15 Stars Who Were Way Too Raunchy For Instagram


See, the thing is that in the U.S., websites are usually not responsible for what people post. But online communities like Instagram have rules and policies. Instagram is noted for its policing of pictures and its “no nipples” rules (well, at least for women). Now, on Twitter, it’s usually what they say or what they encourage others to say that gets them into hot water. Sometimes it’s the raunchy picture or two that stirs controversy. Not so on Instagram. It’s almost totally about those pictures. Sometimes the guys get in trouble, but usually it’s the young female celebrities who outrage the people at Instagram and sometimes their fans and followers. Some have nearly been booted off, others went off in a huff after Instagram dared to criticize their raunchy pics, and others have well and truly been shown the door. And sometimes, the fans put their hands up and say back off, cool down, stop it. If we were going to come up with a list of the top three raunch Queens, we’d have to include Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian. And it’s also no coincidence that all three are usually right up there for the top followed accounts.

Here are 15 hot, young celebrities who are sometimes way too raunchy for Instagram. They are usually barely legal in Instagram terms. Sometimes they push it a little more just to see if they can get away with it.

15. Rihanna


If Beyonce has become the regal Queen of social media, Rihanna pushes the raunchy thing big time. Followers were hot for RiRi lounging on fur rugs in front of a fireplace, smoking joints in Amsterdam, and nearly naked in almost-not-there bikini shots. In May of 2014, Rihanna quit Instagram in a diva huff because her account had been disabled. Some said it was something to do with her postings. No, said Instagram, who regularly polices too racy photos by deleting them or closing the account altogether; it was just a glitch. A mistake. A blip. No matter said RiRi, stick it. Instagram followers were sad and mad at the thought of losing @badgalRiRi. After a suitable diva fit period of around 6 months, she was back lounging, smoking and almost naked.

14. Kim Kardashian


Hey, if you are a famous for being famous no-particular-talent celebrity who is only a celebrity because her father Robert, helped to defend O.J. Simpson in that 90’s trial and her momager Kris, pushed hard, well you’ve got to go for it. Besides, while Kylie and Kendall are both around 20-years old, Kim is 35 and a mother of two. And she hasn’t slowed down the sexy pictures she posts on Instagram. Everyone remembers those sexy in the mirror selfie shots she posted after the birth of North West. There was this white bathing suit thingy that left uncovered more than it covered. Buzz, buzz, buzz. Then, just when we thought she might be settling a little, we had another selfie in the mirror in 2016. Except this time, she didn’t bother with the bathing suit. Yes, full frontal nudity is KK’s thing these days. Some loved it. Others suggested she grow old gracefully. Maybe, just maybe, she is trying too hard these days.

13. Miley Cyrus


If they gave an award for trying hardest to be bad, Miley would take it hands down. She is a kind of Disney version of in your face. A little rich, white girl trying hard to be bad. Often these tirades of raunch come just before something important, like an upcoming tour or the VMA awards. She’s gotten into hot water with Instagram for posting topless photos that Instagram removed from the site. Undeterred, she posted another topless photo of herself on Instagram with a giant star superimposed on her breast. Then, there’s Miley’s “Free the Nipple” campaign. What, women shirtless? Guys would go wild. Scout Willis joined and walked down the New York streets topless. It’s nude publicity masquerading as a good cause, we imagine.

12. Nicki Minaj


The undisputed Queen of in your face sexy, strong, rapper, singer, songwriter Nicki Minaj, is not afraid of controversy. In fact, she loves it. She has posted to her Instagram some raunchy videos featuring her shapely backside shaking wildly. That set Twitter alight and drew applause and outrage. Instagram has a “no nipples” policy, so Minaj posts a view from below with a crop top that covers her nipples, but nothing else. Then there was the one in black fishnet tights, a thong, and a studded halter that leaves her breasts exposed revealing all, save for those nipples which are covered by coordinated black tape. OK Magazine did a whole gallery of the best NM “most naked” Instagram posts, calling it an “Investigation of Nicki Minaj’s Very Naked Instagram Account”.

11. Kesha


This rapper is sexy without even trying. And she knows it big time. But she still tries way too hard. And her Instagram account is more of the same. There have been times when she and Miley seem to be competing for the ‘most raunchy babe on Instagram title’. Kesha has posted a side shot where she appears only to be wearing a bracelet. And she was accused of trying to keep up with Miley when she posted shots of her in a tee-shirt and a virtually bare backside with an arrow pointing to her exposed rear and a scrawled note on the tee saying simply, “High Action”. The Daily Mail was outraged. We know she has this thing for glitter and sparkly bits and admitted on Jimmy Kimmel Live that she has sparkles in her unmentionables. Thanks for sharing.

10. Maheeda


She’s a former prostitute, gospel singer, and pop singer who says things like there is power between my legs. Big and bold and another in your face girl, Nigerian Maheeda seems to stir controversy outrage without even really trying hard. There was the picture she posted on Instagram of her nude in the tub. Well, she does have a towel on her head. She has shown nipples on Instagram. Instagram has deleted pictures and videos, but she just kept on posting. They have deleted her account. She gets back on. More nudity and nipples and they delete her again. You have to admire her persistence. At last report she is back on Instagram, but her account is set to private. Now, that spoils a lot of good fun and hopes and dreams.

