15 Shocking Theories About The Sandy Hook Shooting Being Faked


Somehow, I never thought that I’d be writing an article about conspiracy theories regarding the Sandy Hook school massacre. It just seems so ridiculous, and absurd. How could anyone realistically deny the deaths of the 20 children, and six faculty members? Not to mention the death of Adam Lanza’s mother, as well as his own suicide after he had killed them all.

But there are theories galore. Really not one of them has a single shred of compelling evidence. I mean there are some pieces of evidence that would have made the theory understandable at first, but were quickly debunked in the aftermath of the whole ordeal.

These theories are all about the use of phoney guns. The employment of actors. The executions of Israeli death squads. The manipulation of Israeli PsyOps. A government plan to hammer down on gun control…hell, there is even enough room in all of this craziness to involve both President Donald Trump…and aliens! Not necessarily in the same conspiracy theory, but that doesn’t change just how crazy the theories are. Much like the gingerbread house maker, who was allegedly a second shooter, running away in the woods…

15. The Dad Who Ran Away When He Heard Gunshots

There are several theories that have to do with several gunmen, or co-conspirators. In this case, one of the additional members who may have been involved in the massacre is gingerbread enthusiast Chris Manfredonia. Why do I say “gingerbread enthusiast”? Well, because he was on his way to Sandy Hook in order to build gingerbread houses with first graders. His kid was one of the six year olds attending that class. Sounds like an upstanding guy to me…though he did run at the first sound of gunfire. So it’s not like we can say he’s a very brave guy when it comes to his kid being in danger. But that doesn’t mean he was a part of the shooting. He was suspected at first, for having been running through the woods away from the scene. But he was obviously released as there is no evidence at all to suggest that this man aided Lanza in the shooting of the school kids.

14. Threatening A Victim’s Parent For Faking

Yeah, the title of this entry is exactly what it sounds like. Because so many people thought that the massacre was faked in one way or another, there are some who even took to threatening the families of victims. Take Lucy Richards, for example. This very messed up woman decided to take it upon herself to threaten the father of the very youngest victim from the Sandy Hook shooting. This poor man’s son was only six years old, and was gunned down by someone more than three times his age. Why did Richards send this father death threats? Well because she’s one of those gun-toting, second amendment crazies who thought the whole massacre was nothing but a ploy to hammer down on gun control. It’s always a good thing to know that crazy people like that carry guns.

13. Emilie Parker

Welcome to the curious case of Emilie Parker. What could a cute little girl like this have to do with something like a conspiracy theory revolving around the Sandy Hook shooting? Well, Emilie was reportedly killed in the shooting. But people believe they have proof that she was still living after the fact. This of course has given credence to the idea that the whole thing was in fact faked with actors. There is a photo of Emilie Parker with former President Barrack Obama sometime after the shooting. She’s even wearing the same dress that she wore in a family portrait before the whole mess. So how could she have died, and then gone to meet the President? Well the reality of this ridiculous theory is that it was Emilie’s younger sister…who happens to look very much like her sister. And the dress was (as is often with siblings) handed down to her.

12. Adam Lanza Didn’t Have The Mental Capacity To Pull It Off Alone

There are many out there who theorize that Adam Lanza could in no way have committed the massacre at Sandy Hook all by himself. Of course he did, but that doesn’t stop people from dreaming. Many will point to Adam’s mental capacity, and cognitive functions as a reason to why he could not have pulled it off. However, this would not be the first time that someone with mental issues strolled into a building and slaughtered many people…in fact, most people who just stroll into a building and slaughter many people are mentally disturbed in some way shape or form. And he’d have to be to kill his own mother, before heading to school to kill six teachers, and 20 students. Either way, one person has killed more people than that before, with far more intense mental issues.

11. Adam Is An Alien!

That’s right people. There are theories going around out there that Adam Lanza was not actually a human being at all. There are people who truly, wholeheartedly, without any shadow of a doubt, believe Adam Lanza to be an alien. Why? You’d be right if you said it’s because they’re stupid. But that’s not their justification, of course. Their actual reasoning is because of his physical features. Apparently his face is too long, and his cheekbones too perfectly straight. His eyes are too constantly wide. And his neck is far too long and narrow. Now I’ve personally seen people with all manner of mutations, and malformations, and disfigurements. And these people aren’t typically thought to be aliens. But because this disturbed kid happens to have a rather symmetrical face…of course he must be from outer space.

10. There Were Multiple Gunmen

As you will discover throughout this article, there are many horrible human beings out there. One of those very people is Ben Swann, a T.V. reporter from Ohio. It won’t surprise you at all to learn that he works for an affiliate of FOX…so he’s bound to be a bit of a nut bar. Swann is just one of many people who have built up an unsubstantiated theory that there were multiple shooters during the Sandy Hook massacre. Now, he has actually no reason for thinking this. There is no evidence whatsoever to pin the murders on anyone but Adam Lanza, the 20 year old who actually did the shooting. But it is likely that Swann (being a FOX employee) took his intel from early reports of the incident. With so many bullets being fired, and so many people fleeing the school in a panic, there are bound to be reports of several shooters.

9. Memorial Dated Before The Massacre…

This may not exactly be a theory in and of itself, but it does point to a common piece of evidence that people constantly refer to when it comes to the shooting. As it happens, when you do a restricted date search for online memorial pages of the Sandy Hook shooting, some of them appear to have been published well in advance of the shooting itself. This, many say, proves that the whole thing was staged – since people obviously knew about it before the whole thing happened. It’s interesting to think about though because according to Salon, there’s “a Fox News story on the Sandy Hook shooting that Google says is from Oct. 1, 1983.” With almost 30 years foreknowledge of the incident, not even Fox News could f*ck up saving all those people…unless they were part of the conspiracy too…for decades.

