15 Shocking Moments Celebs Were Caught With Their Pants Down

15 Shocking Moments Celebs Were Caught With Their Pants Down

In the celebrity world, one minor blunder is all it takes to set media outlets wheels spinning. Be it an affair, a leaked photo, or something as simple as a wardrobe malfunction, major websites and magazine seize each and every opportunity that is presented to them. Each and every person in the world faces scrutiny in their day-to-day lives. Be it the car we drive, clothes we wear, or food we eat, someone always has something to say about what we do. These voices grow deafeningly loud when we make a major mistake that is recognized by those that are closest to us. The problem that celebrities face is that their blunders are on display for the citizens of the world to feast on.

With her recent wardrobe malfunction, Chrissy Teigen had the attention of the world, and the picture was blasted everywhere. Fortunately, Chrissy was a good sport about it all, and has even poked some fun at herself. While everyone handles situations differently, some of the people on the list have been able to use such blunders as a stepping stone for a lucrative career. Being in a situation that is revealed to the world can’t be easy, and these people have all shared a moment with us all. One thing is for certain; the names on the list, much like ourselves, have had moments that have completely flipped their world upside down. While I’m sure this list could reach unfathomable numbers, I’ve narrowed down to 15 to make it a bit easier for you all to digest.

15. Paris Hilton – 1 Night In Paris

In the early 2000s Paris Hilton was one of the biggest and most popular celebrity figures on the planet. If for some reason you have never heard of her, one look at her last name may bring back memories of your most recent hotel stay on your latest trip to Disneyland. With more money than she can count and with loads of catchphrases, Paris Hilton was all the rage, and you were hard pressed to go anywhere without seeing her face.

With two separate blunders to choose from, Paris has the interesting distinction of being a repeat offender. The biggest, of course, was the leaked sex tape. Prior to the tape, I had never heard of her, but that quickly changed afterwards. Miss Hilton also had a wardrobe malfunction, and her exposure of her hoo-ha made its rounds through media outlets everywhere. Paris tends to stay out of the limelight these days, but those images will live forever. Now that is hot.

14. Pete Wentz – Photo Leak

2005 was one heck of a year. On one hand, I was gearing up to finish a wretched four years of high school. On the other hand, Fall Out Boy released their album From Under the Cork Tree which was chocked full of massive radio hits that made the band stars. As bassist and lead lyricist for the band, Pete Wentz quickly became a public figure, and his newly found fame came with a price.

In 2006 as the band was reaching their zenith, nude photos of Pete Wentz hit the web, and quickly went viral as the band’s popularity helped catalyze millions of clicks on the links to the pictures. I couldn’t imagine having pictures like this being around for public consumption, but Wentz was able to move forward, and continue with the band. Fortunately, From Under the Cork Tree would go on to be certified 2x platinum by the RIAA.

13. Kristen Stewart – Affair Photos Surface

At just 26 years old, Kristen Stewart has put together quite an impressive career. She’s perhaps best known for her work in the Twilight Saga film series, which was a cultural phenomenon and made an incredible amount of money. Stewart also starred in Snow White & the Huntsman, and portrayed rock legend Joan Jett in The Runaways. While maintaining an under-the-radar romance with her costar Robert Pattinson, Stewart would find herself in a compromising position.

While filming Snow White & the Huntsman, photos surfaced of Stewart and director Rupert Sanders engaging in an affair. The evidence was shocking, and Stewart’s relationship with Pattinson would not survive. It has been several years since the incident, and all parties seemed to have moved on from it all. Stewart and Pattinson both continue to act, and Sanders next film Ghost in the Shell (which is shrouded in controversy) is set for a 2017 release.

12. Kate Upton – Photo Leak

At the age of 18, Kate Upton graced the cover of the legendary Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and hasn’t looked back ever since. The blonde bombshell has spent the last several years carving out a career that encompasses both modelling and acting, and has even roped herself one hell of an athlete for a boyfriend. Her short career has been really impressive, and her acting in 2014’s The Other Woman was exceptional. In 2017, Upton will be featured in the movie The Masterpiece, which is being directed by none other than James Franco.

In August of 2014, a wave of personal celebrity photos found their way onto the internet, and Kate Upton was among those affected. Often referred to as “The Fappening”, the photos shocked the world, and each person affected handled things as best as they could. Even photos of Upton’s boyfriend surfaced during the leak, because misery loves company.

