15 Smokin’ Hot Sara Underwood Cosplays


Sara Underwood is one of the hottest Playmates ever! She captured the nod for Playmate of the Month for July 2006. She then captured the Playmate of the Year honors for 2007. Clearly, Underwood had something that the Playboy world loved. The blonde beauty has a captivating look that combines both sexiness and beauty.

Underwood was born in Portland, Oregon and would stay in the state to attend Portland State University and Oregon State University. Prior to being discovered by Playboy, she worked at the hot-girl feeder-chain Hooters. Underwood’s first foray into the Playboy world was when she appeared in the Girls of the Pac-10 issue in October 2005, and the rest was history. Ironically, Underwood never thought she was pretty enough to be part of the magazine. With her success, Underwood has had a lot of fun during her life and travels. One passion she has is dressing up in cosplay, and we must admit that it’s probably a lot more fun for her fans than for her! These are 15 Smokin’ Hot Sara Underwood Cosplays.

15. The Dark Side of Hot

Sara Underwood may have just ruined my image of Darth Vader forever. I’m not saying it’s totally a bad thing, but staring at this outfit in the vein of Darth Vader, it’s hard not to have a slightly different view of our favorite James Earl Jones villain. Underwood goes sexy one-piece for this one, so that her outfit can take center stage. The white platform shoes along with her long sexy legs stand out on this number. Her black leather Darth Vader-wannabe gloves are a very nice touch on her bare arms. The fact that she’s using one of her ultra-evil gloves to twirl her hair is definitely a hot move. The graphically enhanced lightsaber only matches up with our enhanced private parts as we stare at this picture in all of its glory. We can pretty much guarantee that nobody had a Darth Vader fantasy from years ago. But now, there may be a few that happen because of this awesomeness… which in a way, is pretty confusing.

14. Hot Wars

Why not? Let’s just drill out all of Star Wars nation and be the sexiest cosplay ever to hit the galaxy far, far away. Sara Underwood is literally the queen amongst all others who attempt to replicate this kind of sexiness. This outfit combines Middle Eastern/Egyptian likeness with George Lucas‘s vision from the second rollout of films. There’s so much to be excited about in this one. First off, the top is conservatively sexy. It doesn’t show too much boob (if there’s such a thing) while at the same time exciting with just the right amount of cleavage. Underwood’s amazing midriff returns in all its glory. Is there a better stomach to lick salt off of??? Then her legs. Underwood’s bottoms, a combination of playful sexiness and downright insane beauty make you want to move that burgundy sash just a little to the left. And Underwood’s expression is it. Look, there are women with hot bodies in the world. But Underwood brings it all together with the body, the face, and the overall beauty that kill every cosplay she performs in.


Time to have some fun! Underwood makes no apologies for her creativity when it comes to cosplay fun. She regularly creates original looks just for the sheer enjoyment of putting on another crazy outfit. Naturally, her body takes center stage. But check out Underwood’s joyous expression, her glowing playful smile that causes your cheeks to rise as you look at her. This AWESOME kangaroo costume definitely scores points for originality. The shoes are green with yellow wrap, creating a fun mummified look. Underwood’s green hair matches the shoes, and then there’s the giant yellow kangaroo costume. Alone, it’s not nearly as impressive as when Underwood opts to bust out of the front, showing exactly why she’s everyone’s favorite cosplay. Her bikini top matches her shoes, and it’s only by the grace of her extraordinary hooters that the top is barely hanging on. We’ll hop on this roo ANY day!

12. Black Widow

Black Widow is a sexy Marvel character. The character’s real name is Natasha Romanoff. Her Black Widow nickname is one of the darker names in the Marvel hero books. Most recently, the ultra-sexy Scarlett Johansson has been the one to don the role of this sexy star. Normally, going up against Scarlett Johansson is a losing bet for most. But Sara Underwood fearlessly slips right into this outfit, and it looks absolutely perfect on her. The tight leather outfit is bursting at the seams. The cleavage gives us a taste, and her high collar is a perfect accent. Underwood keeps her expression serious as two guns hang down, one in each of her hands. Tight leather + Sara Underwood = Happiness.