9. Chrissy Teigen


The girl has admitted to having sex with her husband John Legend… on a commercial flight, no less. She’s not afraid to flaunt that fabulous body of hers. Instagram removes her raunchy photos. She posts another “boob-baring” image. Well, that’s what you do if you are named one of the 10 sexiest supermodels on social media. reported that she said, “The nipple has been temporarily silenced but she will be back, oh yes, she will be back,” she said on Twitter. The site also reported she tried to upload three other raunchy shots with different filters to trick the media platform, but Instagram took it all down. Picture this, Chrissy sitting on a sofa topless wearing only “high-waisted knickers paired with knee-high studded boots”. The nipple was defeated by the forces of good, or at least Instagram.

8. Emily Ratajkowski


Sultry, sexy 20-something year old model and actress Emily Ratajkowski, hit it big in Gone Girl. Her main tactic on Instagram is to see how much she can flaunt, just how much they will let her get away with. At the end of 2015, the Sports Illustrated girl posted a raunchy black and white picture captioned “Night In NY”, where she wears only a barely-there thong. She is running her hands through her raven locks. What followed? 165,000 likes and three thousand comments, some going “more!”, and some shouting outrage. There was this smoking shot of her in a fishnet, totally sheer black shirt that got deleted by the site. Again, it’s the nipple thing. There are naked in a bathtub shots. The thing is she started off on Instagram a lot less raunchy and, as the commentators say, has “upped her game”.

7. Amber Rose

maxresdefault-96[1] led with “Amber Rose strips naked in raunchy shower Instagram snap”. Another Amber Rose classic post is a black and white picture showing her lying down on her stomach on a bed with no clothes on. The caption read simply: “Good morning”. Reportedly, this is about the same time she was said to have filed for divorce from rapper Wiz Khalifa. She what you’re missing, sunshine. What can we say about Amber Rose? The model, actress, fashion designer is not beautiful in the classical sense, but she exudes an earthy sexiness. In a kind of tribute, OK Magazine ran a gallery of her most naked Instagram snaps. Accused of using Photoshop to improve her appearance (all over?), she has said that, while she does filter pictures, no Photoshop is used.

6. Lindsay Lohan


The former child star who continues to self-destruct has not aged all that well, but still exudes a classic Hollywood bombshell vibe. She, who runs mostly naked around a London store during the run of her West End play, is not at all bashful about bearing all. But with all things Lohan you have to also expect boozy shots. So drunk and just about naked? There’s partying Lindsay aboard a yacht in St. Tropez in panties and a loose shirt. There was the snap of her in lace panties holding a phone up to her breasts. Reports were that the party-girl wanted to mend her ways and make a comeback. But she still seems to be channeling the vibe of party-girl with the raunchy pictures.

5. Courtney Stodden


There is nothing subtle about this reality star bombshell. She is Playmate sexy. When she was 16, she married 51-year old actor Doug Hutchinson. The headline from the UK’s Daily Star is typical: “Courtney Stodden strips full-frontal: See naked pic deemed too raunchy for Instagram.” It was a publicity shot for her single “Asphalt”. There were little discs barely covering her private bits in the full frontal shot. And Asphalt was scrawled all over her body. But Instagram said no way. Technically, the picture may be complied with the “community rules”, but maybe Courtney, who was clearly channeling a serious Marilyn Monroe vibe, was just too damn sexy for Instagram.

4. Lady Gaga


This mega-star is punk, alternative sexy. Like Madonna before her, she outrages and tantalizes in equal measure. The Instagram picture of her sitting naked curled up in a chair went viral. Then there was the one taken on a plane, exposing that nipple yet again. And led with “Lady Gaga Exposes Nipples on Instagram”, calling the latest her “umpteenth” NSFW (Not Safe for Work viewing) nude topless photo. We bet the other passengers appreciated her sharing.Lady Gaga is not sexy bombshell a la Courtney Stodden, but in your face “I do as I please” like Madonna and Miley Cyrus. NSFW equals raunchy and fun, we think.

3. Madonna


From the girl who brought you conical breasts in the 1980s, Madonna is another one who has not aged particularly well, save for that body. Can someone tell her to act her age? Instagram has warned her about raunchy photos: Take ’em off or else. Some said Madonna was well and truly too hot for Instagram. Not just light on clothing, but also suggestive, mature, adult. Idolator has reported she posted a picture of her butt on Instagram. When the site hassled her, she posed naked and asked why it was okay to show backsides but not breasts? See, for her it’s a crusade. A cause she must win. E onlinecalled her a “trailblazer of sexual expression”. And you thought it was just pictures of a 50-something rock queen?

2. Miranda Kerr


Now that she’s engaged to Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, will she move from Instagram to Snapchat, that haven of sexting and the like? She’s another serial posting naked kind of girl. “Another” naked picture of Miranda Kerr on Instagram captures her free-wheeling, classy sexy style. Huffington Post, with tongue firmly in cheek wrote, that Miranda had graciously posted a naked picture on Instagram. A queenly, regal nakedness we think. Then there’s the shot of her backside and legs, wearing only Reebok sneakers. Some ringing endorsement that was. Delighted fans pretended to be shocked. We don’t believe. Anyway, alongside the likes of Rihanna, it’s pretty tame.

1. Amy Schumer


Amy Schumer is funny. She is a stand-up comedian and producer who has catapulted to fame and fortune. So, her sexy has to have a little fun in it. Like the naked “goddess” Instagram picture of her alongside a statue of a goddess. People, mostly her fans, were cheering. See, she’s gotten some troll flak for the state of her body. Usually, she puts them down verbally, but the goddess shot was perfect: Nude and funny. Now, some (in this list) may say they stand for emancipation of the female, but Schumer bares it all, warts and all in a true blow for loving your body not-so-perfect. Take that you trolls. Then there was the nearly nude Star Wars photoshoot. Sexy and funny. The best of both worlds. Madonna could do with a little more funny and a lot less sexy and raunchy.


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