15 Stars Who Deleted An Embarrassing Image Off Social Media


When social media was first introduced to the general public, people were amazed at how it was revolutionizing communication. Everyone seemed to jump onboard with posting photos, communicating with family members, and updating statuses to include every little aspect of daily life. This included celebrities, and offered a mode of communication with fans that simply wasn’t possible before the Internet. Celebrities were able to share upcoming event information, interact directly with fans, and even post photos for self-promotion purposes.

However, not all of the aspects of social media have been positive. While it offers the opportunity to communicate with others, the Internet also features an anonymity aspect that has allowed people to feel unhindered in what they are able to say. Online bullying has become a real thing, and there are many people that don’t hold back in regards to critical comments. This is especially true for celebrities, since the public can often forget that they are actually real people. The comments made about celebrities can be quite shocking, but what is even more shocking is that many don’t hesitate to leave these comments directly on celebrity social media sites. These negative comments have caused many celebrities to delete their photo posts, whether they are pandering to the public or just embarrassed about what people have to say. However, there are others that have had to delete their photo posts, simply because of the technological aspect of social media. Not everyone is tech savvy enough to understand that there is a distinct difference between public and private messages, and some stars have even been hacked. There are a wide variety of different reasons why a celebrity would be forced to remove a photo off of their social media, so let’s take a look at the 15 stars who had to delete an image they already posted.

15. Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber has come a long way since his breakout song, “Baby.” Nowadays, he seems to be more known for his antics off the stage, rather than his musical talent. From his never-ending drama with Selena Gomez to the obnoxious and entitled behavior he exhibits at every turn, it seems like each new Bieber headline just gets worse and worse. One clear cut example occurred while attending a Cleveland Cavaliers game. A number of videos were released, showing Bieber getting into a physical confrontation outside his hotel. It was never divulged what the altercation was about, and the angles of the videos don’t really give a good perspective on what exactly happened. Some have come forward as saying that Bieber got beat up, while others have said he stood his ground and even threw some punches of his own. In any case, Bieber didn’t hesitate to take to Instagram and post photos directly after the altercation made headlines. Posing shirtless, the first photo was a black-and-white shot that showed Bieber holding a fist up to his chin, with the caption, “Not a scratch on this pretty boy.” After a number of highly critical comments, Bieber quickly deleted it and posted a more “masculine” photo. He was obviously embarrassed at how he was being perceived by the public, which forced him to take down the photo in hopes it would be forgotten. Yet, with the Internet, there is no such luck.

14. Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez may have got her start as a child actress, but she has since transitioned into a multitalented celebrity that can act, sing, and dance. When she broke out as a pop star, it was her performances and coordinating video with the veils and Jasmine-esque apparel that really made people sit up and take notice. She had a unique look about her that made people think that this exotic pop star was just what the world needed. Yet, she didn’t seem to know how to leave well enough alone when it came to ripping off other cultures. During a trip to a mosque in Abu Dhabi, Gomez posted a photo of herself to her Instagram page. While she was wearing a traditional abaya, she lifted the material to reveal her pants underneath, which also revealed a large portion of her ankle. The Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a highly visited religious sanctuary for many, and baring her ankle at this holy site was a huge sign of disrespect. After criticism from fans, Gomez ended up deleting the photo from her account.

13. Hulk Hogan

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When Hulk Hogan was first introduced to the world as a beloved pro wrestler, no one could have ever predicted the roller coaster ride of a career he would end up having. Transitioning into reality television, audiences seemed to fall deeper in love with The Hulkster and got to know more of his family. Like many other reality shows, the series ended up showing the demise of his marriage to Linda, and saw a side of exploitation of the children that wasn’t very endearing. However, it did help to thrust him into a more prominent position as a television personality, and even helped to launch the music career for his daughter, Brooke. Once Linda filed for divorce and began dating one of her son’s friends, the world became more sympathetic to Hulk Hogan but changed again once his racist rant-filled sex tape was released. As if it couldn’t get any worse than all of that, Hogan added a new dimension to his public persona by posting a photo of his daughter’s legs on social media. As if he wasn’t seen as creepy enough, he added a new layer of disgust by the public. After being highly criticized for the photo post, he quickly deleted it. Yet, the damage was already done, and people were left wondering how he could have found a post like that appropriate in the first place.

