The 15 Strangest People Who Have Been On Reality TV


Even if these shows are supposed to portray reality, they have certainly chosen to put in front of the camera all the most unbelievable people. Reality television seems to keep surprising us by presenting the most unexpected people on any show you can think of. It has quickly become difficult to resist getting to know more about these people that are so different from each other, as this makes them so interesting. As Tom Robbins said, “There is no such things as a weird human being. It’s just that some people require more understanding than others.”

These people who may need more understanding than others have opened themselves to us so we can understand what they are going through, or simply so we can meet them. Whatever their reason for being on reality TV, they deserve our total respect for putting themselves out there like that. After all, if some of them are happy to do what they do and not hurting anyone, are they really doing anything harmful?

Some on this list can be suffering, but negative judgment never makes us better, only help and respect does. There is always someone somewhere as strange as you. Knowing that you are not alone can often help feel better about yourself, or at least make you feel that someone understands

As Paul McCartney said, “I used to think anyone doing anything weird was weird. Now I know that it is the people that call other weird that are weird.” He was a Beatle so he clearly knows what he’s talking about. Everyone is somehow strange and that is exactly just what makes life more interesting. If everyone thought alike, the world would be quite boring.

Now, here are the 15 strangest people who have ever appeared on reality TV:

15. The Single Dicky on Next


Dicky participated on Next twice. He got eliminated as soon as the girl saw him in his last episode, but he came back saying it went well. Despite being eliminated twice,  he still managed to be one of the most memorable daters who had ever been on this MTV show.

He dressed similarly to Carmen Sandiego, and would make strange voices, laugh mischievously loud and play a flute on the bus. Dicky almost even showed his own, err, d*cky after being eliminated. The girl had to ask him not to do so and thankfully, he listened.

His profile reads: Collects Hawaiian shirts, Does his homework while pooping, Got instantly NEXTed for obvious reasons. H was not the only one sharing bizarre information on his profile. Others had tidbits like: has a crush on The King from Burger King, thought guacamole came from ‘guacs’, falls asleep while standing up, frightened by the perfection of her beauty, had sex while talking on the phone to his church pastor, lit her house on fire when she was six. Those are just a few. There were many other strange facts that people elected to share about themselves.

One thing is sure, this guy has a strong personality and if you can handle it, you will never be bored ever again.

14. The Sexy Sherry on Baggage


Jerry Springer seems to attract strange people on his dating show where people pick their dates according to their secrets they hide in their baggage. If most people were normal except for their secrets, Sherry, a contestant, made sure she had no weirdness to hide. She had sex dressed as a zombie because her ex wanted her to “play dead”. She sleeps with a ski mask on so her head won’t lose heat. She works as a fake phone psychic. She makes jewelry out of her own teeth and skin. So, yeah. She’s pretty strange.

It was difficult to choose only one contestant out of all the people on the show, as everyone’s “baggage” seemed to be pretty crazy. An anonymous woman who worked on the show for three years said women had more crazy sexual baggage and men had more creepy.

The weirdest person never actually appeared on the show, as she was harassing the producers to be on the show and sent them naked pictures to prove she would do anything to be on TV.

13. The Gigantic Woman on Strange Sex


Stephany is 1,000 feet tall and likes to crush cars, buildings and little men on the ground… in fetish movies. With the help of green screens, editing, and a tiny city, she becomes the fantasy of many men all around the world. Even with her normal size of 5’8”, she likes to dominate men for their pleasure.

She presents the giantess fantasy, the fetish of being with a gigantic female. The giantess movies are similar to the Godzilla movies, but there is a pretty girl instead of a giant lizard. The actress doesn’t have to be naked, but simply a lot more powerful than men, who are submissive and vulnerable. The simple idea of being crushed by a woman can be really arousing for many.

Stephany certainly has a strange job, but she also certainly has fun doing it. Even if she takes part in fetish movies, what she does is not necessarily sexual and a lot different than what porn stars do. Many different fetishes are presented in Strange Sex, as men and women can be interested in balloons, robots, way younger men, and much more. What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom… or ends up on reality TV.

12. The Upside-Down Man on Body Bizarre


Claudio was born with his head turned upside down behind his back. His legs also have a malformation that makes it so he has to walk on his knees. The doctors told her mother to stop feeding him, as he had no chance of survival, but he lived on so she never listened to them again.

He defeated this fate, graduated as an accountant and became an inspirational public speaker. For his everyday life, he learned how to do many things his own way, like typing on a keyboard with a pen in his mouth and controlling the computer mouse with his lips. Because of his eyes are so used to be upside down, his brain doesn’t see things upside down.

Even with his malformation, he is certainly not looking back, but forward, to a beautiful life others didn’t even believe in. Many other people are living with their difference with courage, like people with enormous limbs, a woman covered with benign tumors, conjoined twins, and others. What makes Claudio so different is that he is the only one living his life like this, but that didn’t keep him from seeing the bright side.

