15 Stars Who Pose The Greatest Challenge To Bra Makers

15 Stars Who Pose The Greatest Challenge To Bra Makers

There seems to be a trend in Hollywood that involves women wearing very little up top. Well, actually it’s not a trend at all. Celebrities have been showing off their assets for decades. These beautiful people thrive and prosper off of attention, so why not show some skin and make everybody look?

The first wave of bust-display may be credited to Bettie Page. She brought bras and silk stockings into the light, but back then she was still considered too risque for many. Then stars like Jayne Mansfield came along. She wasn’t quite as pretty as Marilyn Monroe and compensated by revealing the heck out of her bust. Mansfield let the bra push the bust so far upward that it nearly spilled out of the top of her dress. Or, she would wear a super loose bra and lean over so far that they’d nearly fall out.

And from there, the standard was set, and the new question became, “How can I show these babies off?” Bra designers scrambled to come up with the best methods. The padded bra, and push-up bras were invented, while other designers opted for minimal lift and transparent fabrics. Either way, bra makers today still have plenty to work with (pun intended). Here are 15 well endowed celebs who pose the biggest challenges to bra design.

15. Kate Upton – 34D

Kate Upton has had her career cool off lately, but she’s far from finished. She just made the cover of Sports Illustrated last spring, and that’s not her only magazine cover of late. Can you believe this blonde bombshell was once rejected by Victoria’s Secret casting agents for being too busty? If you ask most dudes, they would much rather see Kate Upton on the catwalk instead of some skinny European chick with messed up teeth. No wonder the Victoria’s Secret franchise isn’t selling with men. For some reason VS marketing reps just can’t figure out why. Hello! It’s because most of the girls are too thin, and flat chested. How are you going to sell bras if you’re using small cup sizes? The cup must runneth over. And what about women? You think women like skinny model chicks? Nope. They hate that body type even more than dudes do. Kate Upton could have sold millions.

14. Sofia Vergara – 32F

Sofia has the nicest set north of Colombia. The woman is so well endowed that she based her career on it. She was talented enough to transition her career from modelling to acting, and has since become the highest paid actress on television. Sofia has come a long way from doing Pepsi commercials and Miller Lite calendars. Other beautiful Latinas that also need some bra assistance, would surely include Salma Hayek. Here is another fine pair of twins that spend most of their time pushed up and exposed on the red carpet. We’re not sure exactly how it works, but don’t designers make a dress specifically for an actress, and their appearance at a certain award show? If that’s the case, then how would you like to land Sofia or Salma as a client? Stuffing them into a dress would be a pleasure, but a challenge too.

13. Kylie Jenner – 34B

Well, the twins don’t have to be real to make it on the list, right? Kylie has been under suspicion ever since her dynamic appearance change. No, dynamic is the wrong word. It was more like a shape-shifting scenario. This girl went from a pimple-headed flat chested tween to a voluptuous Instagram vixen overnight. We also have to mention her inspiration, her older sis, Kim Kardashian. Kim needs some serious bra support, especially after the kids came along. Ah yes, childbirth, and all of the hormonal changes that come with it. Much to every guy’s joy, their wishes come true and their baby momma’s breasts get even larger than before. Sometimes they shrink back to normal size after the baby weans off the milk, but other times they stay swollen forever. That’s why people were worried when Kylie supposedly went under the knife at a young age. What are the implants going to do when pregnancy hormones kick in? Give mother nature a chance before taking matters into your own hands.

12. Kat Dennings – 34DD

Her raunchy comedy, Two Broke Girls, may have been cancelled, but we see no end in sight for Kat Dennings. She has one of the best pairs of twins in the business, which, added to her remarkable comic timing, will surely land her more Hollywood roles soon. The biggest news with Kat lately, is that she will not appear in the latest Thor installment. After starring in Thor and Thor: The Dark World, she will not be seen in Thor: Ragnarok. The bad news is, Natalie Portman won’t be involved either. We’re not sure why the franchise decided to omit these two beauties, but we’re suspecting it’s due to the massive Marvel Universe commitment. Surely these talented actresses did not want to sign up for the next films that combine all these superheroes over and over and over again. Is anybody else tired of superheroes yet? The comic saturation trend has got to end soon.