11. Chrissy Teigen – Wardrobe Malfunction

As a model who has busted through into the mainstream, Chrissy Teigen is as popular as anyone can hope to be in the entertainment industry. Her modelling career has been met with success after success, and her television work has brought her beauty into households around the world. Currently, Teigen is the co-host of Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle which might be one of the funniest and most ridiculous shows on television. It’s evident that Teigen loves her job, and she seems to have a great time watching her fellow celebrities do the unthinkable.

With that much public exposure, one misstep was sure to happen, and that all came to fruition recently as Teigen had a wardrobe gaffe for the ages. The slit in her dress proved to be a bit much, and her lower-front half was briefly exposed. A moment is all it takes for a gang of photographers to capture that million dollar shot. Teigen has handled it all well, and we can’t help but be thankful that she didn’t have a meltdown.

10. Vince Neil – Leaked Tape

Since their inception in the 1980s, Motley Crue has been one of the biggest bands of their era. They were a band that had the looks that kill, the reputation of being too fast for love, and stories that would make even the lowest of degenerates blush. Through it all (save for a brief and forgettable moment), Vince Neil manned singing duties for the quartet, and his voice is known by millions around the world. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of reading their collective autobiography The Dirt, I’m sure you’ve dreamt of the life that these men were crazy enough to have.

While rock stars and strippers seem to go hand-in-hand, there have been a number of them that have had a rendezvous or four with adult actresses. Both lines of work celebrate excess, and Vince Neil found himself in a leaked sex tape with a woman who made a living off of having sex on camera. In comparison to Motley Crue’s drummer, this video is merely a blip on the radar. Nevertheless, Vince’s junk has been out for the world to see. Looks like he and his drummer have encountered the same ol’ situation.

9. Janet Jackson – Super Bowl XXXVIII

The Jackson family have been in the limelight since the 1960s, but, it was the 1980s that brought young sister Janet (or Miss Jackson if you’re nasty) to the forefront, and set her on her own path to superstardom. Her album Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 was a massive success, and would be certified platinum by the RIAA. Her success in both music and film would continue into the 1990s and beyond, and Janet has even released an album as recently as 2015.

In perhaps her most infamous moment, Janet Jackson performed at the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show with Justin Timberlake, and her wardrobe malfunction was seen by over 100 million people. I can remember sitting in my living room watching the show, and being completely floored at what had happened. In response to the controversy, the NFL had been pretty conservative with their future halftime show musical acts.

8. Tara Reid – Red Carpet Wardrobe Malfunction

The late 1990s gave rise to both the Y2K scare, and to Tara Reid’s acting career. In back-to-back years, Tara Reid found herself in some very successful movies, including: The Big LebowskiUrban LegendCruel Intentions, and American Pie. Four wildly successful films in a span of two years has the ability to make instant celebrities, and Tara Reid’s star burned brightly in the waning millennium. The onset of the new millennium saw Reid continuing her success, starring in both American Pie 2, and in Van Wilder. As the decade would continue, however, Reid slowing began to disappear, and hits were few and far between.

In 2004 at the conclusion of the most prolific era of her career, Tara Reid suffered a wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet, as her chest was exposed for the world to see. To make matters worse, rumors of plastic surgery also helped fuel the fires of embarrassment for the actress. Thankfully, Reid has seen better day recently, with the rise of her career in the Sharknado franchise.

7. Brett Favre – Sexting Scandal

Throughout the history of the NFL, very few players are as revered and respected as Brett Favre. As one of the greatest quarterbacks to grace a football field, Favre’s signature #4 could be seen countrywide as seemingly every kid and high school player wanted to be like Brett. At the conclusion of his career, Favre held nearly every recognizable passing record, had a Super Bowl ring, and was a 3-time NFL MVP recipient. His statistics are astounding, and the impact that he’s had on the game continues to be felt years after his retirement.

Unfortunately, legends aren’t bigger than life, and even they are able to blow it in a major way. In 2010 near the end of his career, Favre was busted with sexting a New York Jets broadcaster, and even sent racy pics. In a day and age where nothing is private, the pics made their way online, and the world saw a whole new side of #4.

6. Farrah Abraham – Tape Leak Scandal

Reality television rarely produces genuine superstars, and Farrah Abraham is a perfect example of this. While some are able to make themselves familiar in Hollywood circles and even begin a career afterwards, Abraham would not be so lucky. The 25-year-old originally rose to relevance after appearing on the show Teen Mom which is an MTV show that’s title is a pretty good indication of what the show is about. Though she has tried to remain relevant, Abraham has had a rough go of things in Hollywood, and serves as more of a punchline.

