15 Most Shocking Cases On My Strange Addiction

Since 2010, TLC has given us the chance the meet the most unusual people on the show My Strange Addiction. Those you can see on this reality show are obsessed with things you would have never thought about. Whether they drink it, eat it, live it, or are in love with it, they reveal to viewers a huge part of their lives no one knew about. But how strange can it get?

It is already difficult to live with an addiction to alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes. Imagine what it is like for people who have to deal with these strange addictions. What can you do when you can’t stop drinking nail polish, are in love with inflatable toys, or like to eat a dead person’s ashes? They are even more embarrassed to talk about it with anyone and the resources to get help are hard to find. Even though they get the chance to meet a doctor in the show, they just learn that – obviously – eating glass could kill them. This kind of help is inefficient and these people are left struggling with these addictions after the show.

Even though this is presented as a freak show, we can’t help feeling sorry for them. These people are suffering and reality TV could be a great opportunity to tell them that they are not alone in this. Did you know that it is possible for someone to date a car? Read this article to know more about that special relationship. Here are 15 worst cases from My Strange Addiction:

15. The Widow Eating Her Husband’s Ashes

Most people want the one they love to stay in their heart but Casie wants her deceased husband to stay in her belly. For two months, this woman was unable to keep herself from dipping her fingers into her husband’s urn and eating what is left of him.

This addiction started when Casie accidentally spilled the ashes on her hand when she tried to transfer the ashes into a special memorial urn. She didn’t want to wipe him away -and never thought of putting it back in the urn- so she licked her fingers. If you are curious to know what it tastes like, Casie says it tastes like rotten eggs, sand, and sandpaper. She is probably not doing this because it is her favourite meal. Her husband never leaves her: she takes the ashes with her at the grocery store, restaurant, and cinema. This widow wants to live her life like he has never been dead and just can’t keep herself from eating him.

She is in distress and no one knows what she’ll do when there won’t be anything else to lick off her fingers. Even when she saw a therapist, she threatened to kill herself. Casie was the first strange addict to end up in an inpatient care facility with 24/7 surveillance.

14. The Man Collecting Roadkill

Removing dead animal from roads doesn’t seem to be a fun job but Scott turned it into a passion. In 1999, he found his dog on the side of the road after she was hit by a car. This is when he decided that no pet owner would have to suffer like he did.

Unfortunately, what started as a way to help others turned into a real addiction. Scott goes out 7 days a week for about 6 hours each day to find dead animals on the road. He can collect as many as ten in a single night. This roadkill collector places them in a container, puts them in his car, and buries each of them properly. Unfortunately, being too close to death could kill him, too. Being near cars on the road at night is dangerous and wild animals can carry diseases such as rabies or West Nile virus. Scott also already realized that this addiction made him more antisocial.

His therapist was worried about him and suggested that Scott should take that love for animals and transfer it into animals that are living. Even though he didn’t return to therapy, he plans to stop picking up roadkill.

13. The Man Wearing Body Casts

Even though he is perfectly healthy – physically – Kevin loves to wear body casts. Since he was a child, he used to wrap himself in toilet paper so it could look like he is wearing a cast and loved the attention he got when he really broke his arm at 12 years old.

This addict has two full arm casts, two full leg casts, and even full body casts. The reason for this? Kevin thinks that casts are snug and comfortable. His heart starts pumping, he gets nervous, and this whole addiction feels like a rush. But one of the things he likes the most is how people look at him. This is why Kevin loves to go out in public wearing a cast and uses it as a conversation starter to tell stories about how he got hurt. He brings them everywhere so he can jump on any occasion to wear one. However, pretending to injured can seriously have a negative impact on his relationships.

Talking with a therapist, Kevin says that his girlfriend cannot stand it but he doesn’t want to stop wearing casts. Even though the therapist said that he was probably going to spend the rest of his life alone because of that, this newly single addict is still casting.