11. Scarlett Johansson – 30DD

Speaking of Marvel superheroes, here’s a busty actress who has played Black Widow in quite a few films. Everybody was in a tither since her female character was not promoted as much as her male counterparts during much of the marketing of those films. In most of the Avengers products, including everything from Crest toothpaste to Taco Bell soda cups, the female superhero wasn’t even featured in the lineup of heroes. Well, the gender equality grumblings were heard, and then DC stepped up big time. Wonder Woman was a huge hit, with a record breaking opening, and already has a sequel in the works. Will Black Widow follow suit? Nope, but another Avengers movie, Avengers: Infinity War, is due out in 2018. Black Widow will surely be more prominently displayed in the merchandise, and hopefully Scarlett will get an even better outfit, that shows off her wonderful curves even more.

10. Kendra Wilkinson – 34D

Kendra rose to fame as a part of the Playboy empire, led personally by Hugh Hefner. She was even one of his girlfriends for a while. Kendra was featured as one of the blondes on The Girls Next Door reality show, which attempted to pull the Playboy franchise out of the reaches of bankruptcy. It’s amazing that the magazine still exists. Last we heard the mansion was for sale and the magazine wasn’t even showing full skin anymore. Not sure who is running the show there now, but they may be running it into the ground. Kendra was wise to make an exit when she did. She landed her own reality show, Kendra,and exploited her marriage to NFL star, Hank Baskett. After child birth, Kendra’s rack swelled up even more than ever. Her cans are huge now and pleasantly spill out of every bra on the market.

9. Nicki Minaj – 34C

Now, Nicki Minaj needs some bra designers to work overtime, and the underpants designers are staying busy too. Have you seen some of the wonderful outfits this woman wears? They are certainly some of the most creative designs out there. Of course we can never forget that scandalous bikini she wore in the “Anaconda” video. That project should have had a warning label on it. Not because it was offensive, but because it was overwhelmingly hot. Not something you would want to watch with a family member. Nicki has won ten Grammys. She’s a respected artist in the industry, but she is still victim to the scandal of plastic surgery. Is her body real, is it fake? Nicki has been famous for a while now, and at some point, such debate just doesn’t matter anymore. Sit back and enjoy the view.

8. Ariel Winter – 34D

The knockers on this young actress were actually reduced, and they’re still spilling out of every dress. Can you imagine if they weren’t reduced? What would have happened then? Well, probably not much, but Ariel may not have had the confidence to post quite so many selfies on Insta. Surely, she would have posted some, but not the ton that she does now. Jokes aside, Ariel should be confident, either way, we’re not debating that. Many celebrities have had reduction surgery, including Queen Latifah, Punky Brewster, and Drew Barrymore. Ariel has done well with her career on Modern Family, and next up is the film Dog Years. The Burt Reynolds movie was reportedly released last April, but we don’t know anyone who has seen it. Ariel plays a provocative character, judging by her outfits in photos, which is a great role to contrast her nerdy Modern Family gig.

7. Jennifer Lopez – 34C

This entry goes to the bra designers and dress designers who have shaped Jennifer Lopez’s career. Remember when she was dating Puff Daddy and showed up to the Grammys in that green dress with a v-neck cut down past her belly button? Everybody on the planet saw that outfit, and said, “Who is that girl?” J-LO’s music, TV and film careers all launched from then on. Today she is still busier than hell, and, even more impressively, hotter than ever. Seriously, she owes a lot to the designers that have taken her toned body and showed it off perfectly. She has a bust that is just right, and although it often appears as though she is bra-less, there are definitely some secret lifts doing the job behind the fabric. Another artist who constantly gets creative with the bust fashion is Lady Gaga. But if we had to choose one such singing and dancing fashionista for our list, J-Lo wins, hands down.