11. Girl Scout Cookies, Anyone?

So this one kind of falls in the line of borderline inappropriate in nature, but let’s skirt right by that fact and focus on the main event: Sara Underwood wearing almost no clothes. Clearly, if this girl scout came to your door, you’d be buying cases, so maybe the organization can get something going with her. But outside of that, this hot number is again a playful outfit that pokes fun at how much the male race loves young women dressing up like girls. Platform shoes start the outfit’s sexiness off from ground level up. The skirt, the top, the look, etc…, honestly, there’s so much to be impressed with. If your girlfriend was dressed like this when you walked through the door, it would most likely be GAME ON! Underwood reimagines what a sexy girl scout is, although, in all honesty, we’re not sure that’s such a good thing unless it’s Underwood herself in the outfit.

10. Arrest Me, Please!!!

Hey, is there anything sexier than a woman in uniform? If the stripper bell isn’t going off with this number, then you haven’t lived, my friend. Underwood rolls out the sexy cop outfit, a classic play with a zip-down top that can pretty much expose everything with one carefully crafted grip and pull down. Naturally, her hat sits just off to the side upon her head, so as not to disturb her glowing blonde hair. She gives us a bit of a more serious-playful look, as if she means business. Then there’s the one-piece leather dress top that barely covers her “special” zone. Below that are delectable fishnet stockings. A baton rests in her right hand, in case someone gets out of hand, while handcuffs are readily available in case Underwood wants to take things to another level. Standing ovation across the board!

9. Wonder Woman

In a lot of ways, this makes perfect sense. Sara Underwood is definitely a superhero to many of the horny men scattered across the globe. And there are many of us, and this little number doesn’t hurt the highlight reel. First off, the brazier. We love some good cleavage, and this awesome, classic Wonder Woman ditty definitely delivers in the boob department. Next up, the whip. Yeah, the gold whip is a VERY nice touch to lighting that sexy torch, which Underwood has no problem doing. She could honestly roll up in sweatpants, and we would be panting over her. But the high and tight bikini bottoms work also. Long legs, a beautiful smile, a fun crown, and some nice wristbands make this sexy outfit a fun cosplay trip to remember.

8. Football Time!

If you’re a fan of American football, aka the NFL, or enjoy staring at a really hot blonde wearing a tight shirt and tiny shorts, then this little outfit is for you. Let’s break down Sara Underwood looking sexy in this tiny outfit. First off, the midriff. This is one of the sickest (and we mean hot) looks you’ll see. Her tiny shorts are nearly as tiny as they come. Her top is tiny but is actually body paint! So we’re pretty much swimming in her boobs on this one, and we like the temperature of this water! The sexy black-eye only adds to a man’s ultimate fantasy. The wannabe sexy cheerleader is way hotter than anything we’ve seen on a football field.

7. Busty Bustice

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… Bustice!!! If you aren’t too familiar with the superhero Bustice, it’s because we never really heard of her as well. Sara Jean Underwood brings this boobielicious beauty to life. She strategically unzips her top just enough to lure her enemies into a trance. As they stare at her amazing breasts and subsequent cleavage, she’s able to knock them down in one fell swoop! G4 TV on YouTube has the video featuring the busty heroine who literally smacks her enemies with her boobs and knocks them into submission. Not only does the slick and sexy purple outfit display Underwood’s amazing breasts but it also barely covers her incredible behind. The combination makes her the sexiest superhero of all time!

6. Leeloo

If you’ve ever seen the feature film The Sixth Element, then you know exactly who this character is. Bruce Willis stars in the film in which Milla Jovovich stars as the cryptic and intriguing character of Leeloo. The “perfect” creature in the film has now been taken over by the VERY perfect Sara Underwood. Here, we see Jovovich’s infamous body-wrap that she’s hatched from out of the machine that brings her to life. Underwood is able to pull this off pre-extra enlargement in her boob region. These days, she would be busting out of these thin threads. We definitely aren’t complaining about how hot she looks here. Honestly, just keep staring at the picture; your eyes will get lost in the skin and beauty.