12. The Woman With Very Long Hair

Rapunzel exists but her life doesn’t seem to be a fairytale. Asha’s 21-foot long hair are not used as a way to escape a tower, but to make her feel unique. She wears it as a crown and considers herself to be a living legend.

For all of those who wonder how much time it would take to grow hair like this, it has been 24 years since Asha cut her hair. It started as a fashion choice but quickly became an addiction to grow the world’s longest dreads. Her hair weighs over 10 pounds and she treats it like a kid. Asha named it Cobra, buckles it up on the seat next to her in the car, loves to cuddle with it and washes it with 24 bottles of shampoo every month. Unfortunately, it is not only difficult to live with this addiction but also harmful to her body. Asha already suffers from back pain and headaches but also risks paralysis if the pain progresses.

No matter what the doctor had to say, Rapunzel doesn’t believe that pain has anything to do with her 21 feet of hair. Asha doesn’t think she has an addiction so there is nothing to treat and wants to find ancient secrets to grow her hair even longer.

11.  The Woman Drinking Blood

When you thought vampires didn’t exist, this woman wanted to prove you wrong. Michelle can’t stop drinking blood which she considers to be as important as water. Some people can’t start their day without their coffee, just like she can’t start hers without blood.

Her addiction began when she was a teenager suffering from depression and started self-harming. She tasted her own blood and knew she wanted more. Over the past ten years, Michelle has developed the need to drink 7 litres of blood each week to satisfy her cravings. She drinks it, cooks it, and likes to put it in her favourite alcoholic drink:  a literal version of a Bloody Mary. Now you are probably wondering where she finds all this blood. Don’t be scared it if you see her in a dark alley at night, this good vampire drinks animal blood she purchases at a local market.  This vampire does, however, like to drink human blood straight from the donor and thinks everyone tastes different, but her victims always consent to this.

Even though she stopped hurting herself, Michelle is still harming herself in another way because she might get HIV or hepatitis. She decided to see her doctor more often to make sure she doesn’t have an infection but she won’t stop drinking blood.

10. The Man Addicted To Being A Doll

Drag queens are fabulous and impressive, but this man took it to another level: he wants to be a rubber doll. Hidden from everyone’s view is Robert’s new hobby: putting on fake skin, a mask, and women’s clothes to become what he considers to be an ideal of beauty.

This addiction is like a new skin, a new identity. He doesn’t want to see an old man in the mirror, but a young, attractive woman. Female maskers like him wear these costumes to explore their identity or simply to have fun. Robert is not the only one interested in this as many men want to be rubber dolls. They want to be part of the beautiful people and like the attention they get when they dress as women when they walk down the street. They even meet up and party together so they can get the chance to safely be who they want to be.

Fortunately, there is nothing wrong with this addiction. The only thing that could hurt them is people’s judgement. After meeting dolls like him, Robert felt empowered and had the courage to go to the beach. He was pleased to see people curious to get to know him.  

9. The Man Dating Inflatable Toys

His addiction started six years ago when he purchased a whale for his pool. He never thought this would be how he finds love and neither did we. Mark is now in a relationship with 15 inflatable toys and thinks the bigger they are, the more there is to love.

He eats with them, watches TV cuddling with them, and takes them to the swimming pool. Every toy has a different personality and Mark even prefers some of his partners over real people. His favourite inflatable toy is a dragon and he would like to marry her if it was possible. He explains that his mum wasn’t there for him when he was a child and started feeling the love that he never had after meeting his first inflatable whale. But there is one question everyone is asking: do they have sex together? Mark says that they haven’t taken their relationship to the next level yet. They simply kiss and cuddle each other.

His therapist was worried because this kind of isolation can lead to depression, substance abuse, and suicide. Mark understood the problem and decided to spend less time with his inflatable toys and more with real people, even though his relationships didn’t blow up.

8. The Girl Who Loves Ventriloquism

Is it April talking or is it the puppet? This ventriloquist can’t leave the house without a puppet. Whether she is going to the coffee shop, chilling with her friends, or taking the subway, there is always a strange character talking for her.

