The 15 Sexiest Psycho Girlfriends on the Internet

The 15 Sexiest Psycho Girlfriends on the Internet

Do you think that your girlfriend is crazy? Or maybe you’ve just come to accept that all females have some kind of insanity gene or chromosome. Could be the hormones, but there are definitely some ladies out there who would give a psychopath a run for their money. So here we have a list of the 15 sexiest psycho girlfriends on the Internet. Because if you want to feel better about your own crazy relationship, you go online. Right?

Seriously though, we don’t know what got into these chicks. They are downright insane and we feel bad for the dudes who actually had to date them. Look, we all know that people can be a bit jealous or territorial. But this…this takes things to a whole new level. You thought you had seen crazy? Get ready for 15 girls that will make your craziest ex look like a saint. These chicks have smashed, slapped, and stomped their way to notorious Internet fame. On the plus side, they’re pretty cute.

Yes, we know that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but some of these girls look so pretty and innocent to be “crazy.” Well, you’ll just have to read through the list and witness the deception of good looks.

15. The Girl Who Destroyed Her Boyfriend’s PlayStation

So apparently this girl was doing all the work in the relationship, and her boyfriend was addicted to his gaming console. Well she was definitely not going to cook, clean, work, and watch him play on his PS3 all day. So she decided to hit him where it hurts. You got it – she was going to destroy his PlayStation. Not only does she publicly humiliate her boyfriend, but she totally trashes his PS3 on camera. This is also in the wee hours of the morning, mind you. Now this girl is cute and dainty, but her psychotic behavior was full-on unappealing.

14. The Girl Who Destroyed Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Beta Key

So there must be a pattern to the behavior of psycho girlfriends. They just seem to know that if you want to really tick off your boyfriend, you destroy his stuff. And in today’s day and age, we aren’t talking about cars or sports equipment, we’re talking about their most prized possessions: their technology. This girl went insane on her ex-boyfriend’s beta key for Starcraft after she felt jilted. We understand that breaking up can be hard to do, but that’s what we have Ben & Jerry’s for. Not so for this psycho ex. She demolished his beta key (which by the way, had years of build-up to its release.)

13. The Girl Who Seeks Revenge on Call of Duty

Perhaps it was her Latina fire bubbling up inside of her. Or maybe it was just that she was sick and tired of being second banana to Call of Duty 4. Either way, this girlfriend went totally nuts on her boyfriend’s beloved game. She even records herself verbally bashing him on camera with her complaints that he’s no good for her and all he cares about is his stupid Call of Duty video game. So, it is her duty as a psycho girlfriend to put an end to it all. She gets some other dude to film her as she storms into his room and proceeds to bash in the Xbox (which the boyfriend is playing on with some of his friends.)

12. The Girl with the SUV

Oh, those fiery redheads! Here we have a ginger girlfriend who is apparently had it up to here with her boyfriend. She publicly humiliates him by going into a screaming frenzy right there in the middle of the street. Of course it’s in New York, and people are probably used to that sort of thing, but what she does next is totally uncalled for. She had loaded her SUV up with her boyfriend’s personal belongings and once she’s in the middle of the street, she just takes all the stuff out and starts trashing it. Completely destroying all of his things. Expensive things, too – his computer, his sports equipment…almost his television, too. Lesson here: do NOT cheat on your girlfriend, especially if she’s a redhead.

11. The Girl Who Started It All

This is perhaps the first psycho-girlfriend to utterly destroy her boyfriend’s gaming console. So basically we have her to thank for all of the other crazy, hyper girls who trash their boyfriend’s Xboxes and PlayStations. This blondie is clearly good looking, so her boyfriend should feel bad about not paying more attention to her. Well, she gets her revenge, big time. She goes at that Xbox with a golf club. But wait, there’s more! The boyfriend actually seeks vengeance on her! He posts a follow-up video in which he breaks her laptop into pieces. And that may have led to the wave of destroying personal property that perpetuates relationships nowadays.

10. The Girl with the Mousetraps

Okay, who is this girl and how did she come up with this funny act of psychotic behavior? Seriously though, this girl is a crafty evil genius. She’s also blonde and beautiful. We’re not sure whether she got this idea from someone else or what, but it’s a good one. Please don’t try this at home! She set up mousetraps all over her boyfriend’s bed while he was sleeping. Then she recorded him on camera as he woke up and stepped on mousetrap after mousetrap. We’re talking full contact with the arms, legs, chest, and face here. Ouch. Why? Because the psycho-girlfriend felt like it.

9. The Girl Who Wasn’t Picked Up

This vivacious blondie decides that she is not all-too-pleased with her boyfriend. What did he do? Well, he didn’t pick her up. What a jerk, right? Clearly he needs to learn a lesson, or so she thinks. So what does this cutie do? She sets up her home so that it’s camera-ready. When her boyfriend gets in, she lets him know that he didn’t pick her up as planned. The poor guy says he’s sorry but that is just not enough for her. She needs revenge. So, she goes traditional psycho-girlfriend on him and gives him a knee right where the sun don’t shine. She also slaps him across the face and throws a glass of water into his face.