In 2013, Abraham would be caught in a whirlwind of controversy, as it was originally put out that she had a sex tape that was being leaked to the public. A tape this was not, as it’s quite clear that the video is of professional film quality, and Abraham seems to relish in the moment on film.

5. Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson – Another Leaked Tape

Earlier in this article, I discussed the lead singer of the band Motley Crue, and his adventures in leaked sex tapes. I also mentioned that his drummer would be victim of the same folly and would appear on this list. Well my friends, you needn’t wait any longer, because it’s finally time to discuss what may be the most famous leaked sex tape of all-time. He was the drummer of Motley Crue, and she was a Baywatch beauty that had every man in the 1990s wishing they’d nearly drowned at the beach.

The result of their relationship would be forever immortalized in one fateful video. This leaked tape took the world by storm, and made both parties involved all the more famous for it. The legend of Motley Crue grew exponentially larger with the video’s debut, and men everywhere were feasting their eyes on that Baywatch babe. If you’ve ever wanted to see a grown man use a unique appendage to honk a boat horn, well, you’ve come to the right place.

4. Tiger Woods – Infidelity

Tiger Woods place in the pantheon of golf greats is undeniable, even though it’s clear that he’s not the athlete that he once was. For years, Woods was the face of the sport, and he appeared to be on his way to shattering every major golf record in the sport’s history. He won countless titles, was showered with awards, and was the face of some truly fun video games. He was the face of numerous companies, and was even parodied on Chappelle’s Show. Tiger Woods was everywhere at the height of his career, and his pockets would be forever thankful.

2009 would bring a wind of change, as stories of Tiger Woods infidelities would be plastered all over magazines and websites for what seemed like an eternity. Every journalist and photographer wanted a piece of Tiger Woods as he withdrew from the public to try and get his life back on track. The infidelities ultimately cost Woods his marriage, but thankfully, he has undergone treatment, and is back playing golf again.

3. Jennifer Lawrence – Leaked Photos

As the highest-paid actress in Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence is blazing a rather unique trail that is sure to leave an incredible legacy. She has been the face of two majorly successful film franchises, and already has an Academy Award win to her name. Her films have made incredible amounts of money, and upcoming film Passengers appears to be heading for success as well. Her talent is undeniable, and I personally look forward to seeing her career continue to progress through the years.

Among the laundry list of people who were affected by the “The Fappening”, Jennifer Lawrence may in fact be the most famous. She had several pictures that surfaced, and was very forward and candid through the ordeal. Though she was clearly upset at all that had happened (and understandably so), Lawrence kept her composure, and continued to deliver stellar performances, showing the world that nothing was going to keep her down.

2. Kim Kardashian – It All Started With The Tape

If I’m being completely honest here, I’m not really sure what Kim Kardashian does for a living. I’ve heard that she has a reality show, and for some reason, she is everywhere. She is featured in magazines, radios, commercials, and seemingly everything in between. She has been in numerous high-profile relationships, and her name, along with her sister’s names, always seems to be on the tip of the media’s tongue. To her credit, she’s the most famous person on the planet (for no apparent reason), and has made enough money to feed to city of Oakland for a year.

It all seemed to start with the leak of her sex tape with a celebrity’s brother. That leaked tape set people in a tailspin, and she has literally been a relevant name ever since. I’m not sure what she did before, and quite frankly I doubt that it was anything of note. All I know is that Kim Kardashian is everywhere, and it’s all thanks to one timely sexual encounter.

1. Bill Clinton – The Monica Lewinsky Affair

Holding the title of President of the United States makes you one of the most powerful people in the world (though Congress is where the power lies), and having that much power means that being anything less than perfect will leave over 300 million United States citizens shaking their heads. While there have been a number of controversies in the country’s history, we have had one president whose scandalous behavior may in fact be the most famous moment of the 1990s.

President Bill Clinton was caught having an affair with then white house intern Monica Lewinsky, and people were calling for the man’s head. President Clinton was a married man with a daughter, and the world was in shock when the evidence surfaced. Lewinsky became a household name, and President Clinton’s term would be one for the history books. So, let’s all sit back, enjoy a cigar, and have a laugh at a truly crazy moment in history.


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