15 Scientific Ways To Be Extremely Attractive


What if there was a recipe for love and seduction? Scientists proved that there is! After all, love has simply been a trap to make humans want to get naked together in bed to have sex and being faithful to someone, as explained in Metaphysics of Sexual Love. The capacity of thinking is truly altered so the body can benefit from sex. It was all meant to make sure the race survives by reproduction and care of the children. There is a recipe for love, as psychiatric Michel Reynaud explains: luliberin for immediate desire, testosterone for sexual desire, dopamine for pleasure, endorphins to feel good and oxytocin to orgasm and commitment.

Both partners need to show the best characteristics to have the healthiest babies, but also be complementary to each other so their offspring can only keep each other’s strengths as explained in the French book, Je t’aime à la Philo. Even if the first thing you think about during a one-night stand is not having a baby, there are universal reasons, logic, and rules for love, on which cultural influence also has an impact.

However, don’t think you can seduce everyone as sometimes, not only your interests but also your genes doesn’t match together. If you want the chance to get lucky, you need to understand how evolution works and how you can make the best out of it. Here are 15 scientific ways to become extremely attractive:

15. Driving a Nice Car


Women unconsciously want to make sure the man will have enough money to take care of the children to come. Even if women can now afford to raise a child on their own, they hope their man can, too. Therefore, driving a nice car and offering many gifts can turn you into a really seductive man. This means you probably have enough money for a whole family. No wonder why the guy used to be the one always inviting the girl to the date. Things have changed since then as women have more control over their body and can earn just as much money as men. They don’t need a man and being wealthy needs to be a sign that you are responsible just like her. Better offer gifts to each other and both be seductive. However, make sure you are not rich only in appearance as not being able to pay your rent because you got a new Porsche won’t make you attractive. 

14. Being a Rebound


Technically, you have more chance of seducing someone if they recently broke up with their ex, even if any friend would say it is a bad idea. A breakup feels like the withdrawal of a drug, and they both have similar effects: depression, inability to feel pleasure, pain, problems with concentration and the desperate need to get back what has been taken away from you. There is one cure for it, according to researchers from Université Laval Norman Voyer – falling in love again so you can get a new taste of your natural drug. Moreover, if they are not happy with this, they’ll be as bad as before when you break up. As it is mentioned in Natural History of love, the effect of the drug wears off after three years so people can realize their mate was maybe only the best sperm donor and they move on to a calmer life. 

13. Keeping Some Modesty


The naked beauty of women was once celebrated by great civilizations as something natural, as other civilizations tend to sexualize it. After all, nudity is simply natural and normal, society ironically made it sexual and tempting by trying to hide it. Men want what they don’t have, and that is a naked woman in their arms. Following this idea, the best way to turn your body into an asset is by wearing clothes that preserve the mystery but tease a little. Keeping your hair down and showing enough skin to show that it is soft is also a good way to be more attractive without showing too much. However, that doesn’t mean women should become sexual objects. They better take advantage of what society thinks of them and use their body the way they want. They shouldn’t be ashamed of doing whatever they want with their body, as there is nothing wrong with being sexy, modest, fully dressed or totally naked.

12. Being a Manly Man


What makes a man “manly” is the importance of the effects testosterone has on him. As it has been explained in a Healthline article medically reviewed by George Krucik, MD, testosterone is responsible for the development of male attributes during puberty. A man who has a lot of testosterone can easily be identified as he will have a deeper voice, a square jaw, high cheekbones, thin lips, larger shoulders, more body hair and more muscular mass. Moreover, this hormone is really good for the human body as it is better for the immune system, the heart, bones, mood and to stay in shape – benefits women would want their children to have. They are also better in bed because they have fewer erectile dysfunctions and more orgasms, which certainly helps for procreation. 

11. Simply Caring


Those who think their relationship deserves serious attention, just like school or their work, and are determinate of making it work have more chance to stay married longer. According to Paul Tough in How Children Succeed, this will also affect many aspects of their lives as they get better grades, earn higher salaries, commit fewer crimes and even live younger. Don’t think playing hard to get you the girl, it will simply make it more difficult for you to be in a serious relationship that works out. As Time reported: “Agreeable, conscientious people make better spouses and parents — but disagreeable, non-conscientious people have more sex partners.” If all you want is sex, here’s a hint: couples get lucky more often. 

10. Laughing Out Loud


Laughing is good for the immune system and the heart, and also acts against pain, depression, anxiety and cancer. As it is explained by Mayo Clinic, laughing stimulates many organs, brings more oxygen to them and stimulate circulation. It also relieves stress, which is known to be the source of many problems. Laughing stops the production of cortisol, but encourages the production of dopamine, the molecule of pleasure. One funny thing is men are much more likely to say they are funny, while women say they want a man with a good sense of humor according to researchers Christopher Wilbur and Lorne Campbell, even though it is a great advantage for anyone to be funny. Don’t be shy to make them laugh, ladies!

9. Having a Younger Appearance


Biologically, younger women are more fertile and prone to have a baby, which makes them more attractive. The best moment for their body to have a kid is in their 20s, according to Baby Center, and men’s brain unconsciously knows that. Therefore, having a nice clear skin, shiny hair, a lot of energy, and being in shape always makes a woman more attractive. This time, the same thing doesn’t apply to men as they can be fertile at almost any age. Experience and wealth is what can make them better parents, which explains why women are often looking for older men. However, don’t think that, as a woman, you should get tons of plastic surgery to look like you’ll always be in your twenties. Energy, playfulness and dynamism is the best rejuvenation treatment. Even though women are way more than a simple object of reproduction, the fashion and beauty industry has taken advantage of natural selection to make youth something women will always be looking for, at any price.