11. The Woman Who Slept With 70 Men In 10 Hours on The Jerry Springer Show


If there is nothing wrong with having sex with a lot of people as long as they all consent and use protection, Annabel certainly sleeps around more than most people… and in the shortest amount of time possible. 70 men in 10 hours is seven men per hour. So, by that count, they all have, on average, less than 10 minutes to spend with her. If this wasn’t enough, she had sex with some of them many times, making a total of 251 times, the largest number for a porno.

This is so incredible that the adult film actress got the world record for the most sexual partners in a 24-hour period. At that time, when she was 22 years old, she wanted to break the double standards and be the girl who got a lot of men instead of the man who got a lot of girls. She made it safe, as she always wore a condom unless the man was tested negative for HIV. The result was The World’s Biggest Gang Bang, which became one of the highest grossing pornographic films of all time. There is also a documentary about her called Annabel if you are ever interested in getting to know her.

10. The Gymnast Obsessed with Trolls on My Crazy Obsession


Michelle is obsessed with troll dolls. If having a collection could simply be a hobby, Michelle totally went crazy for these little toys. Her 3,000 troll dolls are everywhere in her house as she claims, “the trolls like to live everywhere.” She spends hours a day either searching for trolls or taking care of them in her sanctuary. Let’s hope being part of the show helps her realize that her daughter and husband would like her to care more about her family than her dolls.

She is not the only one on the show obsessed with a collection, as others collect food dumpsters, anything that is pink, carrots, ketchup, and much more. People who recognize themselves, friends or family members on this show should understand that obsession is a delusional symptom of mental health problems and they need to seek help.

9. The Adult Baby on The Jerry Springer Show


Heidi is a truck driver who gained notoriety as “Baby Man.” He likes to visit stores at night dressed as a baby, with a bonnet, a short dress, a diaper and ruffled panties. He, and his baby adult friends, were presented in a playpen on the set of the show and all acted as babies. Heidi slept in an oversize crib, went to the bathroom in his diapers, ate baby food, hired a “mommy” and acted like a baby 24/7. The adult baby was even part of The Jerry Springer Opera, as one of the most memorable and strange characters.

Heidi died at the young age of 57 in 2009. The Phoenix New Times reported the following: William Windsor, better known to Phoenicians as “Baby Man,” has sucked his last pacifier.

There is an ABDL community (Adult Baby Diapers Lover) of people interested in this fetish. They claim that it is simply self-expression and that, for example, if women aren’t pressured to give up stuffed animals, men shouldn’t be either. This double standard explains why most adult babies are males. Most adult babies are more discreet than Heidi.

8. The Guy Who Lives Off Of Contest Prizes


Japanese reality shows are often way too imaginative. Sometimes, the shows themselves are weird but the contestants are not. In the case of Nasubi, he made the show so bizarre all by himself. He was picked randomly, blindfolded, brought to a destination and asked to strip totally naked, all the while not knowing that he would be stuck in a tiny apartment, only living off contest winnings.

Being lonely, angry and desperate drove him crazy as he was often talking to himself, running in circles and dancing naked. He also began being too excited about anything he received, and would strip off his clothes again, even though he received clothes and much more.

After the show, he wasn’t able to have any normal and sane conversations for six months. Even though these are some things anyone can secretly do at home, doing this in front of the cameras simply to become famous will always seem strange. Many other Japanese shows are worth a mention with challenges like singing while receiving a hand job, sliding on women in bikinis covered with lube, blowing a cockroach in someone else’s mouth, and much more. Japan is certainly a country that will never run out of ideas.

7. The Celebrity Stalker on My Crazy Obsession


Vanessa is always on the hunt for celebrities, stalking them on the street and collecting up to 10,000 autographs and pictures with famous people. She claims her obsession is more important than having a boyfriend or going to work. After working as a bartender at night, she sleeps maybe only two hours and then goes out on the streets to chase celebrities, for a total of about eight to 12 hours a day. Vanessa even wears diapers in case she pees herself when seeing a celebrity.

She constantly insists on finding a way to meet someone or getting a picture. She doesn’t care about them per se, as they are sometimes posing with their kids, with something between their teeth, or not facing the camera. All she wants is a picture with them. Vanessa doesn’t mind who the celebrity is, she would take a picture with anyone she can recognize.

MTV even reported that Vanessa tried to crash at the Jersey Shore premiere party but failed. Pauly D now thinks he should get a restraining order for his number one fan. She might not be dangerous, but many advise her to realize her life could be as interesting as the lives of these celebrities.

6. The Cheapest Man With A Valuable House on Extreme Cheapskates


Todd is constantly trying to save money. He bought a house to get money from the value it will get and does everything to maintain it. He wrapped all the things in his house and car with plastic to make sure it stays as new as when he bought it. He doesn’t want to pay too much for heating so he sleeps in the wardrobe of the bedroom.

Todd also likes to wash his clothes by putting them (and himself) in the hot tub. He then dries his clothes in his car. If he buys something to eat, it is expired food no one wants for the lowest price. He also goes to restaurants to steal other people’s leftovers.