12. Dean McDermott


The relationship between Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling has been tumultuous to say the least. Their marital drama has played out in front of the public eye via the tabloids and their numerous reality shows. From a cooking series to running a bed and breakfast to True Tori, the couple has never shied away from being in the spotlight. Many have come down hard on the couple for their attention-seeking ways, especially after publicizing the intense marital issues that came after it was discovered that McDermott was cheating on Tori during their marriage. Whether it was just another publicity stunt or a true accident, McDermott posted a photo on social media of his son, with Spelling in the background with lactating breasts. He deleted the photo, but it left people wondering what the whole incident was all about. If the photo was indeed posted without realizing that his wife was topless in the background, it seems odd to even post a closed-eye photo of his son in the first place. It wasn’t exactly a picture-perfect photo, and it definitely didn’t seem social media worthy at all.

11. Russell Brand


When Katy Perry was first introduced to the public, she was seen as the ultra beautiful pop star that reminded people of the Old Hollywood glamour of the pin-up model. She wasn’t exactly out there as much as Lady Gaga and her infamous meat dress, but she had a certain edge to her that made her quite appealing for those looking for something beyond the same old blonde haired celebrity. When she married Russell Brand in 2010, people wondered how long the two would last since they seemed to be an ill-fitting match. It turns out the pair didn’t have the public wondering for too long, since their marriage only lasted 14 months. While the two were still together, Brand posted a photo of Perry on his Twitter page. The photo looked as if she was laying in bed, and she definitely didn’t look like she was on her way to a photo shoot. With toned down hair and no makeup, she looked far from the glamour girl the public was so used to seeing on the red carpet. Perry was allegedly mortified by the post, and demanded the image was deleted. Brand deleted the photo from his Twitter account, and suffice it to say, the marriage dissolved shortly after.

10.  Dan Osborne


It’s not just the United States that has a fascination with reality television, since the popularity of such shows as The Hillsand Jersey Shore gave birth to similar series in the UK. While there once was a time when the general public fully embraced reality television as truly being “real” the world has since opened their eyes to the trickery of reality television.The Real Housewives franchise puts it in their contract that the ladies must attend certain events together, The Jersey Shore forced the cast to all work in the same T-shirt shop, and even the restaurants and luxury resorts offer up their venues free of charge for added publicity. The UK has produced its own reality series to coincide with this modified version of what is “real” in living in Essex, called The Only Way Is Essex. Although it is a scripted series, the cast have unscripted lines and are thrust into modified situations. Dan Osborne was a favorite on the series when he was first introduced during Season 8, and drew a huge fan base because of his stellar good looks and physique. In order to capitalize on his fame, Osborne turned to social media to try and build on his celebrity status as a television personality. In one infamous post, Osborne took a snapshot of what should have been just a shot of his rock hard abs. Instead, his underwear was way too tight, and the photo showed entirely too much. Osborne quickly took the photo off and replaced it with a cropped version that wasn’t so revealing, but people had already taken screenshots.

9.  Dani Mathers


What many people love about Snapchat is the fact that the photos are instantly deleted after just a few seconds after viewing. Yet, this isn’t exactly accurate. Security expert, Nico Sell, gave an interview with ABC News and spoke about the many misconceptions about social media posts. Sell stated, “It looks like it’s gone. If you don’t understand the underlying technology of the Internet, and aren’t thinking about what is going on behind the scenes, it [only] looks like it disappeared.” So, when a photo is deleted by the user or the Snaps are deleted from the Story, that doesn’t mean that those photos aren’t available on a server somewhere. Dani Mathers is a great example of how using social media can be harmful to one’s career. During a trip to LA Fitness, Mathers posted a picture of an unsuspecting nude woman while in the locker room. Although she thought the photo was deleted, it was quickly picked up and caused a media firestorm. The LA Police Department Assault Division took up the case for “disseminating private images” and it doesn’t look like this former 2015 Playmate of the Year will be getting any endorsements anytime soon.