5. Batgirl

We’re pretty sure that Bruce Wayne would be pretty damn excited to run into this little devil on the street. Sara Underwood does her best rendition of what an EXTREMELY HOT AF Batgirl would look like. And we’re definitely a fan. Naturally, she doesn’t want the cape to take away from her bikini top and amazing breasts, so she tosses it over her arm like a sash. Let’s look at her insane abs. I mean, this midriff is worth eating breakfast on — flat and gorgeous. The beautiful Underwood never fails to impress. Her lower half sports high platform black boots with tight glistening material that becomes skin tight as it rides up her long legs to her thighs and rear. Holy Batgirl, Batman!

4. Star Wars Hottie

Watch yourself, Natalie Portman! This Padme wannabe is NOT messing around. One of the most encouraging characters from the second launch of the famed Star Wars series was Portman’s portrayal of Padme. It conjured just enough sexiness in the Star Wars world to hark back to the good times of Princess Leia in chains. But outside of that, we weren’t all that impressed with Episodes 1-3. However, we’ll say that Underwood takes a wonderful stab at this number. Again, she isn’t shy about wearing tight clothes and showing off her amazing body. Her stomach once again is a big-time feature, a flawless part of Underwood’s beauty. Her sexy smile and stance, with her hands on her hips, add just enough sass to make you want to jet set to a galaxy far, far away and meet up with her. This Padme is definitely a cosplay we would ALL want to bring home.

3. School Girl

Ring the spank-bank bell! The age-old fantasy of the little schoolgirl outfit is brought to life with Sara Underwood’s ultra sexy tiny outfit. Naturally, we’re going to move right past the creepiness of why tiny school girl outfits seem so damn sexy and ride into the land of Underwood’s hotness. The tiny tie which matches her plaid skirt has got to be the best accent of this outfit. The tie is literally being swallowed up perfectly by her cleavage. We have the little blonde ponytails and sexy glare firing out, which draws you deeper into this cosplay fun. The tight white top, high white socks, and Underwood’s killer midriff are just further stunning assets in an outfit that’s sure to kill with any male crowd. This girl just knows how to play the game. I think if high school Catholic girls looked like this, boys would learn nothing, and more teachers would be in jail.

2. The Dark Knight

We’re ending with one of our personal favorites. The dark knight himself, Batman, has never looked so sexy. No offense, Christian Bale, but we’d much rather see this Batman at our door than you. Underwood once again perfectly dons a tight outfit. It clings to her body like no outfit could a normal human being. Her figure is flawless with the Batman logo perfectly placed across her chest. The cape is the clincher to this number as Underwood stares with a rare serious expression, showing us that she definitely means business. The boots, the leather, the outfit, the glare… Sara Underwood knows her cosplays. She’s clearly one of the best in the game and regularly impresses her audiences. There’s no doubt that she’ll continue to do so as long as she can pull off any and all outfits. Underwood is a favorite of ours, and hopefully, now, a favorite of yours as well!

1. Furry Love

Well, let’s try to keep this as PG-13 as possible. From the start, this cosplay number is the kind of thing we would see at the Playboy Mansion. And that’s a good thing, as far as we’re concerned. Underwood once again shows no shyness about unveiling an outfit that’s basically a tiny bit of underwear with flare strapped to her body with a massive serving of creativity. Let’s go to the boots first. The purple fur boots are reminiscent of a high-end stripper stepping out onto a stage to rousing applause. The matching bikini set has the accents in all the right places. It’s a cross between what a fantasy superhero and an expensive stripper at Jay-Z‘s house would undoubtedly look like. The boobs, body, and skin are just further displays of why Sara Underwood is one of Playboy’s best ever. She does everything well and leaves nothing short of amazement in her wake.



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