Todd’s wife couldn’t stand his crazy lifestyle anymore and asked for a divorce. Todd is not the only who does not like to spend money, but he might be the most extreme. What is he even doing with all this money he saves?

5. The Woman Who Eats Her Husband on My Strange Addiction


Casie’s husband would probably like to be eaten… but maybe in a more sexual way. After he died, Casie started eating his ashes and can’t stop doing so. She accidentally spilled some on her fingers and didn’t want to whip it off so she just licked it, and this is how her addiction started.

She likes to take his ashes anywhere she goes. She also cooks for him, sleeps with him and asks him if he wants to watch that show on TV. She is the perfect example of how addictions are often caused by loneliness and boredom, as all she can do now is comfort herself with an addiction that is destroying her.

The best thing to do in this case is to surround yourself with people you love and find a passion. If you want someone to stop, be there for them instead of judging and avoiding them. My Strange Addiction also presented a lot of people who eat weird things, like urine, nail polish, and dry wall.

4. The Girl Who Cloned Her Dog on I Cloned My Pet


I Cloned My Pet is a whole TV show dedicated to people who cloned their animals and how they got through that strange experiment to get a dog they can never be sure is 100% the same. It can cost $50,000 and up to about $150,000.

When Danielle lost her dog Trouble three years ago, she kept anything that reminded her of him: a piece of rotten chicken he once chewed, the water that was in his last bowl and his ashes so she can still sleep next to him. She also has a huge painting of him on the wall so she can always see him. Unfortunately, Danielle lost her job during the process of cloning, but decided she would still do anything to get Trouble back, even if she had to sell her car.

Let’s not forget other people who have been portrayed on the show, like the guy who seems to love his beloved dog more than his girlfriend and can’t go out on a date because he misses his dog.

We can either admire that these people do everything they can to get the love of their life back, or simply wish they would be able to move on and find some other dog to love. 

3. The Woman Who Cut Off Her Own Legs on The Jerry Springer Show


When Zandra was 14 years old, she decided she didn’t want to have legs anymore, because her brain told her so and she felt like she didn’t need them. As she shared on the Jerry Springer Show, she first tried to get an infection in her left leg so the doctors would amputate it, but they only got rid of the infection. She also built a guillotine to drop on her leg, but it didn’t work. She made the final cut with a saw, as she decided it was now or never, and did the same with the other leg later. This made her feel relief as she didn’t have to worry about that anymore.

The doctors didn’t let her keep the legs, even if she wanted to but she found another way to keep that memory in mind. She asked a producer to film a reenactment of the event at her house. Zandra still says she never regretted her choice, but wants to keep her arms as she is an artist. The Jerry Springer Show seems to like guests with missing limbs, like Earl who cut his penis and Dave had his prosthetic leg stolen by his girlfriend.

Zandra suffers from apotemnophilia, as she thinks some of her limbs belong to a foreign body. It is now known as a neurological disorder as the sufferer feels sensations on his limb even though he cannot see it. To get rid of that unusual sensation, they end up thinking the only good option is to cut off their limbs. Treatments include therapy and medication against depression. Doctors still wonder if it is better to cut off a healthy leg or to let the sufferer be depressed.

2. The Man In Love With A Car on My Strange Addiction


“It was love at first sight. His body and his interior and everything together just seemed to fit. I just felt an instant connection.” That is something Nathaniel, 27 years old, said about his 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo named Chase. His five-year relationship with an inanimate object includes seeing each other every day, dates, kisses, bubble baths and presents. Their favorite song is “Can’t Fight This Feeling” by REO Speedwagon, which represents their relationship well.

Nathaniel also has sex with his car, as he explains to his father, “Mainly, it’s just a lot of rubbing up against it. It involves masturbating as well.” He fantasized on cars for years, as he felt really lonely during his youth, but this is the first time he is in a serious relationship with one of them. Nathaniel still feels happy with his car and doesn’t feel the need to change. He now says that the show made their relationship stronger. He is now more comfortable expressing his love for him, and his colleagues make sure he won’t be harassed. His therapist helped him feel good about himself and his feelings, as objectum sexuality doesn’t have to be bad, since he is not hurting anyone.

1. The Man Who Married A Horse on The Jerry Springer Show


On the episode “Animal Passions,” Jerry met three people that were involved in an inter-species relationship. Two of them were dating their dogs, and Mark was (unofficially) married to his pony, Pixel.

Mark has been having sex with animals for 40 years and claims that, “If she didn’t like it she could always leave.” He is now dying from hepatitis, a disease he ironically contracted after having a horse tattooed on his belly.

Mark participated in the show as he thought any exposure was a good exposure, becoming the first zoophile to speak publicly about his lifestyle. Unfortunately, it is not possible to see him on TV, as this episode has been banned. Jerry Springer himself claims that even though he interviewed thousands of guests on his show, the man who married his horse was the most outrageous. Sex with an animal shouldn’t be tolerated, as the pony cannot truly consent to this. People who feel sexually attracted to animals can follow a therapy to control themselves.

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