8.  Luisa Zissman


Luisa Zissman is a British entrepreneur that transitioned into a television personality. She had a pretty good run on Season 9 of The Apprentice UK, and was the runner-up to winner, Dr. Leah Totton. Zissman also starred on Season 13 of the British reality series, Celebrity Big Brother, and thus solidified her status as a pseudo celebrity. She has been married twice, and has two daughters that have been highly publicized via social media. The public couldn’t get enough of her two beautiful daughters, and Zissman seemed to relish added attention on her and her family. While her daughter, Dixie, with first husband, Oliver Zissman, has been spread throughout social media, Zissman’s new husband has forbidden her to post photos of their daughter on social media. While she did give a sneak peak of the baby via a photo of Indigo’s tiny hand, that is apparently all the public will ever get (unless they’re hounded by the paparazzi while pushing a baby carriage). In the meantime, Zissman also deleted almost all of the photos of Dixie on her social media accounts. She also released a statement saying, “When both my girls are old enough they can have their own social media accounts but until then I will protect their privacy and not share anymore.”

7.  Josh “JP” Patterson


While American audiences seemed to quickly tire of reality shows that feature young people in various and specific areas, the television viewers in the United Kingdom can’t seem to get enough. While The Hills and Jersey Shore definitely started with a huge following, other series quickly took their place. Just as the world became sick of worrying over Sammi and Ronnie’s relationship, the Kardashian clan was proving that audiences preferred watching the rich and famous rather than a group of reality stars peeing in the bushes. However, UK audiences have yet to make that change, and have embracedMade in Chelsea since the first season aired in 2011. Their version of Sammi and Ronnie was Josh “JP” Patterson and Binky Felstead. They had a similar up and down relationship, and often called it quits only to get back together to throngs of approving fans. JP has been open about his difficulty in knowing how to treat Binky, since she is the first real girlfriend he has ever had. Yet, fans haven’t been sympathetic to his learning curve, and have been quick to attack. In one social media post, JP posted a photo of himself with another woman, and fans tried to draw blood from this Made in Chelseastar. JP quickly deleted the photo and posted the statement, “Deleting a photo on social media of work you’re proud of because senseless fans don’t read the caption. Small minded people aren’t we.” Supposedly, the photo was strictly work-related and not of a personal nature, but many of his followers didn’t accept that explanation. They pondered as to why he would delete the photo if in fact it was purely innocent.

6.  Vicki Gunvalson


Vicki Gunvalson is arguably the biggest star that has come from The Real Housewives of Orange County, due to the fact that she is the show’s only original cast member. While other housewives have come and gone, Gunvalson has managed to have an interesting storyline with each new season. While other cast members were replaced due to an ending story arc or the public’s lack of interest, Gunvalson has drama that seems to follow her (or she creates it herself). One stunt that had people talking happened in 2014, when she accidentally posted a naked photo of herself on Instagram. Apparently, Bravo had sent Gunvalson a gift of a pair of Beats by Dre headphones. In an effort to thank them for the generous present, Gunvalson posted a picture of the box with the caption, “Thank you #bravotv for my Christmas present, love these for all my traveling.” Yet, what she wasn’t aware of was that the box had a reflective property, and basically acted as a mirror when she took the photo. She so happened to be naked while taking the photo, and it was shared throughout the Internet. Once she realized her mistake, she deleted the post but the damage was already done.

5.  Alison Pill


Alison Pill started her career as a child actress, but transitioned well into more adult roles. She excelled in both television and film roles, and is probably best known for her portrayal as Margaret “Maggie” Jordan in The Newsroom. In 2012, Pill made a serious technical mistake on Twitter when she allegedly “accidentally” tweeted a topless photo of herself to all of her followers. The tweet was supposedly intended as a private message for her then-fiancé, Jay Baruchel, but it was sent publicly instead. Pill blamed the incident on her lack of understanding, since she wasn’t as computer savvy as she had hoped. After deleting the photo, Pill tweeted, “Yep. That picture happened. Ugh, My tech issues have now reached new heights, apparently.” Although the photo was deleted, a screen shot was taken that allowed it to be circulated throughout the Internet. It is still up for debate as to whether or not that was a true mistake or Pill leaked the photo on purpose to help gain exposure. However, it didn’t do much to help her career, since she hasn’t done much of note in recent years following the Twitter debacle.

