for all of the deep web to see. This site might have been the birth place of what we now know as “revenge porn.” It also allowed for information about the girl in the question which would lead to actual harassment. Due to this, several law suits were filed against the site which is now defunct though it’s said that as soon as it shut down, another site with similar motives opened. When the slogan “pure evil” was created for isanyoneup, little did most “regular web” users know a more sinister, darker site was already in existence on the deep web.

A couple of first time deep web visitors reported coming across Pink Meth and felt immediate guilt knowing the emotional torment and embarrassment these girls had gone through… or were about to go through.

7. Countless Users Stumble Across Disturbing Film ‘Daisy’s Destruction’

Sadly, innocent children are not immune to this deep, dark world. An infamous and terribly tragic film is called “Daisy’s Destruction” in which a little girl is abused in a sexual nature and tortured for the viewers. It’s said that this particular illegal film was widely distributed between the pedophiles that inhabit the deep web and eventually, it surfaced to see the light of day on the regular web. The saddest part of all is that it is a snuff film. Some people have told stories about visiting the deep web and stumbling across portions of this unfortunate film and now, they can not unsee the awful images as much as they wish they could. Reportedly, it was created by an Australian man who was arrested and charged for this heinous crime. He was charged on several accounts of child abuse so we have to assume that “Daisy” was not his only victim but hopefully, she was the very last.

6. They See You When You’re Searching

One story that is circulating out there regarding the deep web is that of a man who was finally overcome with curiosity and decided to give the deep web a try some years ago. He downloaded TOR and came upon a server with HTML and TIFF files and some sub-directories. With a little investigating, he thought it looked like the HTML files belonged to a mental health professional, possibly also involving the military in some regard. It was discovered that the TIFF files were images of faxes. After looking around a bit, he went back up to the main directory and saw that a brand new HTML file had been placed at the top. The file was named “HELLO THERE” in caps and the actual document itself contained the following message: “we see you.” The user said that for about fifteen seconds, the server dropped. It was probably for the best, don’t you think?

5. A Plethora Of Sites The Government Keeps Trying To Shut Down

Everybody knows someone who is obsessed with conspiracy theories. There is always one in every group. Maybe that someone is you amongst your friends and family? Conspiracy theories, large and small and every size in between, do not stop at the doors of the deep web. In fact, there are tons of conspiracy theories just waiting to be discovered on the deep web that many people are not talking about. Just about anything you can think of, regarding any topic, is detailed on the deep web.

Supposedly, top secret government info is also available there. Sites that receive too much attention or catch the FBI’s attention get shut down eventually (or immediately, depending on the leaked classified information!) but reportedly, new sites always manage to pop up in their place. One deep web user said that he found theories on how the world is going to end… and they chilled him to the bone. We think we’d rather have blissful ignorance in that regard, thanks!

4. Illegal Substances

If one is looking for drugs, the deep web reportedly has everything thinkable available and it’s only a click or a call away. The delivery and packaging is said to be very discreet. From quality marijuana (this was probably more of a big deal a few years back when police were diligently fighting the war against Mary Jane and the laws were not as relaxed as they have come to be) to pills of any kind to hallucinogenic product and of course, the hard stuff as well like heroin and meth, quite literally every drug is ready for purchase in the deep web. People looking for these products don’t have to roam sketchy streets downtown searching for their next fix but they will need to download TOR and jump into the world mostly unknown that is the deep web.

One story on Reddit from a friend of a deep web user entails the friend visiting the infamous “Silk Road” on the deep web which reportedly was a popular website for drug purchase and delivery before it was shut down. The friend said he wasn’t looking for drugs but to see what it was all about and instead found people requesting an AIDS infection, people requesting amputations and even murder. The friend said he closed the deep web and never went back. Another story from Reddit is on the lighter side and tells of a friend who requested pills from the deep web. Instead of what he wanted, he received gummy vitamins!

3. Fixed Betting For Sale

A journalist for the sports site, Vocactiv, conducted an anonymous interview with a man who runs a fixed league match site on the deep web. He claims to be able to give the correct score for professional games that have not yet been played. When experts on fixed betting and even those from the dark net told the journalist that sites like these are not legit, the journalist was reasonably skeptical. But the man sent over a “prediction” for a soccer match that had not yet been played with pretty specific results. The text with the correct score was sent 26 minutes after the match’s scheduled start.

A story from a former deep web user tells of his regrets using fixed betting because it did work. It worked too well, in fact, and he became addicted to fixed matches. This increased his gambling addiction eventually leading to other toxicity in his life and sending him into a downward spiral.

2. Rent-A-Thief

It’s not right by any means but you’ve got to give this entrepreneur on the deep web credit for finding an empty niche in the market and creatively going for it. While one deep web visitor was browsing one day, he came across a site where a man claimed that he would be able to steal anything that the potential client wanted for a fee, of course. After he completed the mission with the desired stolen item, he would take a photo of it for proof. Kind of like a hit man of the theft world. Then, presumably, he would request payment and delivery would be arranged. For an extra dose of entrepreneurial spirit, this sleek thief had images of unclaimed items that he had stolen on request of customers for others to browse and buy… kind of like a clearance rack.

The regrettable part is knowing that if the wrong person likes something of yours but doesn’t want to take the chance of getting caught stealing it themselves, it’s only a TOR download and a couple of clicks away from being stolen from you.

1. Cash For Sale

Some users download TOR and plunge into the deep web not to hire hit men, witness live torture or any of the other extreme activity that is reported to go on in the internet abyss but to save some major bucks. When people say you can buy anything on the deep web, it’s quite literally true! From stolen credit card information to stolen gift cards, a less than pristine ethical Christmas morning is ready for the user who’s willing to partake in this morally questionable activity. Last year, Vice magazine profiled a mostly anonymous 19-year-old who buys digital gift cards online using stolen credit card information and sells the gift cards on the deep web for less than they are worth. And he gets plenty of customers judging by the lifestyle he described to Vice. He was upset when he didn’t make his first million by age 18 and claimed his goal is to become the “millennial Jordan Belfort.”

One deep web user reported being tempted to try these services as a way to buy some much-wanted items but backed out, not wanting to feel regret of being the cause of the potential destruction of a stranger’s life through financial ruin.

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