Comedy clubs are great occasions to show her talent. However, April practices a little too much, about 12 hours a day and often in public. She knows that it frightens people but she doesn’t want to be alone without her puppets. The artist was depressed as a teenager because she was unpopular and that is when ventriloquism became a big part of her life. Those she calls her children are her friends and she talks to them like it’s therapy. Unfortunately, her human friends don’t like when there is a third person in the conversation. April’s addiction has cost her many real relationships.

A psychotherapist explained that these puppets are containing all the negative emotions April doesn’t want to face. She suggested other ways for her to express herself but the ventriloquist still couldn’t speak with her own voice and is still obsessed with her puppets.

7. The Man Who Can’t Stop Eating Glass

No one likes to step on broken glass, but this man goes one step further: he eats it. Don’t think it’s a magic trick, it is an obsession. Josh started eating glass years ago when he read about glass eating for a performance. He hasn’t stopped since.

Even though it was scary at first, Josh kept eating glass because it didn’t seem to cause any damage. Champagne, wine glasses, and lightbulbs are his favourites because the glass is thin, and he says he gets a warm feeling when he eats them. However, what he likes the most about this is not the taste, it is the attention he gets when he eats his glass in front of people. Josh is addicted to the attention. When he can’t get enough of this, he also eats bullets because he enjoys the risks of this dangerous behaviour.

Obviously, eating glass can be dangerous as it can perforate different parts of his digestive system and cause death. Fortunately, this convinced him to stop eating glass and bullets. Have you ever eaten something this weird?

6. The Woman Sleeping With A Blow Dryer

Some people like to sleep with a teddy bear, but this woman likes something else that will keep her warm at night. She first slept with a blow dryer at 8 years old and now runs it for about eight hours a day. One thing is for sure, when she doesn’t have it on, she really gets cold feet.

Lori likes the sound and the warmth of a blow dryer and it helps her sleep. Little does she know, she should be having nightmares because this behaviour is physically harming her. She had one incident where she suffered six or seven major blisters because of severe burns. There are scars on her arms and on her chest but also on her relationship. Lori’s partner can’t sleep with a blowdryer in the bed and she doesn’t care, she won’t turn it off. Moreover, she is not the only one struggling with this addiction, as her 3-year-old daughter sleeps with a blow dryer, too. At least, this is how the mother realized that she doesn’t want this for her child. She does want to get rid of this addiction and her friend supports her.

Her therapist made her realize that she probably had this addiction so she doesn’t have to feel things. This is how Lori knew that she didn’t want the blow dryer to control her life. She wrote a goodbye letter to her addiction and stopped sleeping with her blow dryer.

5. The Woman Addicted To Her Nails

Ayanna likes her nails so much that she never wants to cut them. Her addiction to fingernails started when she was 24 but she wasn’t satisfied so she began to grow her toenails, too. They’re like a baby and she will protect them at all costs.

Thinking they are sassy and sexy, Ayanna now has more than 158 inches of nails. Unfortunately, this makes daily activities almost impossible, just like a handicap. She has to walk like a penguin to make sure she doesn’t break her toenails, walks up the stairs sideways, and can’t run. Moreover, dressing up is difficult and she can’t wear closed shoes. This woman is not the only one inconvenienced by this problem; her friend has to open doors for her, walk her down the stairs, and make sure no one steps on her nails, just like a bodyguard. Her incredibly long nails are not only annoying but also dangerous for her health. Her addiction also turned into a health hazard because she now has diabetes and can’t do any exercises that would benefit her health.

During a consultation with a doctor, she learned that the way she lives makes her at risk of developing an infection, which could lead to amputation. The doctor offered to cut her nails but Ayanna refused and continues to grow her toenails.