8. The German Psycho-Girlfriend

What, you thought it was just Americans who flip out and go crazy? Nope. Turns out that psycho girlfriends can be found all over the world. This one actually features a group of German psycho girlfriends who take action on a dude’s car. A Jaguar, no less. Yeah, we’re talking a nice car here. Well, it was nice while it lasted. The girls were apparently dating the same dude…oops. So they both team up and attack the cheater’s car together. Talk about girl power! This poor Jag becomes victim to gardening tools and spray paint and by the end of the video they take of the vengeful act, that vehicle is a dump.

7. The Girl Who Sneaks in the Night



Yes, here we have another psychotic girlfriend who was being shrugged aside all thanks to a little Xbox. So she took it upon herself to sneak in the middle of the night and destroy said Xbox. While she is pretty and petite, she is a force to be reckoned with. This guy clearly didn’t know what he was up against. She takes that Xbox and goes bat-crazy on it. This is even more heart-wrenching for the boyfriend because he has just gotten his Xbox repaired, too! Talk about adding salt to the wound. This girl may be cute, but she may be pure evil.

6. The Girl Who Hates World of Warcraft

Although we aren’t quite sure why she would hate the World of Warcraft game, considering that she is like a warrior in her own right. This is one angry girlfriend, and she knew just where to get her boyfriend so that it would hurt for a long time. We know how much time it takes to build up an awesome game profile. Well, she clearly didn’t care. She was mad that he spent so much time on the blasted thing that she decided to do away with it. She doesn’t destroy the console, but she does something perhaps even worse: she deletes the history of his gameplay and she even gets away with it at first! The boyfriend comes back and starts blaming the wipeout on his Xbox!

5. The Girl With the Shovel

We’ve seen Britney Spears have a total mental breakdown and attack a car with an umbrella, so you would think that we’d be prepared for a psycho girlfriend and a shovel. Not so. This girlfriend was ticked off to the extreme, and we actually nearly feared for her boyfriend’s life. And while the people around her (we’re not sure if they’re actually her friends, on account of how insane she is) try to calm her down, she is having none of it. She goes at her boyfriend’s car with a shovel and the whole thing is downright debilitating. She’s just yelling and shouting and we don’t even know what all the fuss is about, but it must have been really bad. Or not. After all, she is a psycho girlfriend.

4. The Girl Who Destroys a Star Wars Collection

Tsk tsk, don’t you know that you can’t have Star Wars and a girlfriend? It’s one or the other, buddy. Apparently this guy learned his lesson the hard way when his girlfriend went full-on cray cray and destroyed his beloved collection of Star Wars memorabilia. Girls are allowed to have a Girls’ Night Out, so why can’t guys do the same? This chick is ticked off beyond compare because her boyfriend went out with his buddies. Big deal, right? Wrong! She goes at it with the destruction and she’s even smiling while doing it. And this guy was going to marry her, too!

3. The Girl Who Doesn’t Want to be Alone

What a cutie this one is. Too bad she’s probably all boob and no brain. Come on; how can you not realize that your boyfriend has gone backpacking through Europe? Yeah, that’s what happened to this girl. Apparently she was unaware of his adventure, so she turned into a worrywart before going full-on psycho girlfriend. So, how does a crazy female get revenge on her outdoorsy boyfriend? She stays in – with another guy. Yup, she decided to hook up with some other dude while her boyfriend was out and about on another continent. Really though? Someone should’ve told that boyfriend to pick up a French babe on the way home!

2. The Girl with the Duckface Mug Shot



This girl was so psychotic that it landed her in the police station. She was seriously peeved that her boyfriend was seeing another girl. Never mind that he had already broken up with her. This psycho-ex wanted to get her revenge, even though he wasn’t cheating. This was also in North Dakota – wow, who knew they made ‘em like that up North! This girl s crazy, but she’s hot! And the fact that she is pouting her lips in a I-don’t-give-a-crap attitude just goes to show that she is indeed one of the craziest (and cutest) girlfriends out there. Be warned.

1. The Girl Who Got Arrested for Domestic Assault



This girl looks so sweet and delicate – like a pretty flower! Hah! More like a Venus flytrap. She was actually forced to don the orange jumpsuit and was arrested for domestic assault in Ohio. Turns out her boyfriend at that time was sensing that she was a crazy lady, so he decided to break up with her. Tough move, dude. She flipped out and kinda-sorta went super insane on him. He ended up getting battered pretty badly and she was restrained by the police. Do not let those big brown doe eyes fool you. She is a psycho-girlfriend terror!


The 15 Sexiest Psycho Girlfriends on the Internet

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If god had wanted girls to smash a man’s console he wouldn’t have given us roid rage.

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