4.  Hayley Williams


Best known for her role as the lead singer/songwriter of the rock band, Paramore, Hayley Williams has also had some success collaborating as a solo artist. However, just as her collaboration with B.o.B with their hit song, “Airplanes,” started to gain popularity in 2010, she coincidentally had a topless photo of herself posted to her Twitter account. Some speculated on the timing of the leak, since they both occurred in 2010. Celebrities are sometimes known to release nude pictures or even sex tapes to try and drum up publicity, so it isn’t out of the realm of possibilities. Others have claimed that it was probably an accidental tweet, but Williams came out professing that her account had been hacked. Following the topless photo being posted, Williams tweeted, “Well… my night just changed drastically. Got hacked.” While there were many fans that came forward to offer their support to Williams, there were also numerous news outlets that swooped in to hurry and grab a screenshot before the photo was deleted.

3.  Khloe Kardashian


The funny thing about Twitter is that it’s not just used by celebrities to interact with their fans and promote certain products and events. In fact, many celebrities use Twitter to interact with each other, albeit not always in the best way. While Chloe Grace Moretz isn’t the first celebrity to come out on social media and criticize the Kardashians, she is one of the few celebrities to win the Twitter war against one of them. During a particularly nasty back-and-forth between her andKhloe Kardashian, Moretz tweeted, “Everyone in this industry needs to get their heads out of a hole and look around to realize what’s ACTUALLY happening in the REAL world.” Khloe tried to humiliate her on social media by posting an alleged photo of Moretz with her bathing suit pulled to the side, with a tweet that read, “Is this the a hole you’re referring to @ChloeGMoretz???” This would have actually worked out in favor of the Kardashians if it were true, but the fact is that it wasn’t actually Moretz in the photograph. Moretz pointed out this error on social media, and even posted a side-by-side photo proving that she was wearing blue bottoms, while the girl in the photo was wearing red bottoms. Not only did Moretz completely win the argument, but Khloe could have inadvertently humiliated an innocent girl to her millions of followers. After the response by Moretz, Khloe deleted the post (perhaps to save herself the embarrassment or avoid a lawsuit by the poor unsuspecting girl).

2.  Kim Kardashian


via theguardian.com

Kim Kardashian has been known to post numerous photos via her social media, without a care in the world at how scantily clad her ensemble (if there even is one at all). While she’s never been opposed to promoting products via her social media sites as well, they’re typically big brand names or trending items. However, in September 2015 Kardashian seemed to have stepped over the line in self promotion by posting a photo endorsing a prescription drug called Diclegis. The photo looks like something right out of a magazine, except it’s basically an advertisement for a drug that looks extremely sketchy at best. The FDA sent a letter to the drug’s maker and demanded that the post be taken down. Their letter stated, “The social media post is false or misleading in that it presents efficacy claims for Diclegis, but fails to communicate any risk information associated with its use and it omits material facts.” What alarmed the Office of Prescription Drug Promotion was the fact that Kardashian never stated any of the side effects of the drug, and made it seem like it was much safer than it was.

1.  Jennifer Lopez


The Florida nightclub shooting in July 2016 left many heartbroken over the senseless murders, including Jennifer Lopez. The sheer number of dead and wounded that were of Puerto Rican descent was astounding, and fellow Puerto Rican, Jennifer Lopez, wanted to do her part shortly after the tragedy. In an effort to promote her Orlando benefit song, Lopez posted a photo of her performance with the hashtag #LoveMakeTheWorldGoRound and #AllLivesMatter. Shortly after posting the tweet, Lopez was bombarded by social media users claiming that she was promoting a counter-argument to the Black Lives Matter movement. She ended up deleting the tweet, and claimed she didn’t realize there was such sensitivity to the All Lives Matter hashtag. She was quoted as saying, “[intended for] all the senseless acts of violence” but obviously she felt the need to take it down after the criticism. It makes people wonder whether or not there would have been the same scrutiny if she would have posted the hashtag #GayLivesMatter instead.


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