6. Jessica Simpson – 32D

Holy cow, talk about a woman who has devastated some bras over the years. Jessica Simpson has some knockers, especially since having kids. Jess disappeared for a while, didn’t she? She left the music scene, which she was never really good at, and dove head first into the fashion business. This woman has made millions off of her fashion label, much more than any income she earned as an entertainer. But once an entertainer, always an entertainer. She still craves that attention and admiration, and lately has taken to Insta to gain some likes. She posts some great bikini shots, my goodness. The cup runneth over for sure. And in some of the poolside pics, her rear end is looking pretty good too. Might be time for a Jessica Simpson comeback.

5. Jennifer Love Hewitt – 36C

Here’s another beautiful babe with a comeback that is long overdue. What happened to J-Love? Where did she go? Come, back, Jennifer Love, please, we miss you. Every man on the planet from 16 to 60 knows who this actress is, and knows why she is popular. She has one of the greatest racks in Hollywood history. But where is she, again? Well, like many people in this world, she started a family. And hey, she had the money to take an extended maternity leave, so why not enjoy the kids while they’re young and sweet. She will come back into the spotlight soon, especially once the kids start acting bratty. Hopefully she can land a more critically acclaimed role. She’s done tons of work in Hollywood, but never really tried anything too dramatic, or revealing.

4. Amber Rose – 34D

We had to place a celeb on this list who is solely famous for a rack alone. What else has Amber Rosedone? Nothing. But, wow does she have a great pair, that any bra maker would be proud to dress. So where did Amber come from anyway? Well, she was discovered on a stage dancing around a pole at some point. According to Wikipedia, the girl started str*pping at the tender age of fifteen. Thank goodness she doesn’t have to do that anymore, at least. She was “discovered” by Kanye West, and dated the rapper for years, before Kim Kardashian came along. The sad thing is that Amber and West broke up in 2010, but the woman is still talking about it. Such a lame attempt to cling to a story, as your fifteen minutes of fame slowly fades. Time to change tactics, Amber.

3. Katy Perry – 32D

This is a pair that every dude has been dying to see, but that day may never come. There are quite a few fakes online, but they are either obviously fake, or grossly unflattering. Why won’t Katy just do a Madonna and let it all hang out? There is no doubt that her buxom top made her famous. She even got in trouble for showing off too much cleavage on Sesame Street. She was chasing Elmo around singing a kid-safe version of “Hot N Cold,” and you must admit that the little red Muppet’s eyes were bulging out. Nowadays Katy has short blonde hair and thinks she’s going to save the world with her political commentary. This politics angle is a slippery slope towards un-hotness. After all, how can you be a feminist and still objectify yourself? Hopefully Katy will find a way.

2. Christina Hendricks – 32F

If you never watched Mad Men, then you probably haven’t seen any of this woman’s work. But you have surely seen her huge chest on publications across the internet. Most dudes are crazy about this woman’s huge bosom. It’s one of the most striking in Hollywood, so it had to make our bra-maker’s challenge list. Hopefully there is no shortage of fabric in their engineering department. Actually, jokes aside, it’s not as much fabric as you think. Although Christina has a large cup, an F, the circumference of her chest is only 32. She’s a petite little package. So what else is Hendricks famous for? Well, her star may still be rising. She is currently filming a dramatic thriller called The Burning Woman. It stars Sienna Miller and Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, and has the makings to be a solid hit to boost her career.

1. Mariah Carey – 34D

Sometimes, usually around the holidays, you turn on the TV and there she is. Then the entire room says, “Holy b**bs Mariah!” It is usually quite a shock to see what outfit this woman is wearing. And even though we’ve seen her ta-ta’s a thousand times, each time she seems to display them in an even more revealing light. The bra designers have resurrected this woman’s career many times, and they’re not done yet. Like some indestructible force, Mariah Carey will not leave the spotlight. Even when it’s one of her most famous songs and she forgets all of the lyrics, she still doesn’t leave the stage. Remember that debacle last New Year’s? You’d think that the live TV failure would have been it for the diva, but no, we’re still talking about her. And that’s because of her ridiculous outfits. As well as the fact that she still really can sing. She has one of the best voices in music history, there’s no doubting that.


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