8. Israeli Death Squads

This is just a pitiful conspiracy theory, but it still happens to be a conspiracy that has to do with the Sandy Hook shooting…so here we go. Gordon Duff, who once ran to be governor of Arizona, came up with the idea that the real culprits of the massacre were actually Israeli death squads. What was his reasoning for believing something so stupid? Well apparently this massacre was nothing more than revenge for the Obama administration’s attempt to ease relations between the United States and Israel. So of course there is no evidence. It’s a pretty pathetic stance to take, especially with no proof. But it’s not like there aren’t many people who grab hold of this theory right quick. So many people theorize that the Jews secretly run the world…so this just “backs up” their opinion.

7. The Same Woman At So Many Tragedies

This is actually kind of a hilarious conspiracy theory, though it is also fairly sad, and speaks to the way that people very easily will identify, and label someone. So as the above photo suggests, this one brunette woman has been present at each and every one of these tragedies. And, of course, at each of these tragedies, there have been claims that it was an inside job, or done by actors, or any number of other stupid things. But it turns out (and some people may not have known this before) that not all brunettes are the same person. And it also happens that there are a lot of brunettes in the world. So it’s not at all surprising that there’s been a small, attractive, white brunette kicking around at each and every one of these events. There are all sorts of them. But they’re not the same person.

6. Alex Jones Always Has A Theory

Alex Jones always has a theory, and he is pretty well always wrong and full of absolute sh*t. But he gets a lot of viewers and attention. Especially from those nut bag rednecks who will believe every single conspiracy theory going in the world. It’s amazing what people will believe. I mean just look at every religion ever made. Anyhow, Alex Jones at first had only a simple theory about how there were some actors used in the massacre (though apparently some people had died, in spite of that fact). But he changed his mind after a little while, and claimed that the entire event was completely fabricated. What evidence did he bring to the table? Well…none of course. He’s Alex Jones. All he needs to do is make a statement, and then get red-faced while he shouts about all his stupid beliefs.

5. Israeli PsyOp

So…yeah, this guy James Fetzer exists, and he’s kind of an idiot. In spite of the fact that he apparently has a PhD, and is a published author. He still comes across as a complete idiot to me. Why? Well because he thinks that the whole shooting was carried out by Israeli operatives as a “PsyOp” (psychological operation), meant to manipulate the United States. In his own words he says Sandy Hook “appears to have been a psy op intended to strike fear in the hearts of Americans”. Of course it’s pretty hard to take this guy at all seriously because he holds some other pretty staggeringly stupid beliefs. For example, he happens to also be a Holocaust denier. That right there is enough to disqualify pretty well anything he ever says. Especially if it has to do with Israeli forces.

4. A Banker’s Scandal

So the LIBOR scandal is something that we don’t really need to go into any sort of detail about. All you need to know is that it was a scandal that involved bankers, and this is apparently the reasoning for the “orchestration” of the Sandy Hook shooting. It has been suggested by all manner of crazies that Adam Lanza’s father was an employee for a financial service, and was slated to testify at a Senate committee about the scandal. So in order to minimize the impact of his testimony, he and several others put together a school shooting. The thought being that the news coverage would really focus on the massacre, and the testimony would hardly be recognized at all. While Mr. Lanza might be a vice president for said financial service, he also said of his son: “You can’t get any more evil. How much do I beat up on myself about the fact that he’s my son? A lot.

3. James Tracy Fired

This charming, and clearly sane-looking guy is James Tracy. He was once a professor at Florida Atlantic University. I say he was once, because he was fired for having spoken out quite loudly about the Sandy Hook shootings being faked, or at least not quite true to the media reports. Like most, he didn’t have many real reasons for saying something so stupid. But that didn’t stop him from harassing the father of a six year old boy who was shot and killed in the event. He apparently concedes now that lives were probably actually lost. But that hasn’t changed his mind about the reality of the incident being different from what the media reports. But it seems this guy might have a bit of a paranoia streak, as he thought Anderson Cooper was trying to interview him so that he could expose Tracy and his family for others to ostracize and abuse them.

2. Lying About The Guns

For some reason, people thought that there was a mix up with the supposed guns used in the shooting. This was apparently reason enough to doubt that Adam Lanza even pulled a trigger at all. The infamous Bushmaster AR15 was the gun that was said to be used by Lanza. But many theorists stated that the assault rifle had been left in the trunk of Adam’s car, and was therefore not the gun used; disproving that Adam was the killer. However, in the real world, Adam kept a shotgun in his trunk, and brought not only the AR15, but also to handguns with him to carry out the 26-person massacre (after having already killed his mother). Those who theorize about the gun conspiracy believe that the whole thing was set up by the government in order to further restrict gun laws.

1. Trump Endorses Alex Jones

So this may not be a conspiracy theory exactly, but this is just an interesting bit of ridiculousness that couldn’t be passed up in this article. It turns out that president Donald Trump (I always find it weird to say that) actually endorses Alex Jones, and even directly said to Jones that he has “an amazing reputation”. Hell, Trump even told Jones, “I won’t let you down”. Now besides the fact that everyone knows both Trump and Jones are complete idiots, this whole support of Jones is way worse when you hear about the pleas made to Trump. It turns out that because of Jones’ rants about Sandy Hook being faked, the whole community of victims from the massacre have been in constant, additional pain. They have reached out to Trump many times now to have him speak out against Jones, and confirm the deaths of the 26 victims at Sandy Hook…but Trump has kept silent…which is weird for him.

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