8. Being Symmetric


Your reflection looks just like you, as both sides of your face should too, according to science. As Lisa DeBruine told LiveScience, men are women are more attracted to people with symmetrical features, proving that they have the best genes, no disease, no injuries that would have caused problems during their development. Those with more asymmetric faces, on the other side, tend to be more aggressive, depressed and anxious. “If you’re able to develop symmetry despite all of that, then that would indicate to others that you have what it takes to make a go of it in that environment,” also said researcher Lee Cronk from Rutgers University. There is an attractive ratio for faces as the distance between your eyes and mouth should be about 36% the length of your face, as supported by Green CD in 1995. Symmetry also has an influence on dance skills as LiveScience reported people are attracted to dancers “because their body are more symmetrical than those of the less coordinated.”

7. Walking a Dog


The myth is real: men walking dogs do attract women more than those who don’t. In a 2008 study from Université de Bretagne, a young man tried to get the phone numbers of hundreds of random women and he reported he was much more likely to get it when he had a dog with him (28.3%)., opposed to when he was alone (9.2%). Even if what he said might feel creepy from a stranger in different situations, the dog simply made it friendly: “Hello. My name’s Antoine. I just want to say that I think you’re really pretty. I have to go to work this afternoon, but I was wondering if you would give me your phone number. I’ll phone you later and we can have a drink together someplace.” Dogs have a positive influence, even though the man was cheating or fighting, as women rated dog owners as more suitable long-term partners.

6. Smelling Good


If no one smells other people’s genitals like dogs do, humans do unconsciously smell each other by the pheromones in the air. However, some people decided it wasn’t enough and decided to attend some parties in which you can smell other people’s shirt, without knowing who it belongs to, to find your perfect biological match, as reported by BBC. There is a scientific explanation for all this: pheromones tell us about other people’s genetic so the brain can make the person attracted to the one who has the best immune system to complete them. In this case, opposites attracts so each partner can have their weakness with the strengths of the other to minimize the flaws of their kid’s immune system. As Laurynas Pliuskys told BBC, dating applications online don’t always work because there is something missing: “They soon realise, even within the first couple of seconds when they see that person, that actually this is not who they’re looking for, because simply the chemistry probably isn’t there.” 

5. Looking for Someone Different


Many tall women have been wondering why small girls are dating really tall men, which only leaves them with men shorter than them. This is explained by the unconscious search of someone that is different from them so a small woman and a tall man can have a child of average height, and a curvy woman and a thin man can have a child of average size, to fit the norm. The same applies to the immune system, as men and women are unconsciously looking for someone to erase their weakness with their strengths. But that doesn’t mean you should marry a doctor when you have no job in hope to get a semi-rich and intelligent child. If physically, it is better to create a match that will be complementary, like attract like when it comes to personality, values, education, socioeconomic status and interest.

4. Wearing Red


No wonder why red is the color of love, it is the one to wear if you want to appear more attractive. As claimed a study by two University of Rochester psychologists, the color red makes men and women more attracted to the one they see, even though they are not aware of it. The color red being used in the animal kingdom to express sexuality and availability, it seems like humans are still influenced by it too. Otherwise, scientists can’t yet explain why men are so attracted to the color red as they have results but no explanations. Sleeveless tops and dresses can also be more appealing according to a study from University of New South Wales, as men like to see women’s arms. You can also improve your silhouette by wearing clothes that make your waist look thinner than your waist, as it is a sign that estrogen has done its job well. No matter what you wear, remember confidence is what always make it look better.

3. Being Available


If you want to make someone interested in you, simply make them know you are interested so it will be an invitation to think about you in another way. Body language also has a big influence as males and females look more available and attractive if they don’t cross their arms or their legs, show their hands, look up and smile, as reported by author Vanessa Van Edwards in the Huffington Post. Then, leaning in, tilting your head and making it so nothing stands between you two is a sign of interest. As it is possible to read on Elite Daily, confidence to share what you feel makes others confident too. Science or not, the best way to get an answer from the one you like is simply by asking. Come on and make the first move, this is the only way to move forward.

2. Wearing High Heels


There must be a reason why women wear the most uncomfortable shoes and this is all explained by science. High heels are probably the sexiest thing a woman can wear – other than a smile – as a study from Nicolas Guégen from University of Brittany proved. The higher the heels, the more attention women had, whether it was on the street or sitting at a bar, as it happened in his experiment. This only worked to seduce men as women were not affected by the height of the heels, as they are aware of their competitors. In fact, the shoes make a woman look sexier as it improves her posture and enhance her curves, as explained by Mairi Macleod, Ph.D., in Glamour. It also makes her walk more feminine as her hips rotate more and she takes more smaller steps, making her more attractive, no matter what she looks like according to a study published in Evolution and Human Behaviour. No wonder why playmates often wear nothing but high heels: it is even sexier than simple nakedness.

1. Having Curves in All the Right Places


Women were recently considered to be more beautiful if they were thin, centuries ago a lot of curves were preferred, accepting every body is now the new trend… but what is scientifically the best body according to science? This has nothing to do with weight, but with proportions: the best ration waist/hips ranges between 0.67 and 0.8 according to Professor Devendra Singh at the University of Texas. What makes a woman more attractive is having a waist smaller than her hips as estrogen concentrates the fat on the buttocks and hips, making her shame more feminine and healthy. This ratio is also linked to fertility as they start ovulating sooner and have more chances to get pregnant. Don’t think being too thin is an advantage, unless you have always been with a healthy diet, as it has a negative effect on sexuality, as too thin women even stop menstruating. 

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