4. The Man Who Wants To Look Like A Doll

Thinking the doll embodies the ideal male aesthetic, Justin decided he was going to look like Ken. With 125 procedures worth $158,000, this living doll wanted to have the look of the rich and famous people he admired since he was a teenager.

Justin didn’t want to look like a doll at first, it just took shape over the years. Starting from when he was 17 years old, his surgeries now include chest implants, bicep and tricep implants, a brow lift, five nose jobs, and botox injections at a party. But that’s not enough for him, Justin wants more. How does he afford all this? This Ken look-a-like is always working, doesn’t buy a lot of stuff, and receives gifts from his boyfriends. No matter what people say, this living doll wants new plastic surgeries including ab implants, even though it has never been done before. One day, he’ll be more plastic than the doll itself.

However, his plastic surgeon believes Justin is looking for something unattainable. The doctor thinks beauty is actually strategic imperfections and not super perfection, but Justin doesn’t care about that, just like he doesn’t care about complications.

3. The Woman Obsessed With Her Boobs

Many men are obsessed with boobs and so is Sheyla. Even though she can’t even tie her shoes, she believes that the struggle is worth it. She now has a site of 38 KKK breasts and she – and any man – can’t keep their eyes away from those she calls her babies.

Sheyla spent nearly $250,000 on 22 surgeries and even had ribs removed so she could have the biggest implants. Each implant weighs as much as a six pack of soda that she carries around every day. But this is not the only problem she has to face: she can’t run, food always falls in her cleavage when she eats, and it is difficult to find clothes that fit. Sadly, her boobs are not as beautiful as she thinks they are, mostly for her health. Her implants could cause breast rupture, tissue damage, infections, and toxic shock syndrome. She already risked her life once because of her breasts and she wants to go even larger thinking “If I died with my breasts, I know I would die happy.”

The doctor said Sheyla had a body dysmorphic disorder that makes her feel like her breasts are never big enough. Not listening to what he said, she decided to get another surgery, increasing her breasts to 38 MMM. Who would like to date a woman like that?

2. The Woman Drinking Nail Polish

When Bertha entered a nail salon five years ago, she simply couldn’t resist the smell of nail polish. However, she wasn’t interested in getting a manicure or a pedicure, but wanted to drink it. This nail polish addict now drinks about 5 bottles a day.

Bertha enjoys this beverage in different ways: taking shots, sipping it, or licking it from the tiny brush. Her favourite colour to taste is blue and she really likes eating glitters. This addiction costs her $70 a week and she keeps 50 bottles at home. Unfortunately, this addiction is not only bad for her bank account but also for her health. Even though Bertha thinks this obsession helps her go through life, it might have been the cause of her miscarriage. The chemicals in the nail polish can cause damage to her brain, lead to cardiac arrest that can cause a sudden death, or make it so she develops a painful disability. No matter what, she can’t even stop for one day.

Her doctor helped her understand the cause of this addiction: a sexual assault when she was twelve years old. Fortunately, she started seeing a therapist shortly after her appointment hoping she finds a new way to feel better.

1. The Mad Who Has Sex With A Car

Nathaniel’s obsession started when he was a teenager. He built model cars and was in a relationship with Dylan, a toy model of a yellow convertible corvette. This strange addict found true love years later when he met Chase, a sexy red car.

This unusual behaviour is called objectophilia, when someone develops a strong emotional and sexual relationship with an inanimate object. Not only is he attracted to cars, but also four-wheelers, jet skis, and airplanes. Dating Chase for 5 years, he believes he is able to communicate with him so he knows their favourite song is “Can’t Fight This Feeling” by REO Speedwagon. Nathaniel keeps kissing his car, takes it on dates, and even has sex with it. How is he doing this? “Mainly it’s just a lot of rubbing up against it. It involves masturbating as well,” he explains to his father.

After the show, Nathaniel said therapy made him more comfortable with his feelings, and he considers object sexuality as a sexual orientation. Fortunately, his coworkers still respect him, telling Nathaniel not to let people harass him and offering their help.


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